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Freedom Air Aug 19th

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by DLO, Aug 17, 2021.

  1. DLO

    DLO StarFish

    THURSDAY, August 19th 2021

    8:00am PST | 11:00am EST | 4:00pm UK

    This week Susan Sweetin, Founder & CEO of FTA, will be talking to Cambridge University educated, Solicitor David Adelman, aka The UK People's Lawyer.

    He turned his back on conventional work and office incarceration as a young man, to explore life through experience. He has recently published a book: School - No Place for Children which was inspired by his childhood experience in the UK educational system.

    David provides guidance, training and talks on Universal Law and on protection from medical tyranny, law enforcement tyranny and so much more.
    His aim is to upgrade people's general sense of their own power.

    Covid cut David's nationwide tour on education short right after he gave the keynote speech at the Glastonbury Symposium in July 2019.

    We are delighted he will be joining us.

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