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Freakin awesome QA session, Dr. K!

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by Glamazon, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Glamazon

    Glamazon Gold

    Extremely helpful. Glad I am a Karnivore. The best thing that people can do to get better is learn about themselves in context of their environment and labs while having an educational consult with you. Especially us train wrecks. Love the comment, "everybody's rut is a different depth." No question though because I am still absorbing.

  2. Lyndra

    Lyndra Gold

    It was also great having Misty be the moderator, asking follow-up questions. She brings a good perspective. Thanks, both of you, for doing this for us. It is greatly appreciated. Hope it doesn't wreck your sleep tonight :).
  3. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    Thanks from me, too.
  4. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    Me too. Very generous to give us your time and attention like that!
  5. nate.reik@yahoo.com

    nate.reik@yahoo.com New Member

    Maybe I missed it, was this the makeup Q&A? Will it be posted along w/ the webinar?
  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  7. Melinda

    Melinda New Member

    My husband's final thought: since Misty is at ground zero, she may have the best transplant poo...
  8. tercay@yahoo.com

    tercay@yahoo.com New Member

    Thank you so much. You are wonderful and gave priceless information!
  9. indigogirl

    indigogirl Silver

    Loved the Q&A tonight...it was small and personal.

  10. OK, I'm stepping up my game! Thanks as always for the time and your dedication to helping us understand our health.
  11. Can't wait to listen to it!! :)
  12. BJK77

    BJK77 New Member

    Agree with everyone else. Great Q&A. Thanks so much for all your time, patience and willingness to help!

    My favorite quote of the night when referring to a certain someone: "Everybody thinks he sh!ts ice cream!" HA! I'll never forget that line. Don't worry though, I took much more away from the Q&A than just that ;)
  13. ealachan

    ealachan New Member

    Was an email sent out about this? I didn't get one. I'm really disappointed, because a lot of what I missed in the original webinar was Q&A stuff and I REALLY wanted to fill in those blanks. I know I'm not a paying member, but I DID pay my $38 for the webinar and I AM on the mailing list...?!

    Pretty bummed. :(
  14. freshveggies

    freshveggies Silver

    Has it been recorded? I had a note, but I guess lack of sleep over road that.
  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    It was recorded........
  16. Jude

    Jude Gold

    Thanks for the great Q & A. Missed the live webinair (in ER), so listened to it afterwards. What I found fascinating was the comment about the menopausal being associated with insulin resistance-will have to listen again. Finally got a Dr and most of lab results, just waiting for dh's hsCRP, so close to having my next educational consult- yeah. A great big thanks from down under.
  17. bigknitwit

    bigknitwit Silver

    Looking forward to listening to the Q & A recording.
  18. Yes - me too! saturday would be a good day to post it!
  19. gr8tfl1@yahoo.com

    gr8tfl1@yahoo.com New Member

    Thanks, as always.

    I am starting to see a glimmer of "getting" it. When I started with your blog at the end of last year, it did hurt my head. The learning curve was steep, very steep. Finally, it's leveling off and I can start explaining some of this to my friends and family. Very exciting! It is so much fun starting to get the whole picture and plug in the details.
  20. Is the Q&A going to be available to members?

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