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Frankie’s Journal – Body Hair, Observations, Actions & Successes

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Frankie78, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. Frankie78

    Frankie78 New Member

    Hi all,

    Just like the extreme Australian outback, I am living in one of the most extreme urban Zoos in world, the wonderful Sydney Australia. Living on the edge of the ‘donut hole’ does have its benefits. Once you are aware and have your attention focused, it’s so easy to see what’s going on.

    Many Australian’s tend to have a myopic view that they live in the best country in the world. And I agree in many areas Australia is a great country. A top country. But it’s also deadly if you don’t know how what you’re dealing with in this quickly changing environment. Our famous beaches look great and tempt many visitors into the water, but if you don’t know that you are potentially dealing with e.g. sharks, crocodiles, deadly blue bottles and fast changing rip tides you will die pretty quickly. Apply the same logic to our man made Zoo and you can see that the 5g, other nnEMF, blue light, ozone issues and water we have is going to kill and harm many people but it’s only going to do it on a slower time scale.

    My parents are from Sicily in Southern Italy (approx. 38 degrees North) and fortunately for me I have dark Olive skin and dark hair. I can easily cope living 33 degrees South. I often get mistaken for being of Arab descent, but if ever did one of those DNA ancestor tests, it would definitely show a mixed bloodline of various Mediterranean countries and races that have conquered or invaded Sicily.

    I tan quite easily and am quite hairy. I have dense chest hair and fairly long hair on my shoulders, back, arms, neck and legs. It’s something that I was ashamed of when I was younger. I did waxing as I got into going to the gym in my early twenties but I could never go and get ‘lasered’ or have it permanently removed. It just didn’t sit right with me but and finally after 20 years, I know why.

    About 6 months ago I quit my gym membership. I totally quit waxing also and put that money instead into buying bottled water from overseas. I created my own outdoor home gym which the kids call “Daddy Gym” and I do my weight training in my backyard in the sun or my garage (only natural lighting, old concrete floor), bare feet with only shorts on.

    As I knew I was adequately hydrated (drinking bottled mineral water from overseas plus lots of Omega 3), I can now spend easily 1 ½ hours on a sunny day in UV12+, 40+ degrees Celsius, over 90% humidity lifting heavy weights. During this time my whole body would be covered in sweat and I know it sounds disgusting but it wasn’t. The sweat that was coming off me was like pure electrolyte water. The soles of my feet were wet, grounding me to the max when I was lifting heavy weights and it was like a total endorphin rush but here was the kicker. The water that perspired on my body would drip down the hair follicles. I could see with my own eyes how the sunlight was more focused and energised on those parts of my body. The hair was both protecting me from getting burnt and helping me get the energy and ‘sunlight food’ into my body. The sunlight seemed to electrify my skin. The wet body hair interlocked with other long wet hairs forming a networked grid. As a breeze would hit my body I would feel really alive. I could feel breeze hit my back but at the same time all over my body. The slight decrease in temperature across one side of the body created more energy. My skin above and below was harnessing energy and it didn’t matter what the UV rating was, temperature was or how humid it was. I built up enough of a solar callus that those things did not matter.

    I don’t have the technical knowledge but it appears that having a darker tanned skin and denser body hair rather than no hair or very fine hears creates more of an ability to harness the power of sunlight into the body. If you look at one of those human skin diagrams, you can see that the only things that externally connect on the skin directly to the arteries and veins are the hair follicle and sweat glands. Though the UV light penetrates into the skin it just seems way more amplified if you’re sweating and hairy when in full sunlight.

    After a session out in the full sun like this, I don’t feel hungry at all. I’ve done days where if I get enough sun, a dozen oysters and the right water will make me feel fully satisfied and alive. My muscles feel dense and strong. It’s summer here right now and I am only eating one meal (early dinner) per day.

    Also in terms getting vitamins and minerals, I feel that I am harvesting them from the sunlight with my darker tanned skin and hairy body. It’s like there is intelligence in this light that can reorder the molecular atoms in my body to create the various hormonal, vitamin and mineral needs of my body. I got this idea from when Jack showed a video of the Li-Fi technology. Yes I can see that this this will be bad for people in many ways, but I thought on the other hand what about natural light. Is there some form of intelligence or primary data included in natural sunlight? If man can include bits of data over the visible light spectrum, ultraviolet and infrared radiation who is to say that nature hasn’t done the same thing but for our health.

    Our bodies to me are infinitely smarter than we are. They’ve been adapted to survive for millions of years and there is higher intelligence at play. If our sun is like a source energy and the source of life our natural bodies must be able to resonate with it to help assemble things we need or dissemble viruses that cause bad health etc. Food is simply processed light. So if our bodies can absorb and store more of this light it make sense to me that our bodies naturally know what to do with it. And what amazes me the most is how our body will do amazing things to keep surviving when placed in extreme environments. Even though Australia has the highest cancer rates in the world, I am always thinking why it isn’t at least 10 times higher. I know that it’s bad thing to say, but when you come to Sydney and can observe things like I do, you will see what I mean.

    …I catch a bus to work during peak hours. I’ve been catching buses in Sydney here for many years giving me ample time to observe people. Each year as the population increases, we get more buses and more people catching them. My ride into my CBD office is approximately 45 mins to an hour, which is normal commute time in Sydney. So in the morning say 7:30 am to 8:00 am I can guarantee that you will find at least 30% of the people on the bus with eyes closed attempting to rest or sleep. They might have headphones on but these people look like zombies. These are sleep deprived people working in nonphysical office jobs. I get that some might have new born children or stayed up late for a unique occasion but when you observe the same people week in week out for many years you know it’s not case for the vast majority of these people. I also get that some might be working 2,3,4 jobs etc. But you can sit there and observe these people and they will not notice you. Just like they don’t notice the heavily pregnant women who has just gotten on the bus and won’t give up the designated mobile impaired person’s seat they are sitting in.

    Now with most of the others approximately 60%, they will be watching their phones, playing games, watching iPad or looking at other blue light screen devices. Heads are bowed down and the blue light is lighting up their entire face.

    There might be only approx. 10% that are either awake and not on a blue light device. They might be reading a book or just awake like me looking at all the others and the surroundings. They might be listening to music but you can tell they are awake in that their eyes will eventually meet yours if you are observing them.

    And you know what the funny thing is. Here in Sydney, in the middle of summer, you’ll see many of those sleep deprived and blue screen addicted people lining up to pay someone $5 to get their hit of caffeine from coffee straight after they get off the bus. You walk past this small crowd of people lining up on the street and you can just tell they are dehydrated and not functioning correctly. You can tell they have low testosterone and you can also tell they have low dopamine. It’s really sad in a way. They are being cooked and microwaved into bad health and they don’t even know it.

    Cooked alive in boiling water just like a crab who when boiled slowly enough will not climb out of the pot. It’s a feature in human condition that we are not good at observing the myriad of small changes. We are good at noticing the sharp changes for example when they have a heart attack or get diagnosed with Cancer. Or just like the zombie like people on the bus. They’ll come ‘awake’ only when the bus does a severe emergency breaking manoeuvre to avoid an accident. Or like the people who are living in constant toxic blue light, nnEMF, poor water environments that aren’t aware of the many small changes their genius body is making to keep them alive despite the poor hydration, no Omega 3, lack of sunlight etc..

    But I think there is a natural selection process going on. It’s that simple. Those people that are aware of what’s going on will survive and those that take the right action will really thrive. And it plays the other way too. Lots of organisations and businesses survive and thrive on masses of low dopamine people continuing to do what they have always done. As J Krishnamurti said…..“So you have to be your own teacher and your own disciple, and there is no teacher outside, no saviour, no master; you yourself have to change, and therefore you have to learn to observe, to know yourself. This learning about yourself is a fascinating and joyous business.”

    I am glad to have found a forum of other ‘Black Swans’ that have helped inspire me into continued action. This is certainly a fascinating and joyous tribe to be a part of!
  2. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Welcome Frankie! Nice and interesting observations you make! :)
    Frankie78 likes this.
  3. Frankie78

    Frankie78 New Member

    Thanks Inger! :)
  4. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    H Frankie,
    welcome.Love your observations. They tally with mine here in Buenos Aires.
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Frankie and welcome.......
  7. _J_

    _J_ Gold

    hi frankie & welcome
    its a beautiful city
  8. Sergio Valadez

    Sergio Valadez New Member

    Hello and welcome Frankie.
    Does your work involve a lot of writing? That was a VERY interesting read. Felt like reading a really good novel that you can’t put down. Fascinating observations. I found your thoughts on (body+head) hair and how they interact with the sun and the rest of the body particularly interesting. Makes sense given how hair is supposed to be an electromagnetic “antenna”. People were discussing the topic (hair) on an earlier post on the forum not too long ago.
    Anyway welcome again, and thanks again for the interesting read.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2019
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  9. Frankie78

    Frankie78 New Member

    Hi Lahelada, Jack, Caroline and Sergio...

    _J_ I enjoyed your post too. I totally get that feeling of being fried on the bus to and fro to work. I agree it takes about 6 months for everything to totally sink in and for you really to get started into making changes. If Australia is the land of ‘Oz’, Sydney is definitely the Emerald City. Behind its superficial shiny surface which is beautiful, lays a deep interesting underworld for those willing to explore it.

    Sergio: Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I like to read a lot and when given the opportunity I like to write on topics I am passionate about. I guess that is how I found Jack and this forum. I remember a mentor telling me that the point of your sentence is to get the reader to read the next sentence. It’s that simple. Jack is fantastic doing this. Though his posts can be long, I can easily read them.

    Yes I looked at that earlier post on hair. I agree that the hair does play role somehow and might be construed as an electromagnetic ‘antenna’. I’ve read many stories about hair being an extension of the nervous system and that it can transmit vast amounts of important information to the brain stem, the limbic system, and the neocortex.

    I’ve attempted reading many papers on leaf hairs in terms of photosynthesis, ultraviolet light and electron transfer rates. From what little science I can understand one of the studies explained that under full solar radiation hair removal resulted in ‘considerable suppression of photosynthetic electron rates’. This was the case despite ‘more active photons’ being absorbed. I know humans and plants are different, but maybe there is some truth in that Samson and Delilah story??

    I’ll continue on my biohacking experiment this summer and into winter later this year. Apart from maybe some extra warmth from the body hair, would be good to report in my journal about being exposed to cold with lower solar radiation levels and doing the same things that I do in summer i.e. bare feet, no shirt on and exercising outdoors.
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  10. Sergio Valadez

    Sergio Valadez New Member

    Awesome. Yes, please do report on how you do doing all those things in the winter. I knew that hair was an extension of the nervous system but I had no idea that studies had already been done demonstrating the consequences of hair removal under full sun (the “considerable suppression of photosynthetic electron rates“). Fascinating stuff and like before a pleasant read. Thanks.
  11. Frankie78

    Frankie78 New Member

    These studies were for plants with hairy leaves and stems, so we can’t link it directly to humans. My thoughts are that if nature endowed you with hair it’s for a good reason.
  12. Sergio Valadez

    Sergio Valadez New Member

    Oh right lol, the word “photosynthetic” (as well as “plant hairs”) should’ve made it clear that the study was about plants not humans. Apologies, I read your post, but didn’t answer it until hours after (and didn’t reread) so by that time my memory of what you’d written was a little fuzzy. Yeah, agreed. In your research have you come across the possibility that hair could also pick up harmful artificial electromagnetic waves? That question was also being discussed. If I remember correctly, Dr. Kruse said that he believed/suspected that with the coming of 5G, that more hair may mean that one would absorb more harmful EMFs from it (5G).
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2019
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  13. Frankie78

    Frankie78 New Member

    As we say in Aussie land, no worries Sergio. All good :)

    Let’s go down the rabbit hole a tiny bit further.

    By the way, I am only a very small way through reading all the papers and books that I want to read. It is expensive and time consuming (detailed medical books on hair are over $400 AUD and hundreds of pages long). There is way more to hair than most people know!

    At a high level, like Jack I suspect that people who have more body hair and are heavily exposed to artificial light, poor water, incorrect foods and high levels of 5g (nnEMF) will become more effected than the same non-hairy people. I have no evidence for this, so can only suspect.

    But this what I also suspect and what I am trying to find out through bio hacking myself and reading as much as I can. Having extra body hair, tons of sunlight, lots of good water and correct eating will protect you more from nnEMF. Again I have no evidence that is true but I certainly believe your body hair is way more than just an antenna to absorb EMF.
  14. Sergio Valadez

    Sergio Valadez New Member

    Definitely not cheap, but that’s crazy. I had no idea there was so much info on hair out there. Nice. Yeah, I doubt there will be any studies done soon specifically on the effects of nnEMFs on hairy vs less hairy people, so for now all we have is educated guesses from more knowledgable people on the topic of hair (such as you) and biohacks. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing about your future biohacks.

    Now you’ve inspired to do a little research myself on hair. Starting reading some Quora questions on the reasons why different ethnic groups have a stronger tendency to be more/less hairy. Fascinating stuff. Thanks for getting me interested in the topic.
  15. _J_

    _J_ Gold

    When doing exercise, have you considered combining it with Cold and UV ?

    ie., in between sets, quick dip in a cold pool/shower, then continue working out in the sunlight ?

    I believe there is a benefit in getting UV after CT, which combined with an outdoors workout could be quite a good routine ?
  16. Frankie78

    Frankie78 New Member

    Hey J, I've been exercising in the cold now and it feels great. It took me a while to reset my body temperature clock but now I can more easily handle cold showers. I wear t-shirt and shorts while outside barefoot weight exercising after I finish work. I can really feel the grounding effects. I have been watching lots of Wim Hof videos and he has inspired me to get my breathing under control and to continue expose my body to the cold.
    One thing I have noticed that it is easier to have cold showers after outdoor weight exercising in winter.
    Looking forward to the summer and getting more active with CT.

    How have you been finding the cold in Sydney so far?

    So many people here are over dressed in Winter here with many layers of beanies, jackets, jumpers, pull overs, boots and scarfs on. I'm only wearing chino's and a thin long sleeved business shirt all day and I can adjust my body temperature quite ok when I am outdoors.
  17. _J_

    _J_ Gold

    Hi Frankie

    Thats great. It seems the first taste of winter has arrived in Sydney. I've still been doing the cold showers (tap water is now at 16C) and swimming in the ocean (probably more like 20C!). I've been trying to keep the clothes to a minimum during the day, and yup, find its not too bad at the moment. Shorts and t-shirts on the ferry ride home at night draw a few odd looks :)

    Have you been following the 5G story in Aus ? Quite a few FB groups have sprung up overngight "Stop 5G Sydney", "Stop 5G xx" etc.
  18. Frankie78

    Frankie78 New Member

    Yeah the ocean water temp has been quite warm.
    I’ve noticed that too. People do look at you in a funny way when you’re wearing summer clothes in the winter. Every time I see some one who is way overdressed in ridiculous amounts of clothing, it just reinforces my beliefs to continue to expose myself to the cold. Plus you feel stronger, healthier and more resilient when you know your body can handle both hot and cold weather.

    I’ve been sort of following the 5G story in Sydney. My office is located about three blocks from where Telstra has the 5G in the CBD. I’ve seen all the advertising from Telstra.

    Record number of flu deaths for 2019, 40% increase in murders and increased domestic violence rates but hey everything is ok.

    I don’t think the messages about the issues with 5G will get through to the majority of people here in Sydney. The number of new groups are good but I think there is only a small number that are aware. I hope I am wrong but that’s what I see.

    If you’re heatlhy, not overweight, not divorced, have no cancer in your family, are free from diseases, have a house with a big backyard you’re not only very rare in Sydney but from a pure economic point of view you’re the least valuable to GDP.
    And in Sydney everything is driven by the $$$$ so 5G will continue to support this push.

    I think the best way start to tackle this with like minded local residents with their councils. I think the blue mountains area have got an active group that is affiliated with the council. But problem in most suburbs is that neighbours don’t even talk to each other. Another two houses got sold on my street for more units. They sold out for big $$$$ but that means there will be even more people living in small unit boxes stacked on top of each other who will never talk each other and another 50 wifi routers! Also they make great new customers for the 5G service with the new mobiles and new plans they will purchase. Imagine all the new diseased people they can now treat at the new hospitals they build with all the new doctors and nurses. Keep them entertained and distracted with new shiny stadiums and expanded shopping malls with more 5G so they won’t even care. Give them new trains and new toll roads so they can spend $$$ faster. And when they’re home give them faster streaming services so they watch high definition screens for hours on end in the LED lights that are government mandated and if you’re watching normal tv it’s all the gambling, fast food and alcohol advertising....you can see its about the $$$!!!

    When you see thousands of marketing roles advertised in cancer charities, other health charities, mental health, disability and disease services, health services, technology roles you can just see how reliant all these are on 5G.

    And if you understand the history of Sydney, it’s always been built on generations of immigrants who come in and do whatever they can to have a better life. They won’t care about 4G or 5G.

    Everyone is just getting used for the $$$$.

    When you’re conscious of your external environment you really see it for what it is and you can never go back.

    Im going to do sunlight and cold exposure to absolute maximum everyday and keep hydrated with good water.

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