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For those questioning mainstream science

Discussion in 'Factor X' started by SeaHorse, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    I've been getting updates from the Thunderbolt project and this meeting was announced recently. It is good to realize that many of the sciences have their outliers and questioners. Gerald Pollack (the water guy) will be at this meeting too.


    World-Wide Science Think Tank Returns to the University of Maryland July 2013 to Address Topics Outside the Mainstream

    College Park, Maryland (May 15, 2013) - The Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA), a world-wide think tank, is holding its 20th Annual Conference at the University of Maryland, College Park, from July 10 -13, 2013, in conjunction with the Conference on Future Energy (COFE). This year’s conference will feature over 70 authors on various scientific topics including presentations on Relativity, Structures, Gravity, the Big Bang, Expansion Tectonics, Electric Universe, and Science Philosophy. The NPA will also be presenting their annual Sagnac Award, given to the best work in science outside the mainstream. This is the third year in which the NPA networked with other conferences, having held earlier events with the Electric Universe group and the annual Tesla Tech conference.

    This year’s NPA conference will feature prominent members Dr. Bill Lucas, Dr. Cynthia Whitney, Dr. Gerald Pollack, and Wal Thornhill. Dr. Lucas, Dr. Whitney, and Dr. Pollack will be talking about their ground-breaking books including “The Universal Force" (Volume 1) by Dr. Lucas, "Algebraic Chemistry: Applications and Origins" by Dr. Cynthia Whitney, and “The Fourth Phase of Waterâ€￾ by Dr. Gerald Pollack.

    Dr. Whitney will deliver the annual John Chappell Lecture in honor of NPA founder Dr. John Chappell. Stephen Smith, managing editor of the popular Thunderbolts PIcture of the Day, will give a presentation on “Mars: The Great Desertâ€￾ in 3-D, and David Talbott, director of the Thunderbolts Project, will speak on "Exposing the Myths of Settled Science."

    This year’s Sagnac Award will be going to Wal Thornhill, a pioneer of the Electric Universe paradigm. NPA members consider the Sagnac Award to be the "Nobel Prize" for scientists working outside the mainstream.

    On Thursday, there will be an outside demonstration by Dr. Max Fomitchev-Zamilov of cavitation-induced fusion. Also, on Saturday afternoon, there will be a panel discussion on the NPA and the future of science.

    About the Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA) - The Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA) is a world-wide scientific organization whose members have one thing in common: they have intensely studied mainstream theories in the sciences, including relativity, the big bang, and plate tectonics. Many members have taken a critical position on standard theoretical assumptions. The NPA's goal is to seek truth in science through observation, experiment, and critical reasoning. The organization invites members to vigorously evaluate competing theories, enabling the most compelling ideas to grow and flourish through the unfettered pursuit of scientific knowledge. See more at http://www.worldnpa.org.

    About the Sagnac Award - The Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA), a world-wide think-tank and scientific organization chooses one or more scientists each year to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award for their groundbreaking work outside the mainstream of science. The Award is named after Georges Sagnac, a French physicist who lent his name to the Sagnac effect, a discovery that made possible both interferometers and ring laser gyroscopes developed since the 1970s.

    About the Thunderbolts Project - An interdisciplinary collaboration of accredited scientists and independent researchers established in 2004. Its prime mission is to explore the Electric Universe paradigm. Recent discoveries in the sciences have placed a spotlight on the electromagnetic force in nature, from quantum worlds and biological systems to planetary, stellar, and galactic domains. More information at http://www.thunderbolts.info

    Natural Philosophy Alliance
    Tel: 310-991-5744
    Mikamar Publishing

    16871 SE 80th Pl
    Milwaukie, OR

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