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Food Do's and Don'ts

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by BJK77, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. ChimpChick

    ChimpChick New Member

    Cavemam;19758 wrote: I have some concerns about accuracy in reporting on those damn bars. I usually go buy out the World Market every 2-3 weeks. My family goes through like 50 bars a month. That being said, the first 2 or three batches it was good, liked it, but didn't taste sweet. . .then we got a batch that tasted SUPER sweet, like 75% sweet. We started putting aside and collecting the "sweet" ones and did a taste test. I also had friends who have no idea the importance of this topic do some tasting.

    I was left with little doubt that all their bars are not created equal. They clearly have no quality control and the nutritional info is not accurate. Some batches are SIGNIFICANTLY sweeter than others. I am 100% sure they are not all 99%.
  2. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    Is there anything you can drink after supper besides plain water?
  3. Great thread guys - what do you know about pistachios? I find them addicting too - like almonds and other nuts. How much diary is ok? Sometimes I wonder too because the info is all over the forum and not so easy to find. Since I live in Germany I can buy the 99% Lindt chocolate - so delicious. I also read somewhere that a good old long aged Parmesan cheese is ok .....??? Lots of questions ... So that would be a good thread for collecting the information ... :)
  4. Jimmy82

    Jimmy82 New Member

    i think that the vegetable oils and others like corn oil are the major reasons behind fat gaining and one more thing.. Also the junk food like burgers and pizza's.....

    No doubt they taste very nice but i must say that they bring huge calories in one's body....

    My friend's father who has been living in the aged care center for like 2 years and i feel that he is more fit than the others living over there... The reason is that he ate vegetables and fresh fruits daily.. And he had left away oily food even those ones in which minor oil is used...
  5. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    I was wondering about that. The first 99% bar I bought tasted like gunpowder. Later I tried it again, and gee, it wasn't bad at all. I thought my taste had changed. I've been into Lindt lately, and haven't purchased any World Market brand chocolate in a while.
  6. vlynnb

    vlynnb Gold

    Seafood plus saturated fat? I have been under a lot of stress recently with a best friend (Registered Dietician, MS, who was also a RN) dying of cancer. I am thinking that stress accounts for the fact that I do not remember reading (I read every blog post and everything posted on the forum at least once) about the not eating saturated fat with seafood and can't find it upon searching. I did find that bacon is OK with seafood but I can't eat organic bacon as it is processed with celery to which I am allergic. So, I am hoping someone will post here where I can find the information.

    What is the time frame for not eating saturated fat with seafood, not in the same meal, not in the same day, ever?
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Yesterday's blog explains exactly why she is dying........because she listened to the things she was taught sadly. When you eat like a modern human is taught to you die like one too..........
  8. Mar-see-a

    Mar-see-a New Member

    From Brain Gut 6, under fats:

    3. When you eat non seafood protein this is when you should add your saturated fats to your diet to the greatest degree!! Grass fed red meat and offal come packed with saturated fats by nature and fish do not, by design as well as I laid out in the webinar. When I eat non seafood protein and saturated fats, I tend to also add sea vegetables to the meal. What are the Epi-paleo sea vegetables? That comes later in the blog. In the healthy human colon complex carbohydrates get converted to SCFA to increase our omega three content in our colon to diminish the risk of diverticulitis and colon cancer. This is only done when the gut microflora is functioning well. This can be re engineered by evolutionary dietary modifications to be covered in later blog in this series.

    Does this help?

  9. Samson

    Samson New Member

    So, what fat does one eat with seafood protein if saturated fats are a no-no? Butter, ghee, bacon are all have saturated fats.
  10. stephaniesherie

    stephaniesherie New Member

    Ditto - I get 90% chocolate and even then I have to read the sugar content. It's amazing how much the sugar can vary even in dark chocolate!
  11. stephaniesherie

    stephaniesherie New Member

    I eat 90% now and love it. But, I'm off sugar so it's taste really sweet now.

    Also, when I do have something w/sugar - say 1/4 cup ice cream as a treat at a party - I'm aggravated because it just tastes like..er...sugar. It doesn't taste like what the sugar is sweetening. Does that make sense?

    I find myself craving less sugar are more food.
  12. stephaniesherie

    stephaniesherie New Member

    Is Canola a no-no? I've been reading it's a GMO food most of the time & that unrefined oils are better (like evening primrose oil) used over a salad.
  13. Mar-see-a

    Mar-see-a New Member

    Once again, from the Brain Gut 6:

    2. Fall and Winter: ghee, pastured butter, duck fat, beef tallow, bacon fat, non hydrogenated lard, raw cream* Stick to animal fats in colder months. When you eat seafood try to use MUFA’s as the added fat.*

    I know I am new here, but really try to read these wonderful posts by Dr. Kruse, especially Brain Gut 6 if you are trying to do Epi-paleo Rx. Dr. Kruse takes the guess work out and tells you exactly how to go about it.
  14. Mar-see-a

    Mar-see-a New Member

    Is Kombucha okay? I was in Whole Foods today, and they now carry an inhouse brand in the back, where the beer and wine are located. You purchase the jug for 5 bucks and then bring it back for refills. Carb is negligable, and it is supposedly organic and raw and fermented. MUCH cheaper than the individual bottles. I think I paid 18 for a 64 oz. jug?

    Seems like a great way to correct the gut, but want to make sure this is no problem.
  15. Lyndra

    Lyndra Gold

    I've been using good quality olive oil and avocado. If you use nuts, macadamia nut oil is good. I'm avoiding nuts because of previous high inflammation levels and it's hard to know whether nuts/nut oils are in good conditions (e.g. not oxidized/rancid).
  16. stephaniesherie

    stephaniesherie New Member

    I understand that unrefined oils are good. But, I've never bought any to be honest. They are pretty expesnive
  17. Samson

    Samson New Member

    Thank you, Mar-see-a, for your help. I'm new here too...there's a lot of information to absorb, isn't there. I still don't know why bacon is OK with seafood when it is a saturated fat.
  18. Lyndra

    Lyndra Gold

    Bacon has more monounsaturated fat than saturated fat. About half mono (mostly oleic, like olive oil) and 1/3 sat.
  19. Samson

    Samson New Member

    Thanks, Lyndra. Is there a source for bacon that we should use or is any bacon great?
  20. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    being sick costs more.......trust me Ask Mar see a.......she knows.

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