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Follow Up To Zirconia Implants and 5G

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by SunshineMama, May 20, 2019.

  1. Hi Jack,

    Thanks for answering my question yesterday. If no to titanium and no to zirconia/ceramic implants...all dental implants are a no go...correct? My bridge is failing that was made three years ago...and it holds my three back teeth. What would you suggest...it's making me pretty frustrated and self conscious how fast my teeth are failing. I have drained savings accounts for dental and medical visits over the past three years.

    At my age 47... I have lost 5 teeth after my car accident/lyme diagnosis three years ago. I know Lyme is not the issue, so moved out of SD and have been in Park City for the past six weeks. I need to do something with this current dental issue over the next weeks. It's been hurting for a while, but my main focus has been on recovering my kids first.

    We are headed down to Saint Augustine FL next month for a 3 week healing retreat. If all goes well, we will move there with two other JK members including Annie Dru.

    Thank you again for your advice, just can't keep lighting money on fire and not having some kind of long term dental relief. I just don't have the patience to waste time or money ANY MORE....thanks to your wisdom!!!
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