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"Foggy" brain

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by sofkin@yahoo.com, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. Dear Dr. Kruse,


    I have a question regarding what seem to be a chronic feeling of "foggy" brain. In short, I have been on paleo since January 2012 (used to eat lots of fruits during that time). In mid Sept. 2012 I started the LR protocol, which I did for about 1.5 months, then switched to epi-paloe/paleo diet, now eating mostly grass-fed butter, beef, and fish (basically follow in-season eating as recommended). When I started paleo I used to have occasional flashes of foggy brain, since I started LR along with seasonal eating and CT I pretty much always have "foggy" brain. My sleep is still sub-optimal (after a good  night CT session I could wake up at 2:30AM and be done...). I am patiently waiting for the fogginess top disappear, but it is been over 2.5 months now and it is not getting any better...


    Also, you may need to know, that I used to have Hep C (was "cured" of it about three years ago). Since I started LR, epi-paleo and CT I lost ~10lbs and counting... I also do High Intensity Training workout once or twice a week. My BF now is ~15-16%, was 18-19% before I started to follow your protocols.


    I did some blood work in August 2012, and some hormone testing after I stopped LR, but I will re-do those since I think I did not do enough testing for you to tell me what is probable cause of this. If you wish I could publish those results but otherwise will do more in depth testing and perhaps schedule a lab review with you.


    Many thanks,


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