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Discussion in 'Educating Doctors' started by Jack Kruse, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. Peertje80

    Peertje80 New Member

    Chewing mint leaves? That sounds really delicious. I'm gonna try that! I've a garden now, guess I better start using it.
  2. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Just to clarify chewing and swallowing. ;) Good luck with the garden.
  3. Peertje80

    Peertje80 New Member

    Thank you spinergie. It is not that I cannot get fluoride free, but the brands you can get here taste (feel) awful. Are you going to try this brand? Let me know what you think about it if you do.

    For now I brush without an agent and I'm getting used to it. When I leave home I stop by my new mint plant to graze some leaves. I must say it's quite nice.
  4. René Borg

    René Borg New Member

    I use Sensodyne's non-flouridated tooth-paste noe and we now have our own well which gives us some control as Ireland still persists with the senseless addition of flouride to the public water supply. I was lucky to grow up in Denmark where we do not use flouride in the water supply (although unfortunately Danish dentists are only too happy to prescribe it) but was unaware when moving across that suddenl ythe water I was drinking was different.
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Excellent rule of thumb: If you are craving coffee, your lighting environment isn't optimal. Pro-caffeination = an environment that cause elevated ubiquitin marking because of a lack of UV/IR light and too much blue light day and/or night. So let's talk about a bio-hack I did in 2014. So if you are using "bulletproof coffee" or you frequent Starbucks in any municipality in the USA you are getting preloaded with tons of fluoride. When I was in Pasadena at the Bullet proof conference people kept asking me why I would not try any of the coffee they provided free of charge. I told them the water source was the problem. I was told the water was believed to fluoride free because it was shipped in.......which I did not believe so I refused. I went further. I took a sample home and sent it to a lab and found it did have fluoride in it as I expected. Why should you be careful with any coffee product or any hot beverage you consume on the road that uses water? Because the higher the temperature of the water, the more fluoride we absorb into our cells. I've known about this because I was dentist and learned this in 1986 when I was in dental school. Fluoride is a dielectric blocker in cell water and is associated with calcium efflux in the pineal gland because it discharges voltages that can be stored in water’s hydrogen bonding network. A dielectric material is an insulator not a semiconductor and does not conduct DC electricity. Water in EZ form acts like a semiconductor. A nerve cell (or indeed any cell) is surrounded by a plasma membrane, made of phospholipid. The cell can be seen as two electrically-conducting regions filled with EZ water, namely the cytoplasm and the extracellular fluid; both regions are electrolyte solutions which are separated by a thin layer of insulator. This is the plasma membrane of the cell. The cell membrane therefore acts as a capacitor and so does EZ water! That said, when a dielectric material like water, is put together or adjacent to a capacitor, depending on the dielectric constant of the material (bulk water is high at 78 EZ = 160), when a DC potential is placed across a capacitor (cell membrane), the charged components of the dielectric will move to either side of the capacitor and hold a voltage equal to that of the potential placed across it. This voltage can be charged or discharged. Dielectric blockers decrease voltage stored in waer decreasing energy available to the cell.

    KEY COFFEE/ DENTAL/WATER ALERT: A dielectric blocker, like fluoride, discharges the DC current that is normally stored in cell water and the extracellular water around cells. In this way, fluoride, lessens the battery capacity of bulk or EZ water. Water ceases to be an ideal repository for light or any other electromagnetic waves. So this becomes a double whammy situation for ruining your electrical system in a cell. The moral of the story: trust no one, test water, and make sure your water is pure by checking municipality records on line. If you drink coffee without knowing if the water is good you should drink ice coffee and not hot coffee to lower the amount of fluoride you intake. There was one problem with this in Pasadena California in 2014: drinking "bulletproof coffee cold" tastes nasty because the butter solidifies. This bio-hack comes from my upcoming book. Consider it my "kevlar vest" bio-hack for your bulletproof life. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3474549/
  6. Jeff Power

    Jeff Power Gold Member - Light-centric

    Jack, What is the maximum amount of flouride (PPM) you would find acceptable in water you drank? I assume there are trace amounts of flouride naturally in most spring water sources, hence if it is under x PPM it is ok.

    I ask because I get my water shipped in from a mountain spring source, and I definitely want to test it.
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Ideally I want zero. The most I tolerate is found in spring waters. Obviously I drink them cold and not hot. When it comes to hot beverages I tolerate only a zero level.
  8. Jeff Power

    Jeff Power Gold Member - Light-centric

    You were right on when you said that one of the problems with the Southwest is that the municipal drinking water contains fluoride from the Colorado river system naturally. I checked the city of Scottsdale's website and they do not add fluoride but there is .3-1.0 ppm naturally. After reading what you wrote about hot water and fluoride intake, I am going to be especially careful when ordering hot drinks out, i.e. I won't do it anymore. Now I am going to order a test on the water that I get shipped in. I will report back as to findings.
  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  10. I finally found the fluoride values for the water I normally drink here in south-western Norway.

    Tap water (Langevatn reservoir): <0.02 mg/l
    Farris brand bottled water: 0.65 mg/l
    Voss brand bottled water: 0.10 mg/l

    Tap water chlorine content: 5.7 mg/l

    I guess I'll stick with the tap water for the most part, then. :)
  11. René Borg

    René Borg New Member

    The coffee post on Facebook definitely triggered some memories - I have experienced the link you describe between coffee and blue-light. Since leaving IT and replacing all our night-time bulbs with orange light, I have no cravings for coffee in the evening. I also noticed since moving over to decaf that I am not really craving the caffeine any more - just the ritual and the taste but sounds like I definitely need to get my UVA/UVB and IR light bulbs installed in my home office as a priority.

    I still have the issue on my weekly trip to Dublin for an evening course where I do drink coffee in the odd cafe but thankfully that will be over by mid-next year and then there is no more big city trips for me. For now I carry some Boron tablets with me to take with the coffee ' on the road'.

    We had our well-water measured and no concerns on fluoride but there was a raised alarm relating to Manganese levels, so that is something we are now looking into finding a fix for. it could have been one-off contaminant showing up in the test but it may be that something in the soil around here creates the higher than recommended levels.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2016
  12. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Perhaps we should also be concerned about eating soup, or other hot foods as well while traveling.
    Lahelada likes this.
  13. Debntx

    Debntx New Member

    earthpaste - amazon - peppermint is minty fresh
  14. Christina Gagnon

    Christina Gagnon New Member

    I use ORMD Extra Strenght - it's a tooth oil not a paste but it is very effective. The one thing it doesn't do well is remove stains from tea, coffee, etc., but I just add baking soda every couple of weeks or so.

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