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Fixed EMFs in House - Amazing Results

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Jeff Power, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. Looks awesome!
  2. Rena3

    Rena3 Gold

    A thing we’re doing is parallel grounding- 3 grounding rods installed with Erico GEM to get less than 1 ohms resistance. Conduction w minimal impedance to send all that dirty electricity straight to ground. Did ethernet with shielded cable- it’s been great, so can’t wait to see what will happen after the medical install grounding.
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  3. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    What I see on this video is puny small and short grounding rod that is supposed to do big boy's work.

    Erico GEM to the rescue. $47.60 for 25lb
    Wonder if a bag of salt would not suffice (assuming that it would be need at all). $20 for 50lb

    When I faced my problems
    I discovered similar puny ground rod barely in the ground in my house.
    I just went out and got 10 feet long 3/4" solid copper grounding rod.
    No more problems. (I did not used any salt, but that was in the back of my mind as a next possible solution.




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  4. Rena3

    Rena3 Gold

    Yep- most grounding is sadly insufficient, not to mention some grounding is even improperly bonded to pipes. We’re going to put 8’ rods in. I heard lime added to soil also enhances the ground, as soil these days can be poor for proper grounding. But if you’ve got Erico, I think you’re covered! I would think salt would dissipate over time. Thanks for the vids! @JanSz

    So you said it made a difference for you? Inquiring minds want to know...
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2018
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  5. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I installed 100A circuit on other side of the house from my main electrical panel.
    All was ok until tried GFCI for my spa, was tripping.
    That 10feet grounding post solved the issue.

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  6. Total EMFSolutions

    Total EMFSolutions New Member

    Have you measured what is in the earth? There is a myth out there that the earth is zero but in fact it’s filled with voltage and the same frequencies used to open potassium and sodium ion channels.
  7. Rena3

    Rena3 Gold

    Yes I realize Earth has voltage and Schumann frequencies :). Seeing surges in my electricity and noticing impedance problems.
  8. Total EMFSolutions

    Total EMFSolutions New Member

    Surges? Are your lights flickering?
  9. Total EMFSolutions

    Total EMFSolutions New Member

    More importantly it could host frequencies in the kilo Hertz range and these create havoc within the human body as internal voltage is the end result. According to the 1999 NIEHS RAPID Report anything over 1 mv/m of internal electric fields is associated with cancer in numerous well programmed studies.
  10. CjHedberg

    CjHedberg New Member

    William Davis MD Please share with the groups following your protocol.
  11. CjHedberg

    CjHedberg New Member

    Long or short term move is looking better all the time, out back in Australia sounds promising.
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  12. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    Is Cornet ed88t plus good option to use it on holidays? Is it a enough to mesayme my environment?
  13. Total EMFSolutions

    Total EMFSolutions New Member

    I never tell my clients to attach themselves to the earth. Why not join the bandwagon? Because this practice is making people sick and I witness it all the time. The earth is an excellent conductor for electricity. Here is a video proving this and yes, I have more from different areas.
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  14. Jeremy Fox

    Jeremy Fox Silver

    Thanks for the video! On a related topic, are shoes with leather soles dangerous because they enable grounding?
  15. Total EMFSolutions

    Total EMFSolutions New Member

    Leather is an insulator and not a conductor.
  16. Jeremy Fox

    Jeremy Fox Silver

    Thanks for the quick reply. Would rubber soles still be safer?
  17. Total EMFSolutions

    Total EMFSolutions New Member

    Rubber is a better insulator. Leather could hold moisture and the ions in the water when dried could act as a better conductor. I prefer rubber sole shoes when working on a live circuit. It stops the body from being a pathway for electricity to get back to the source.
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  18. Total EMFSolutions

    Total EMFSolutions New Member

    Connecting to the ground would kill this guy.
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  19. sailplane

    sailplane New Member

    I found this post because of the grounding talk. I always suspected the earth is filled with currents, because in North America there is no return wire, just hot, and it returns through ground, unlike Europe.

    So, I measured in my basement the grounding wire from electrical panel to copper water pipe. the reading is 1500nT.
    However, by chance my furnace kicked in when I was measuring, and it jumped so high I couldn't measure it with my ME3830B, the meter just goes crazy over the scale.

    If i turn on the stove, it doesn't do the same thing, and the stove is a high load as well. So I don't understand, what's happening, any idea, and is this normal? Why would the ground magnetic field goes up when my furnace turns on?

    I even tried turning off the main power fully, so there was no electricity to the entire house, but there was still magnetism on the grounding cable from water pipe to panel. Only if I disconnect the ground from the water pipe, the field goes away. I measured amperage through my voltmeter and there was hardly any current, but a big magntic field is still present. I can't explain it.. I thought a big magnetic field would be associated with a big electric field and amps, but this magnetic field is simply on it's own? I will order a clamp on amp meter to check all pipes.

    I think that the water pipe is being electrified by other homes being incorrectly grounded, and the stray current ends up in my home..
  20. Total EMFSolutions

    Total EMFSolutions New Member

    There is a return wire in North America but it is overloaded so the earth becomes a pathway for electricity to return to the source.

    The NEC requires that the ground wire is bonded with the water pipe. A magnetic field is present because of current flowing on the ground wire and when connected to the water pipe. It will increase with any load because the water pipe is a pathway for electricity to return to the source. A piece of PEX placed between the home’s plumbing and the point where the ground wire is bonded with the water pipe will reduce exposure that you should be most concerned with.
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