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Fixed: chronic pancreatitis / SIBO / IBS / Brain fog /Leaky gut / dehydration / HUGE depression

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by YuriyDorogoy, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. YuriyDorogoy

    YuriyDorogoy New Member

    Hi there from Kyiv, Ukraine

    Long story short. Me: 30yo, CTO / programmer / game developer. After moving into another apartment my body started falling apart. - 20KG weight / steatorrhea, CP, SIBO, IBS (very painful visceral hypersensitivity) very very shitty life on the edge.
    Very bad cholesterol panel, low vit D even though I did supplementation
    Our MDs only focused on a past era problems like acute infections, multicellular parasites etc. So I started learning the biologoy and medical stuff: during 2 years I read more then 3k studies on microbiome, immunology, endocrinology, genetics, IBS pancreatitis guidelines from Korea, US, Canada and so on. None of the interventions from this guidelines noticeably helped me.

    After 1.5 years of no improvement I used russian diagnostics. In Russia, SIBO diagnosis is way better then in Europe / US. Instead of breathing tests, they have gas chromatography mass spectrometry testing. I read the papers on it and it sound to me very legit. Method is simple: they analyze bacteria metabolites, fatty acids as a biomarkers. And by solving such equations they can calculate amount of specific in bacteria in your gut by fatty acids in your blood (this links to upper gut microbiome). Bad news, they cover over 60 species. We have over 2000. Good news: for some bacteria they cover entire generas. So it's something to think about.

    So, I got the result. It was definitely SIBO. C. tetani which cause tetanus when get to the blood was increased by 25 times. So as streptococcus. My MD, who was a PhD known nothing about this topic, so it was the first time I prescribed myself AB therapy approved by my MD. So now If you wake me at 3 AM I can immediately tell you how different Clostridium clusters and A / B toxins delivered from C. diff to epsilon toxin from C. tetani. Metronidazole didn't helped me.

    HERE COMES JACK. I also tried John Brisson fixyourgut thing, all these supplements and naturopathy. I cover all this interventions by studies with at least proposed pathways. Still no result, BUT some guy shared Jack podcast on UC / Crohn Disease. Because I considered my clear leaky gut manifestation as something realted to autoimmune thing like IBD.

    And it was like BOOOOM. I would think he's nuts but I read 2 articles day before by chance on this topic:
    Mouse supplemented with vit D and specific amount of UV got the same level of Vit D but DIFFERENT microbiome
    And 2nd that you will 40% less likely get acute autoimmune condition like UC / CD under average sun exposure.

    My paradigm was the evidence medicine paradigm: When we observe dysbiosis or SIBO MEANS our intestinal ROOM is captured by unwanted guests. So we need to shake the house with antibiotics to throw away everybody. And then hope that room will be populated by right guests. I don't believe it anymore. I believe SIBO / dysbiosis is a manifistation that you have a very shitty room. Instead of burning down the house we can get it clean. How? Jack covers most of it on IBD podcast. Our intestinal health is a reflection of our environment. This is why we see microbiome shift not only from the sun but also from Low Level Red Light therapy. This is why we see SO LOW recover rate and so high reoccurence after ABT. We shook the bottle, but the bottle is the same.

    So I fixed pancreatitis, depression, SIBO, IBS and leaky gut in 40 days. By being strict to circadian biology, sun, no snaking, seasonal diet and moving in a smaller city. CT also was a thing for visceral hypersensitivity. I believe right sleep is a number 1 probiotic and antibiotic. Sunlight is number 2. WAY better then anything you can buy from kefir to yoghurts from akkermansia muciniphila to saccharomyces boulardii.
    Btw pancreatitis can be also a mitochondrial manifestation. Especially in people like, with NO alcohol and tobacco intake, looking like young athletes but with a failing organs. There is a interesting work on GI symptoms and Mito health

    PS I never thought about my past environment in a bad way, because before me my sister lived here with no problems. But as I found out later, one thing have changed. municipal authorities switched main Kyiv road ligthing from incandescent to powerful LED. So my lux meter tells me it was 25lux of blue light INSIDE the room. And as a bonus it was my shitty lifestyle choices. No doubt
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2019
  2. YuriyDorogoy

    YuriyDorogoy New Member

    BONUS PART, from genetics algorithms perspective and AI engineer

    I'm from math / phys background, so chemistry didn't sound FULL and bright to me. Well, we are LEGO constructor that moves. Why? Because it had moved second ago and now it keeps moving. This is flat.

    So when I first heard of sun importance and the paradigm around it, it blew my mind. Because before I read anything from quantum biology POV I thought about it as an AI engineer:

    All the matter are superposition of fields. We know that.
    Matter plays ping-pong with fields in a very sophisticated way.
    What is star light and our planet rotation is FOR US? It's a sophisticated oscillation. It's a function that dancing through the day cycle from low intensity to high to almost 0 intensity (when we stare at the moonlight at deep night)

    What it tells me from AI engineer perspective? Imagine we have a Super Mario guy that we need to teach to pass the level.
    This Super Mario guy can be you, or your dog, or some bacteria. Doesn't matter, actually.

    Before the Mario can pass the level today, it had to pass trillion of levels yesterday. Now imagine, that all the levels he passed ever (trillions and trilions) have a pit with some distribution. Doesn't matter every 1 meter, or complicated distribution as our sun rhythm.
    Now, after a trillion levels, add an additional pit. What will happen? Mario will fall. Why? Because the rhythm of pits, or the sun in our case is hidden deeply inside the life you make. The Mario dude, or in us.

    It's actually doesn't matter how this "life" "knows" about it. As long as we're learning evolutionary (like genetic algorythms do, or neural networks , it's all stolen from our biology and life itself). It doesn't matter how Mario see this pits, is it packed into Fourier's series? or some more complicated logic?. I understand one thing, the more complicated we or Mario IS, the more information IS PACKED inside HIM or US and the more sensitive life is to the factors that represented ALL THE WAY from the start. This is true for reinforcement learning, genetic algorithms and for life. The heavier is a mammal the more it is coupled with circadian rhythm and sun oscillation. And Jack open this thing to me. Now it is obvious. As the Russians says, obvious as the bright day.
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  3. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    Welcome and congratulations! I have quite a bit of maternal DNA from the Ukraine/Poland border. Nice to have another on board here. :)
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  4. BrunoB

    BrunoB New Member

    Hi, thanks for the contribution.
    I have statorrhea, but apparently is not by pancreatitis, because in resonance and tomography looks good. And my alpha 1 antitrpsine and elastase give ok.
    How did you get your samples analyzed in Russia? Did you travel there or did you send it by mail?
    I avoid light at night, I have curtains that block the light, sunbathing, etc and yet I still have statorrhea.
    They found me only the parasite entomeba coli. Sure I must have many more, along with fungi, and viruses, but the technology here is very basic.
    I don't think I have sibo,because with ketogenic diet I didn't improve at all. If I had less gas.
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  5. YuriyDorogoy

    YuriyDorogoy New Member

    I send them my blood, good thing about this method fatty acids can't die, so you can send them dry drop of blood to diagnose SIBO or upper gut dysbiosis. For lower gut you will have to visit Russia to give them stool. As far as I understood this method way better for upper gut diagnosis with blood

    here's one of the Osipov's papers on stool diagnosis with GC-MS,
    There should be many more papers on the internet in English, but most of them in Russian. You can google "Osipov chromato mass spectrometry". Here's the clinic I used btw http://medbazis.com/

    I did ultrasound for pancreas and it looked fine. Speaking of elastase, mine was "too good", like 530μg, where higher then 200μg was considered as normal. Still my MD said that very high values can be manifestation of inflammation, we just don't have the data yet. And it was very true. With time it get fixed by itself (elastase became something around 200), enzymes didn't improve my digestion but it's a common thing for people with CP and SIBO (enzymes very unlikely will help with such combo). SIBO is a common aftermath of malnutrition / steatorrhea. This is why you probably shouldn't go for ketogenic too much. Because lack of carbs and maldigested fats can shift the diversity of your microbiome. To digest fats you basically need liver, gallbladder and pancreas. So to play this "song" right I would start with circadian rhythms / 2-3 meals a day without snaking and last meal at 5PM. In case this is a pancreas thing - there is not so much to do, except creating proper environment, eating granular enzymes and waiting for inflammation to disappear. As for gallbladder there are some common causes from stones to multicellular parasites that should be excluded.
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  6. Glencoe

    Glencoe New Member

    The timing of your post is perfect! Or at least the time that I am reading it. I have been dealing with a terrible case of SIBO for over a year now, visceral sensitivity, and I have been experiencing symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis for about 15 years that have accelerated over the last year or so. I made a decision to sell my house and move close to the equator a couple of months ago and my house is almost sold, so I will be leaving a terrible environment (UVI of 5 with 150 days of sun every year at 45th Latitude) to go to one of the best environments in the world(UVI 15 with 300+ days of sun and 9th latitude, fresh seafood straight out of the ocean). I am very stressed out right now as I am totally taking a leap of faith and leaving everything and everyone that I love to see if this will help me. Seeing someone in my similar condition who was successful makes it easier.
  7. YuriyDorogoy

    YuriyDorogoy New Member

    Man I wish you good luck sincerely. I'm sure it will. Exactly year ago I was broken AF, huge weight loss, depression, brain fog I was pretty sure I'm going to die for no reason. I just rethought my environment and went from 5 mil city to 40k population city, same longitude + CT + lots of sun exposure during summer. Still a huge effect. For a SIBO / IBS person with visceral hypersensitivity keep in mind that sun will worsen it from the start. Because visceral pain = also heat sensitivity. But it will pay you back later. That was my experience. Now I know our biology is much more flexible than we think, and it's always oscillate and reflects nature around us.

    I think there is idea that should make that move much easier: truth is, most of the population on our planet in such situation like you're going through will simply stuck. Stuck by medicine paradigm, guidelines and our surroundings. We're primates after all, and we always copy what other monkeys are doing. And I don't see people like us, I see people that slowly fade away with such conditions. Because taking risks, taking responsibility is something outside of human scope, we don't see any hints for such radical moves in our environment. It may sounds counter-cultural for general public but actually IT IS CULTURAL, because it is very human and brave: to change, adapt and take risks and build your own life without clues and hints from outside.

    And it's also painful for general public because we tend to think about our life as some additive, cumulative lego constructor. Well, it's not true, and life is fundamentally a change. And sometimes we need to throw tails like reptiles do to survive. I'm talking about habits, surroundings and especially relationships. It's tough and it should be tough but it's a right wave to oscillate with.
  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Please keep us posted of your progress.
    I wish you success.

  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator


    You are made from a liquid crystal amalgam of water and sunlight. Life doesn't take the path of least resistance. Our version of water made in our cells and lives carves its way through the rocks Nature makes for us and forms the paths it wants to give us the life we get. We have the same power in our lives because of our liquid crystals operate in Nature and few realize it ever in their life. Seems you tripped over it from a podcast with Kriben Govender done by me here.

    You must leverage your strengths, and not just focus on repairing/fixing your weaknesses.
    If you obsess too much on working on your opportunity areas it can grow tiresome--because it's tiring work. Doing the easy work matters too; that is, leveraging your natural strengths to make progress on things that matter. MOST. This includes being self-aware of both your strengths and your weaknesses and having self-compassion to be patient with the latter.

    We can all too easily fall into the trap of lasering in on our weaknesses, ones exacerbated in our mind when we compare ourself to others. We’ll also find when we switch gears to leveraging our strengths, it's an effortless task because it renews the energy depleted in striving to get better at something we’re not so good at. — at Kruse Longevity Center.

  10. Beasol

    Beasol New Member

    All the best to you and congratulation on the courage to change radically your life. As you probably found out from the forum post of lots of members, latitude change is quite important in MS diagnosis. Please keep us posted with your progress.
  11. BrunoB

    BrunoB New Member

    Sibo treatments are natural or synthetic antibiotics. It depends on what type of sibo is what type of antibiotic, logically.
    Also the liquid diet...I asked you about the ketogenic diet because in theory the ch are the most fermenting and generate greater problems, as sibo is usually associated with intolerance to fructose or partially improves with FODMAPS diet.
    I avoid artificial light at night, sunbathe, wake up and go to bed early, etc, but I still have statorrhea.
    Do you know what value the van de kamer or steatocrit gave you?
    It can also be "resistant" lymphagestecia or celiac disease, these generate steatorrhea as well.
  12. Jeremy Fox

    Jeremy Fox Silver

    I have recently diagnosed SIBO and find your story pretty interesting. I have been getting a lot of sunlight for about a year and gradually lowering EMF exposure to where it is relatively low, for living in a large urban area. My vitamin D is usually in the 60s and I do not supplement vitamin D. I still have SIBO. Anyway, I am glad sunlight worked for you! Is there any magic sauce you can add to help the rest of us?
  13. YuriyDorogoy

    YuriyDorogoy New Member

    Well we need to consider both ways: the state of the art medical way is checking your bacteria (from simple methods like breathing tests to GC-MS which I did) then picking proper A/B therapy (From popular AB to some naturopathic shamanism and herbal AB) I did this, for me gave me no effect still for some people it will. So it's a thing to consider

    btw FODMAPs will always work simply because you starve the bacteria and long term it's a bad thing, because your microbiome will shift to more fungus in the end. It's removed bloating / pain for me but I realized it's too artificial way to eat long term

    Full body sun exposure + being zealot at circadian rhythm (close to none artificial light, waking up early, deep sleep in the darkness, 3 meals per day, no snaking, last meal at 5 pm), ketogenic diet with veggies + CT did the trick for me. I also had heartburn, and now I understand it's a huge thing and one should almost never use proton pump inhibitors (they can lead to SIBO). Heartburn itself is a nervous thing linked to bad rhythmicity of the valve. So probably good sleep fixed mine => less O2 in the gut => different microbiome. So if you have no other GI issues I will suggest to consider short course of AB therapy depending on the overgrowth species. Otherwise just keep going and one day you will probably eat something not that processed / spent quite some time in the bathroom and became person with different microbiome. I can't find a beautiful scientific work on hygiene IBS theory, which proposes lack of hunger and over hygiene can lead to popular syndromes like IBS / SIBO.
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  14. Jenelle

    Jenelle Evolving

    I appreciate this entire thread, all of the posts, information, and the immense amount of research you have done. So glad it led you to Jack.

    I have a lot more I could say about my gut ~ but I’ll leave it at that for now. Have a great day! :)
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  15. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    The esophagal sphincter stays open when stomach acidity is not sufficient.
    Using Betaine HCL improves stomach acidity.
    Stomach acidity kills unfriendly bacteria coming with food.
    Proton pump inhibitors reduce acidity even further, allowing unfriendly bacteria to thrive.

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  16. Sheddie

    Sheddie Silver

    Thank you for your insights on this topic!

    I'm just weaning off several years working with a functional medicine MD for post-antibiotic syndrome the last seven years. FODMAPS and most other medically-prescribed diets had little sustainable effect after weeks; while there was apparent improvement at first this did not continue and made things worse.

    I agree; "long term" FODMAPS, et al, may be ineffective; as they were for my SIBO condition (7 years) and Leaky Gut (20 years). I was also 'suspecting' what felt like 'leaky lung' for slowly developing a chronic cough. (I was 'worried' about 'leaky brain' showing up... don't laugh; what migrates through the gut walls gets to roam around in the bloodstream, no?!)

    It's now some solid months' gut & lung symptom relief with a high percentage raw primal food meals (and, easy to keep up consuming ceviche and raw seafood, etc., as per this dear-to-my-heart site, here). I do put limits on DHA intake, though, for seeing a lot of apparent lipofuscin production appear on my skin. Raw primal, including 'high' meats, has calmed my entire GI tract unlike anything else the last seven years. Even 45 years of fermented plant foods and cooked dairy ferments can't compare. So, I'm now interested in understanding 'pathogens' more like 'beneficial bacteria.' I'm not yet at my n=1 minimum one year conclusions if/if not this is my 'happy belly grassfed, pastured, wild sourced diet' long term, but, I have now passed the time milestones for when all other gut-relief efforts failed.[/QUOTE]
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2019
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  17. BrunoB

    BrunoB New Member

    Excuse me a/b does that mean antibiotics?Thanks
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2019
  18. MITpowered26

    MITpowered26 New Member

    I will chime in. DISCLAIMER: I am still figuring out what I have to unlearn and what I can keep and add on through the filter of circadian quantum biology. So the below info is NOT vetted.

    Betaine HCL is a pretty strong approach, and needs a warning. It has its place, but one needs to increase dose slowly and careful to a happy dose.. and adjusted down, ideally, over the course of time which will be a moving target. The goal is to (if possible) eventually allow your physiology to produce its own stomach acid. A softer, lower maintenance approach, is simply lemon water. Less chance of conflict with eg. stomach ulcerations

    Some GI principles I have picked up over a period of time:

    1. Prep. Raw and animal protein, are harder to break down and digest I believe. Cooking it will help.. for now until one can tolerate and optimize gastrointestinal functioning to handle raw and preserve nutritional value/ bio photons?

    2. Chew...if you have a dysfunctional gastrointestinal tract, you don't want it working harder to break down food. (Jack says, for example, to eat oysters raw and whole without chewing. This is a worthy goal IMO.. given your body can handle "whole' at this moment in time.. your body will tell you that I think?

    3. Digestion. I agree wholly. Proton pump inhibitors, non steroidal anti-inflammatories, won't do your gastrointestinal tact any favors! Slowly get off it. There is a common belief amongst non-traditional practitioners that 80% of gastrointestinal reflux is misdiagnosed as "too much acid so lets lower it" when in fact is because there is "not enough acid!" Sounds counter intuitive and almost shocking.. regardless...here's a known fact. PPI's (proton pump inhibitors) ARE ONLY VALIDATED AND ONLY EVER MEANT TO BE USED FOR MAX 14 DAYS). So why are we using them forever and a day?

    4. Absorption. If you cannot absorb nutrients from the intestines into the blood stream properly, you cannot get the value from the food your physiology may need to supplement sunlight with. Assess for "leaky gut" otherwise known as hyper permeable membrane syndrome. How your intestines develop these holes is due to multiple stressors, I'll refer to Jack's teachings for core causes. The scoop is this though: your intestines is a sieve. If you can't filter, your blood stream will be increasingly exposed to things it may not be able to handle and process. Combine that with incompletely broken down food.. due to lack of chewing, individualized food prepping, and not enough acid.. you are basically letting your bloodstream (and immune system) becoming exposed to food in an undigested form, when its use to being exposed to broken down food. This is foreign to the body, which is believed to be a very real path to developing food allergies, autoimmunity, and eventually psychiatric conditions when it reaches brain level (the gastrointestinal lining and brain lining sieves (blood brain barrier) are "similar" and therefore the same disease process is similar.

    5. Assimilation. Again, you cannot get food into your cells that your body thinks is foreign and is not broken down properly.

    6. Egestion (excretion): nothing to say at this time.

    Use Jack's teachings, first and foremost, to get to the core issues of gastrointestinal healing (REMOVE offending agents, like blue light on the stomach?, REPLACE with sunlight?, REINOCULATE microbiome, again with sunlight?, REPAIR, and REBALANCE. yadada not sure.

    I'll stop now.

    This post may be more about my "unlearning" than it is about you learning from it, lol. But I hope there are some applicable nuggets to be found. Again, tear me a new asshole if some is way off base from the higher perspectives of quantum biology.

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  19. MITpowered26

    MITpowered26 New Member

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  20. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I agree with what you have said with caveat.

    From about 1970 till about 2000 (30 years) I had a GERD problem.
    Tried all kind of doctor's suggestions. Sleep on inclined bed, etc.
    Came across Charles Poliquin's suggestions to use Betaine HCL, my problems went away.

    Not sure of his last opinions, but at the time I read it, Poliquin was of opinion that most people over about 20yo have low stomach acid and would benefit from Betaine HCL.

    GERD remedies advertisements are even more frequent than those for omega3 and cholesterol.

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