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First round ever of HCG started today

Discussion in 'HCG Protocol' started by natural_girl, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. natural_girl

    natural_girl Silver

    Thanks Colleen! So today would be my 7th injection, therefore I should skip tomorrow?
  2. natural_girl

    natural_girl Silver

    VLCD #5 down 1 pound! Total 9.6 pounds!

    So yesterday I had the chicken, spinach & strawberries for lunch and decided to give the beef a try for dinner and had cucumber & a bubbies pickle (I figured it's a cucumber too) & apple so not sure if that is why I slowed down but doubt it since it was bound to happen. The big losses at first are due I am sure to water weight.

    Today I am having the chicken, spinach & strawberry for lunch again and probably shrimp, cabbage & apple for dinner.

  3. I always did better skippin a dose a week when I added that in. Colleen was always encouraging that, and I think she would tell you it wouldn't hurt.

    Your losses are so awesome!!! I know it's a lot of load weight, but still fun. That first 10 lbds is exciting. The rest a little less so.

    Remember AVERAGE is .75 lbs. I ended lower than that. . and I started at 240. Soooo I see so many people hit their second week and start the negativity and feeling bad because in many people, itjust stops in week 2. So just a little seed to plant if it slows.

    I got through that by NOT WEIGHING for over a week.

    Good Luck, I want a pic whe you are done!
  4. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    wow, terrific losses! Yes, skip a day if you're going longer than 23 days.
  5. natural_girl

    natural_girl Silver

    Ok will skip today since I am doing a long round.

    VLCD #6 down .4 total 9.8 lbs

    Much less loss. I know the big losses will slow down but I am wondering if it might be from the beef I ate on Saturday. I guess only time will tell. I won't have beef the rest of the week and see how it goes.

    Yesterday had the chicken, spinach & strawberries for lunch and 7 shrimp, cooked spinach & apple for dinner.

    Today I plan on having shrimp both meals cabbage at one, celery at the other & apples at both.
  6. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    Your body will slow for a bit. It's normal to stall out at about 10 pounds. Now things will slow down to .5-.75 per day average. Some days you won't lose anything, then will lose a pound the next day. That kind of thing. It won't be consistent. The first week's losses are mostly water weight. Then as your body starts adding back in the water and continues to lose fat, the scale will be inconsistent.
  7. natural_girl

    natural_girl Silver

    VLCD #7 down a measely .2 pounds. Total 10 pounds.

    I think my cycle might start interfering here some. First I messed up my progesterone dosage! I was supposed to go up and by up I mean double, since Dzugan just changed my P. So I was supposed to increase on Friday and for some reason thought it was Monday. I don't know why I had it wrote on the calendar! I guess I actually need to look at the calendar! So yesterday morning I woke up and my breast were very swollen & tender which doesn't happen much anymore unless I increase P and thought it was strange then I look at the calendar and realize I dosed wrong for 3 days. I am supposed to start my cycle in a week but it feels like it might come earlier, I guess I will see.

    So yesterday had cabbage, shrimp & apple for lunch and I know I said I was going to leave the beef alone for now but husband got called out & I had to go home to cook for everyone & it was just easier so I had beef, cucumber & Bubbie pickle & apple.

    Lunch today shrimp, celery & apple for dinner I think I might have chicken & onion sauteed (hopefully it won't stick) & broth & apple.

    Hopefully I will see some better losses soon :(
  8. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    Slowing every 10 pounds is normal. :)
  9. Week 2 won't show losses accurately!!! You are way high above average on losses now, this means you are going to go lower daily, lower than average to make up for the 1st week fun-run.
  10. natural_girl

    natural_girl Silver

    VLCD #8 no change but no gain! Trying to stay positive and know that one morning I will wake up and it will all be swooshed away LOL

    Will do measurements tomorrow!

    Yesterday shrimp, celery & apple for lunch. Chicken breast, onion and a bit of celery with organic chicken broth for soup. That was delicious! Very comforting! And I baked my apple with water & cinnamon. Nice comforting meal.

    Today shrimp, cabbage & apple for lunch (love this lunch!)

    Chicken breast & maybe braised cabbage and an apple for dinner.
  11. natural_girl

    natural_girl Silver

    VLCD #9 down .4 pounds! Total 10.4 pounds!!

    Took measurments today AND LOST!!

    Waist 1"

    Bust 1"

    Thighs 1" each

    Hips 1.5"

    Very happy about that! Woohoo!

    Yesterday had shrimp, cabbage & apple for lunch

    I did the chicken soup like thing again for dinner & baked apple

    Today shrimp, cucumber & apple for lunch

    Dinner chicken & cabbage going to cook the cabbage with some Bragg's aminos & mix the chicken with it so it hopefully tastes like a stir fry & apple again whether I have it baked or not we'll see. I love the Granny Smith's baked with cinnamon, feels so decadent!
  12. natural_girl

    natural_girl Silver

    VLCD #10 down .6 pounds for a total of 11 pounds!

    I woke up starving though & I am still hungry! This is definite hunger as my stomach is growling like crazy! Colleen, Cavemam what should I do? I am freezing too which is crazy considering I am usually having hot flashes LOL

    So yesterday I did shrimp, cabbage & apple for lunch & chicken & cabbage cooked in some Bragg's aminos & baked apple for dinner.

    Today I will probably do the usual lunch & shrimp over cooked spinach that was really yummy when I had it last & an apple. We have a fundraiser to go to tonight and no drinking or eating for me :( I must stay strong! I already told hubby I don't want to stay all night I have to be up early for work tomorrow anyway.
  13. What's your dose now? Also - may want to eat a little more beef or chicken today and go up to 500 cals.
  14. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    Your dose is off. What are you taking now? And stomach noises mean nothing, just so you know. It sounds like you have actual hunger though.

    And you're supposed to be freezing on hcg. Your hypothalamus is resting. LOL
  15. natural_girl

    natural_girl Silver


    I am taking 125 iu I did skip on Monday after a week of injections and this is the first time I have really felt hungry since the beginning few days. Also, sorry if this is TMI but do you know of anyone having loose stool on this? I know most complain of constipation. I have the opposite problem???
  16. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    The loose stool could be from something you're eating--maybe strawberries. How did you feel on your skip day, especially late in the day?
  17. natural_girl

    natural_girl Silver

    I don't think it is from strawberries because I only had them a few times and that was last Friday, Saturday & Sunday and this has been since before that. It is weird? I wonder if I am taking to much Hcl since I am eating so little protein and I think you need less for shrimp anyway. I am going to go down by one pill per meal and see if that helps. I had already lowered due to the lower amount of protein but maybe not enough? It is usually always in the evening too a few hours after dinner?

    I think I was fine on my skip day. I really don't remember though LOL If it doesn't have something to do with toys at this time of year I usually won't remember! LOL But I would probably remember if I was starving.

    Colleen, I was thinking of getting the kindle edition of this hcg book for a little variety http://www.amazon.com/The-HCG-Diet-Gourmet-Cookbook/dp/0984399909/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1352481752&sr=8-1&keywords=hcg+gourmet+cookbook

    Do you know if it is good and follows protocol?
  18. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    Yes it might be too much HCL. I've had that issue before. Hunger is usually a dose too high. Tomorrow try going down a bit on your dose, maybe to 115. I have that book and it's pretty good. I typically don't use the Bragg's because of the high sodium and the soy but some use it okay. It's not on protocol of course.
  19. natural_girl

    natural_girl Silver

    VLCD #11 down .6 pounds. Total 11.6 pounds!

    I was very hungry, cold & just overall felt crummy. Told my husband to go to the fundraiser without me. I am sure I could have said no to the drinks & food but I just felt like I was coming down with something and my throat feels a bit scratchy too. I really need to make some sauerkraut, just haven't had time. I wonder if drinking some Bubbies pickle juice would throw things off? I wouldn't think there are any calories in it?

    Yesterday did shrimp, cabbage & apple for lunch & shrimp & steamed spinach for dinner. No fruit just didn't feel like it

    Today I am going to do chicken for lunch with cucumber and a couple grape tomatoes & an apple

    Chicken for dinner too with spinach like a salad and probably a baked apple

    Need to go to the grocery store to stock up on a few things to add some variety. Really want to make some chili to put over romaine. It would be nice to make some meals in advance to take to work.
  20. Charlotte

    Charlotte New Member

    Next week I am starting my second round of hCG.First round, 5 weeks ago I lost 15 kg. Now I am hoping to lose the same. In between I did Epi-Paleo and lost another 2 kg. So I am happy. Today I got me a whirlpool for outdoors which I am putting up on my patio. I can keep this at 50-55°F and since ice in Germany is hard to come by, especially in the winter, I bought two (hot)water bottles from rubber which I will fill up, put in the freezer and put on my chest. Afterwards I can roll around in the snow. And if I feel like it I can put the temperature up and have a hot bath. So far, I did cold showers. Now temperature in Germany is down to 40°F already. Wonder, how this goes with hCG. Eating is not a problem, on hCG I did well on steak, fish and vegetable. I almost always skipped the apples and never did the bread stick due to gluten allergy. But I nevertheless had stalls, but after six weeks I was rid of the first 15 kg. So I think, stalls are normal. My diabetes vanished completely and I do not take any medication anymore. The body is amazing in knowing when to lose and when to stall. So I wish you that your weight loss continues to make progress and you do not lose motivation.

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