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First round ever of HCG started today

Discussion in 'HCG Protocol' started by natural_girl, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. natural_girl

    natural_girl Silver

    So, I have been waiting on this stuff forever! First shipment got lost, second held in Customs and so I start today and I pray that I did this right! I am still in shock I stuck myself with a needle! LOL

    So I followed the directions on the site Colleen moderates. I have 2,000 iu vials and added a total of 4 cc's bacteriostatic water to the powder in the mixing vial and did my first dose of .30 or 30 on the syringe. It just doesn't look like there is much left in that vial! I really hope I did it right! Plan on having me some Chipotle steak salad for lunch today & tomorrow since I won't be eating it for awhile.

    A lot of people have commented they can't believe I am doing this through the Holiday's but what the hell. This is my busy time of year for work, crazy busy! I don't cook much because I am so busy so throwing some shrimp, chicken or steak on the George Foreman sounds perfect. I know exactly what I can eat don't have to think about it etc. I am not home much so the family can eat whatever they want. I have a big business trip in February to NYC and know that I will want some cocktails so I just figured why not. I am so tired of the weight. Yes, I want to be Optimal but to me that means a healthy weight also. I did not weigh this morning and I am loading today & tomorrow so I will weight tomorrow morning to see where I am at. Hoping to only have to do this one round but not sure cause I probably have anywhere from 30-40 pounds to lose. Although I care more about the size I am in than what the scale says. Today I am a size 12 and would love to be a 6 again so we will see!

    Would love any suggestions on meals & sides from those of you who have done this before. I am making sauerkraut tonight so I can use that as a side often and I do plan on eating shrimp often. I have organic, pastured grass fed beef as well.

    Will check in here often to keep me accountable & for support. Thanks Colleen & Cavemam for answering all my PM's really appreciate it! :)
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Good Luck......
  3. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    You'll be shocked how great it works. :)
  4. Keep us posted! Being busy sounds perfect!!
  5. natural_girl

    natural_girl Silver

    Ok am I allowed to save all my protein to eat at dinner or no? Also, Cavemam I plan on doing 300g of protein like you did to substitute for the breadstick. You didn't have any problem with this right? What kind of sides were you guys eating?
  6. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    No. You need to eat the food as laid out. An extra 100 grams of protein is too much to sub in for those measly breadsticks. LOL Cavemam may have subbed a fruit out for that. I don't really recommend doing that long term though. It seems to cause problems late with thyroid suppression in some if the carbs fall too low.
  7. natural_girl

    natural_girl Silver


    I plan on doing shrimp most of the time & 4 oz of shrimp has 70 calories & 16g protein (this was for 26/30 shrimp). I am on compounded T3. I was actually planning on having 2 apples most days. I haven't eaten fruit in years! May have an orange here and there but I love apples! So I have to split the protein up?
  8. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    Caveman, did you take it to up your testosterone? She's not doing that. LOL It's perfectly safe and an absolute miracle for weight loss.

    natural girl, yes you need to split it up into 2 meals. You can do more but losses tend to be better if you do only 2 meals. :)

  9. I was about ask how much HCG he ate.
  10. SO HCG Ladies,

    Here are a couple of things I found on my round. If it conflicts with what Colleen says, go with her! She's seen more success and failure and will not guide you astray.

    I had a 25 lbd net loss and so far have kept it below my LIW (last injection weight). I think my round ended mid august, so clearly I don't have much long term success to guide one.

    I found:

    1. Fish just didn't cut it for me. I was way too hungry after meals and I never got that full feeling. When combined with strawberries it just wasn't enough food for me volume wise. I found I really needed the chicken/beef. I did mostly chicken with beef every couple of days and I kept TRYING fish, and would go back to chicken or beef. I would combine a chicken and beef day.

    2. I didn't have same veggie more than one time a day, and used fermented/pickled veggies quite a bit. It really helps the dry chicken! I did not mix veggies at a meal.

    3. I did not eat off protocol or fancy things up. I seasoned with salt and pepper and the allotted daily lemon and that was it. No recipes etc. I have a theory that its probably for the best if the food is bland and unappealing. Much less likely to take too many bites!

    4. I would weigh out several portions raw all at once.

    5. Dose issues aside, I found those times when hunger would creep in - a larger apple with my protein did the trick.

    6. I did not eat off protocol AT ALL.

    7. I did eat fruit every day. I'm for it. I mostly ate it with both meals. I did strawberries and apples.

    8. I cut melba and after adding up my calories for the day I made up the difference with veggie and protein. I did no more than 500 calories.

    9. Don't panic if you don't poop. PM me :)

    10. I did my round over the 4th of July family vacation. I pre cooked and took my food with me. It sucked so hard. It SUCKED MAJORLY. So, if my hungry fat arse can do that - you can make it 40 days through the holiday. I know you can! Go team! :)
  11. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    I could not eat beef on the protocol without major stalls. I ate almost exclusively fish and shrimp with some chicken. If you had hunger on fish, cavemam, your dose likely needed adjusted. On the right dose, it doesn't matter what you eat--you just aren't hungry. :) But you did great! 25 pounds is super!
  12. natural_girl

    natural_girl Silver

    Cavemam was the 25 pounds you lost including what you gained loading? I gained 6 pounds loading! Not surprising since I really never eat carbs and ate a ton of potatoes! I feel the water I gained funny thing is when I used to eat carbs I would bloat like crazy but lately that doesn't really happen maybe just a tiny bit but I feel like it's normal. I think that might mean my hormones are getting back on track.

    Colleen when I read Pounds & Inches it said not to take thyroid meds while on protocol but you said you continued on yours right? It said people who have been on them long term lose less weight while on hcg? I have only been on my T3 since March so hoping that won't apply as much to me.

    I plan on having shrimp as much as possible to stay Epi Paleo. I am not a fan of fish and love lobster & crab but not without ghee so shrimp is it! I will have pastured, organic chicken and occasionally beef but not often since I am low on beef and my cow won't be in & cut until end of November and most cuts I have left I think might be to fatty. I adore beef but I really want to lose as much as I can. I am hoping whatever I have left to lose after this I will be able to lose through IF or the Bulletproof RFL protocol

    So today is my first restriction day. I brought 6 grilled shrimp, about a 1/4 head cabbage & apple to work for lunch. Did my 3rd injection of .30 cc and will continue with that dose. I am a bit hungry but thinking it might be my mind and I am sure the first few days are the worse? Can I chew a piece of sugarless gum? And I know we can have vinegar but any kind? What about balsamic?

    Thanks girls! I am praying I lose a ton! :)

  13. Watch the balsamic, they almost always have calories/carbs. Lemon is a nice thing, too. Look at is as a chance to cleanse out everything. If the hunger is sated - might as well get the benefits of resting the liver etc.

    My 25 lbds was net. I gained a lot at load in. I was much bigger than you though, so you will most likely have smaller losses! I went up to 240 after load in, and ended at 208.8

    I keep seeing more success in others with the bigger fatter gainier load ins. SO that was probably a helper.

    Also, get out of your mind that you are "over" when the round is over. You really have to stay vigilant and do restrictions and slow introductions and steak days after the round is over during P3. I thought I was NEVER going to stabalize. . and was doing some back to back steak days to keep within the 2 lbd limit. Then boom, hit week 4 after and it all clicked and it was easy to maintain.
  14. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    Most of us stay on our thyroid meds. Some have stellar losses. I lost about 20 pounds per round but my metabolism was shot. And 20 pounds was fabulous as far as I was concerned. Most people count the load weight because it has to be lost too. Dr. Simeon's counted load weight. Your dose might be a bit high. If you're still hungry in the morning, do down to 25 units.
  15. natural_girl

    natural_girl Silver

    Yes, I understand it's not really over when I am done. That's ok, I eat pretty low carb most of the time anyway. Hard part for me is the drinking. Not like I am an alcoholic, I rarely drink at home but have social gatherings but oh well it will just have to wait. I always drink vodka and plain soda w/lemon too so still try to remain somewhat low carb. I will be religious about weighing!

    The balsamic vinegar I have says 0 calories 0 carbs for 1 Tbsp. I might give it a try at some point with spinach & chicken for a salad kind of.

    What about the gum?
  16. natural_girl

    natural_girl Silver

    VLCD #2 weighed myself this morning & down 2 lbs which I am sure is all water. I have been running to pee like crazy which always happens when I eat carbs then stop but seems a bit worse with the hcg. Funny thing is I still feel like I am holding tons of water and my mouth is very dry. I am drinking a lot of water, green tea & some black coffee. Also, was pretty hungry when I woke up then it went away for awhile & is now back. My stomach is growling so I am sure it's not a mind thing. Colleen I changed to 125 iu today since you said to do that if I was hungry when I woke up.

    Cavemam & Colleen did you eat fruits 2x a day?

    Yesterday had 6 shrimp for lunch & dinner, 1/4 head of cabbage & an apple.

    Today will have the same for lunch & dinner except maybe a cucumber for dinner instead. Gotta live on the wild side! LOL

  17. I think I did - with some exceptions. I would eat apple on most days, and then strawberries were usually my number two. I thought they helped me get down that damn chicken!

    SO, weighing in week 1 is fun. Weighing in week 2 makes baby jesus cry!

    I would use strawberries to increase the calories of my lunch when needed. Fruit is NOT just a carbs/fructose/glucose story. Just like with fish, there is a lot more to it than just the triad macro nutrients.

    I would err on the side of working with your hunger + going as close to protocol as possible. When I said earlier I ate beef, I should have clarified - I only ate it maybe 1-2X a week and usually on a fish day as fish never seemed to work for me.
  18. natural_girl

    natural_girl Silver

    VLCD #3 down 3.6 lbs!!! Yeah!! Yesterday it was 2.6 for a total of 6.2 lbs so far. I know a lot of it is water but still feels good. Although I am really back at the weight I am usually at when I don't eat carbs. So yesterday morning I went down to 125iu & did that again today. Will see if it helps with hunger. I was pretty hungry between lunch & dinner yesterday.

    I did take measurements yesterday morning of bust, waist, hips & thighs & will take those weekly to track that progress as well.

    Had 6 shrimp both meals and 1/4 cabbage head for lunch, 1 cucumber for dinner & apples at both.

    Today I will have 6 shrimp for lunch, 1/4 cabbage head & apple and for dinner chicken, spinach and either strawberries or apple. I plan on putting some vinegar on my spinach & chicken for a chicken salad kind of thing. I am only going to use a small bit of balsamic and finish it with lemon or ACV.
  19. natural_girl

    natural_girl Silver

    VLCD #4 down another 2.4 lbs!!! Woohoo! Total 8.6 lbs.

    Had shrimp, cabbage & apple for lunch-later though cause I was really busy at work.

    spinach, chicken & strawberries like a salad with ACV & a bit of balsamic.

    I am going to have the spinach, chicken & strawberry salad for lunch today again. And for dinner I might try some beef or shrimp.

    Not as much hunger yesterday although I still had some but my lunch was delayed by 2 hours due to work.

    Colleen should I skip a day tomorrow?
  20. finnite@dccnet.com

    finnite@dccnet.com New Member

    I`m the other colleen but generally you do not skip a dose until you have done a weeks worth of doses

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