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Finish strong!!

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by justjoan060, May 12, 2012.

  1. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    JustJoan, throw out the calorie counter.

    What are you eating? Please post and don't bother with amounts other than the BAB.

    Since I have been having the same problem I'm going to ask if you perhaps might maybe have food allergies you are not aware of?

    Do you have a problem with constipation? and then unexplained runs?

    Mouth tingling or itching?

    Occasional trouble breathing?

    Stomach hurting after you eat?

    I have had all those symptoms and until the Great Mushroom Incident it never occurred to me I might have food allergies.

    So far I have HAD to quit eating:





    maybe chocolate

    maybe chicken

    when I don't I really pay for it.

    I'm also drinking 8 oz kombucha daily alternating (when I have it) with kefir. Pickles, yes. Saurkraut, yes. Also taking probiotics all in an attempt to heal what is obviously a leaky gut.

    Allergies, as I understand it (which doesn't mean much) are an inflammation which stems from a leaky gut (if I'm wrong I'm sure Jack will step in and set me straight). Inflammation makes you FAT.

    Fix the inflammation, watch the pounds go away.

    At least that's what I'm hoping.

  2. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    Hi Darlene. I had my BHRT doc appt today and we talked about the possibility of food allergies. I have had a problem with constipation for years, but none of the other symptoms you named. I have almost completely quit dairy the past several weeks (which is HUGE for me because I love cheese!), except for some heavy cream now and then. We talked about quitting eggs and seeing what happens - that Suzanne Sommers in her book quit eggs and lost 10 lbs. That would be nice! I don't have any food allergies that I know of, but will try quitting eggs and see if anything happens.

    We also talked about heavy metals, which got tested even though she didn't mean to. Her nurse apparently ordered the wrong labs, which really honks me off after getting stuck FIVE times trying to get blood!!! grrrr.... So we didn't get some things we thought we would, and did get some things she didn't mean to. Maybe just as well. I have some mercury (probably like everybody), but she said it can make you gain. We did get testosterone which is low. Since we didn't get all the hormones tested, she sent me home with a saliva test kit which I'm doing tomorrow. I'm also doing a urine thing for metals. AND, she went ahead and ordered some BHRT for me to get started based on the quite probable results, so I'm really glad about that.

    I have been taking a probiotic, but am going to get a better quality one and more of it from the compounding pharmacist. She's trying to address the constipation with it. This new clinic is getting some machine to test metabolism (of which I'm pretty sure I have none!), so we'll do that eventually. She thinks I've got adrenal issues probably which I diagnosed myself with several years ago, but again the doctors get that "deer in the headlights" look when you ask about it in the past! Surely cortisol is a problem with going through a divorce, etc.

    Back to your question, I've been eating eggs and bacon or just eggs for breakfast. (Not trying to do the reset right now until I get some hormones straightened out because I was gaining a pound a day. Eating more paleo-like.) I fix a mixed veggie salad usually for lunch with some olives, feta cheese, along with greens, cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, and have chicken or tuna. Usually beef or pork for supper with steamed cauliflower or whatever. I snack on almonds (no salt). I don't worry about nightshades because my HDL is good and that's what I understood Jack to say. I might snack on a square of baking chocolate dipped in Stevia. I'm not sure I do OK with almonds. I should cut them out and see what happens. I don't get any symptoms, but they might make me gain. I was only keeping track of what I was eating on Fitday to mainly keep track of my carbs because I've been trying to keep them pretty low to lose weight. If anything, I'm not sure I eat enough some days. It's pretty erratic, and maybe that confuses my body - don't know!

    My D is low so I'm really ramping that up. Let me see....I think that's about it.

    Thanks for your input. I'll let you know about the eggs.

    What are the pickles, sauerkraut, etc. supposed to be doing for you? Does that balance stuff in the gut?

    I feel better at least finally getting a start on things, with the BHRT and further testing!! I feel like I have confidence in her. She doesn't do insurance. You have to pay cash and file it yourself, so it's all getting a little expensive, but I feel like it's money well spent! I'll have a followup with her after the "spit" results are in!!
  3. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    I'm doing the saliva test today. Holy crap! I have dry mouth from taking medications as it is.....took me half an hour to get enough saliva for the morning test. I smelled lemon juice, yawned, massaged my cheeks by my salivary glands. I managed to get enough for the second vial and have to do the third in a few minutes. I'm also this week doing chelation for metals in my body. Go big or go home!!! Want the doctor to have all the results by next time I go back.

    I have some BHRT to start on - tomorrow - after I'm done with the saliva test. Also, no eggs this morning. I'm going to try eliminating them for awhile and see if it makes any difference in anything. I finally found a local source for grass fed/grass finished beef. The store was out but will have more in Tuesday - comes out of Missouri. We have such good beef here in Iowa. I hope more farmers will start feeding this way.

    Oh, and I'm scheduled for an MRI Tuesday to confirm whether I have a meniscus tear. Then it's deciding whether to let the local guy scope it or go back to my knee replacement guy at Mayo. Oh, Dr. Kruse, I never read - did you eventually have your knee scoped and how is it feeling now? I'm bummed because I don't have much arthritis and don't know how I would have torn it, unless it's from getting side swiped at the dog park last winter.

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