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Finish strong!!

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by justjoan060, May 12, 2012.

  1. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    I had the same problem with the bowels but I got some Naturally Calm Magnesium (citrate) powder and started with 2 teaspoons for a couple of days, then incresed to 3 teaspoons, then 4 teaspoons. Viola! 4 teaspoons the magic number for me. I also started sleeping like a log!!!

    Good luck!
  2. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    Thanks Paula! I'll try that and hopefully it'll work as well for me in both areas!!

    Here's what I've decided. Yesterday and today I still gained a pound each day, and definitely can't keep going at that rate. It occurred to me last night that maybe I'm sensitive to CO because any time I've tried to use it in the past or eat cocoa crack during hcg P2, I've thought I gained from it. So I posed the question on the Monster Thread whether some people report not going well with CO? Dr. K said some people don't tolerate it well, and that hcg people seem to have trouble with it! I've never liked coconut, and maybe I don't like it because my body doesn't like it? (out there, I know!) Anyway, I've been pouring it on all week, so maybe that's why I've been gaining so fast. I'm going to back off to just a modified high protein diet for now and use butter instead since Dr K doesn't like EVOO when you're LR. Tuesday I'm seeing the local doc that works with BHRT and see where I stand with the hormone thing and work on getting myself straightened out there. I don't like doing too many things at once because you can't tell what's causing what??!!

    I'm hopefully going to find what allows me to maintain my weight even if I can't lose right now. Will post later! :)
  3. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    I was down .5 lb this morning, so I think I've narrowed it down to intolerance to CO being the culprit. Once I'm confident I'm not gaining at the rate of a pound a day!!.....I can quit weighing myself. Yesterday I ate, well, I don't know what! I still ate high protein fairly big breakfast, no lunch, some raw almonds and an oz of 85% chocolate in the afternoon, quite a bit of pork roast and some broccoli with butter for supper. Took my Golden for about a 2 mile walk around the lake, and retrieving in the water. Oh yes, he put on his big boy pants this year and jumps right off the end of the dock to swim out after the ball (was scared to do that as a puppy last year after he did a face plant in the water!) Stayed up a little later than usual watching The Big Chill (love that movie!) and ate probably 2 more oz 85% chocolate.

    So......I didn't sleep as well and woke up with a headache and feeling toxic. I also had some Physical Therapy on my knee which flared it up because it hurts worse this morning. I've got some tendonitis or something going on. Did a lot of up and down a ladder and kneeling laying a new floor this winter redecorating two rooms after my husband moved out. I think I got something started then. My doctor at Mayo didn't think I have a meniscus tear.

    4 eggs and 4 strips of bacon for breakfast plus coffee. Will try to get back to not snacking today. Also going out to try and find some K2 (Dr. recommended since I have some heart disease) and the mag that Dr. K recommends, or at least mag citrate to help keep things moving.

    Am excited to see the BHRT doc this week. People who have seen her like her work. I'm anxious to finally see where my hormone levels are. I gave up on that going through menopause because nobody around here worked with it. But this got me on it again, and I found her! Puzzle pieces!!
  4. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    4 eggs, 4 strips bacon and about 4 oz sirloin in butter. No lunch so far - not hungry. Feeling tired, no energy yesterday and today. Fell off the wagon with snacking yesterday. I was conflicted about whether to just eat more paleo until I've seen the BHRT doc this week and find out my labs. I wish now I would have decided to do the labs before I ever started the reset. Easier to tell what's reacting how with your body when you're only doing one thing at a time in my estimation! I finally found K2 which also has D3 that Dr. K told me to take due to heart disease. But again, I don't think I'm going to add anything until I get labs done.

    Does anybody know where safflower oil falls in the grand scheme of fats since I'm not tolerating CO very well?
  5. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    DAMN woman where'd you put all that breakfast?! LOL. I can do the eggs and the bacon but just barely.

    You're probably tired because you aren't eating carbs. It WILL pass. Allow your body to adjust and it will eventually start burning fat. Eating coconut oil helps, but you already know that, right? My 2 cents ... DO NOT use safflower oil. If I understand it (and I may not have it right) vegetable oils are loaded with omega 6's. Except CO of course.

    If the CO is causing you to bloat? Use less until you get used to it. You might try coconut butter (aka manna). Jack swears by Nutiva brand but my preference (guess I'm not THAT big a groupie after all, lol) is Artisana organic. It is YUMMMMMY. Pricey but yummy. Also the only coconut oil I will use is from Tropical Traditions. They're online. It's pricey but it's made by hand the old fashioned way (according to the website) and is so good I can eat it straight. It's not cheap. But a little goes a long way. I just got another gallon tub of it (which weighs about 10 pounds, I swear) so we're now good for several months.

    I doubt this will help but after I did 18 months on that awful jenny diet and then 8-9 months on hcg all I did was gain. 20 on, 20 off, 20 back on with another 24 friends. I have given up worrying about it. That's the best advice I have. Let go. This is not a diet. This will take time for those of us with long-term serious issues. Every day that passes I become more convinced it will work and when the flab begins to go I think/hope it will go FAST. But it WILL take time. Acceptance of that little fact has come hard for me. But I finally have gotten there. Now I just need to really stick with the program.
  6. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    How long have you been doing the reset again, Darlene? I guess I could look back. I get it takes time, but I will not gain at the rate of a pound a day! I can't buy a new size wardrobe again! I refuse! I can see gaining some, but not that! I was back on the old hcg site reading a couple of threads and Colleen (Grammy) says to take away eggs and see how you do because they're inflammatory. I've never thought i had trouble with them, but I will try that. BUT, my food choices are then getting slimmer and slimmer which makes it harder to handle. No dairy, no eggs, no nuts, no carbs, no sugar. That leaves meat and veggies! I am eating my mixed salad with a little feta cheese and a few olives, with my protein of course; steamed broccoli or cauliflower; using butter or EVOO. I know Dr K doesn't like olive oil at this point, but he also said CO doesn't agree with some people and I think I'm one. I'm going to lay low until I see what my hormone panel looks like, and get adjusted to whatever she puts me on. I'm sure they're wacked out! I have no idea what they are. Nobody around here would ever order it for me when I was going through menopause.

    That was in the middle of the big HRT scare, and they said "we don't know what to do, we just know what not to do". That was the answer I got! Geez!! Having high hopes for this doc!

    But.....for me I don't think it's a good idea to do the reset full throttle, CT and go on hormones at the same time. I've also been weaning off my statin, so don't want to put my system through too much too fast! Does that make sense to you?
  7. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    Quite a day! I had my appt with the BHRT doc. She was awesome. They already do all the tests on the list, so I didn't have to argue! I told her about Dr. Kruse and the leptin reset, and she said she wants to take a look at. They had their usual problem drawing blood. Their girl couldn't hit a vein so they finally sent me to the hospital lab. I only have five needle sites this time - not my record!! Then I had been fasting for the bloodwork so I went to get something to eat.

    THEN.....had to go get my second old root canal infected tooth pulled and prepped for a bridge. Had the first one done last November. Glad to get them out of my body!!

    Really anxious to see what the tests show because I've never had them done. Leptin and the whole ball of wax! It'll take a week to get them back. HCG led me to Dr. Kruse which led me to getting this done! She JUSt opened her new Integrative Medicine for Women office, so it all fell into place perfectly.
  8. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    YAY!!! How great for you to find a local doc who was already prepped to do what you needed!

    Hope you feel better after getting that tooth out!
  9. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    My funny story: I went to take my bath last night, ran the water the usual temp. Then as I sat down in it I decided, "hey, I'll just turn on cold water and slowly cool it down until it's cool, but not way uncomfortable and work my way into this CT thing. So that's what I did. When it got to where it felt cool, I just decided to lay back for a bit. I don't have a big enough tub either, wish I had my old one back. Now THAT was a tub!! Anyway, as I got out I left the water in the tub because I wanted to go get the thermometer (just out of curiosity) and see what the temp was. It was only 80 degrees!!!! I thought to myself "I do believe I have a ways to go with that!" I don't know how you people do it!

    I'm still going to wait until I get started on whatever hormones the doc things I need, so if I get the zits I hear everybody talking about, I can tell if it's from hormones or what. Me being me, it would drive me nuts otherwise not being able to know what's causing a reacton, LR, CT, hormones???!!! Meanwhile, I'm trying to lose back some of the weight I gained starting the reset. I've been eating some Asiago cheese, and I think I need to lay off cheese at all for now.
  10. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    Joan are you doing the face dunks? If yes, have you moved on to putting the bag of ice on your torso? I'm still at that point so it's really slow going for me. Right now I'm sitting here in my housecoat and slippers and freezing. It's about 65 in the house. Got down to freezing last night and I have the heat off. I'm dreading the shower because I no longer like even warm temps but I'm already cold. It's a constant battle for me right now.
  11. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    No, like I said above, it doesn't make sense to me to be doing the reset, CT and probably going on some hormones all at the same time. How do you know what's causing what otherwise? And how would your doctor know? I didn't intend to start any CT at all yet. I'm going to do more studying from other sources first. Just did the above last night on a whim to see how it felt.
  12. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    Fell off the wagon last night and had 2 glasses of Moscato. Not REALLY off the wagon because I'm not doing the reset right now, but still. Im in more of a hcg P3 right now. Had some raw almonds and dark chocolate yesterday afternoon. Had a super bad day and said to hell with it. It really tasted good (all of it)! I'm going through one of my depressed cycles again, which makes me even more anxious to see my test results. Getting rid of the depression (cyclical), being able to sleep, losing weight a little more easily would be a huge blessing! Then when I get straightened out there, I can try the reset again without gaining a pound a day! That's the plan!
  13. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    Read some more of Primal Blueprint today. I'm like a sponge for information about paleo/primal and how everything works in the body v.s. CW diet and drugs. I registered on Fitday and got the app for my phone so I can keep track of what I'm eating better.

    Breakfast: 3 eggs fried in butter; 4 strips bacon

    Lunch: 5-6 oz sirloin leftover; salad with greens, cukes, red bell pepper, a few walnuts, tomato. I found this dressing from Bolthouse Farms "Olive Oil Vinaigrette" that I really like. I'm a huge range dressing person, and I had started making my own from sour cream, greek yogurt and spices that's great, but didn't know if I should be eating that right now. I think this isn't too bad; the ingredients are: reduced acid pineapple juice from concentrate, balsalmic vinegar, salt, garlic, EVOO, red bell pepper, zanthan gum, onion, flaxseed oil, spice. 6 carbs and 5 sugars in 2 T.

    Trying to find a paleo recipe I found somewhere for a salad with chopped broccoli and cauliflower. I think maybe it was on Nora Gedgaudes' site. NOT EATING CHEESE, which I can't even believe! Cheese is right up there, or maybe past chocolate in my book, so I'm doing really good to deny myself that. I just can't even have it in the house!

    Right now I'm trying out some paleo meals, a little less protein, but still not adding much for fruits until I get my labs back and see where I stand with them. Than I'll decide about my diet. I did a modified "steak day" from hcg yesterday and lost a pound. I'd love to get to where I was before I started the reset! Hope you all have a safe Memorial Day weekend!
  14. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    Hmmmmm.....was that sarcasm??:confused:
  15. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    Still waiting for lab results (anxiously)!

    Eating paleo; no weight loss or gain; got on a better probiotic after advice from my GYN doc. Constantly fatigued. Today hot...cold....hot....cold. Got a tooth pulled a week ago that had some infection around it for I don't know how long. Don't know if my body would be going through a process after getting rid of that?? Meantime, I'm reading posts and trying to learn, here and at MDA.
  16. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    STILL waiting for labs, but I digress!! I'm feeling pretty crappy lately. I'm eating paleo; not counting carbs really, but not eating many!! Not losing any weight which I'm not surprised at. I'm sure my body's a mess. I am wondering (hoping) if I'm doing some detoxing even though I'm not following the reset protocol, and that's why I'm feeling this way. Tired, no energy, muscle pain. I have been having some hot flashes, so hoping that's a good sign! I'm not a patient person, so June 26th can't come soon enough so I can see the doctor and see what she recommends. I'll post my labs here, too, to see what the hackers think!

    Meanwhile I'm trying to keep the stress of divorce under control as much as possible. I have my Golden Retriever - he's much better company and more loyal!

    Rock on, you optimal people!!
  17. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    YAY.....I'm getting my labs later today and seeing the doctor on Friday. I'll be posting the labs here for input.

    HEALTH: A state of complete physical, chemical and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Dorland’s Medical Dictionary
  18. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    I'm excited for you!!! Labs are like the key to our door to health. I can't wait to get mine!
  19. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    Here they are, for the record. I haven't gotten feedback on them on here yet. I'm posting them here in my journal as well.

    NMR Lipoprofile:

    LDL Particle Number

    LDL-P 994
  20. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    Well, other than advice about Vit D, which I can see, I don't understand anything. Feeling pretty discouraged about managing this program. Apparently, being within the normal limits on the lab report doesn't necessarily mean anything. The kind people giving me advice are only confusing me more - assuming I know what they know. I'm eating probably 1200 calories a day paleo and very slowly still gaining weight. Very frustrating! I meet with my BHRT doc tomorrow to go over these tests, and hope she knows what she's talking about. I don't understand why she didn't test more hormones, I thought she was. When I first saw the results I thought they looked pretty good, but........now I don't know anything. I was really hoping that I'd found something great for me. But I can't go back on LR and gain a pound a day - won't do it. Living alone and being 63, I'm a little afraid to do CT in case of a problem. Please tell me I don't have to resign myself that menopausal woman means fat.....period. And, I saw the ortho surgeon today who thinks I have a meniscus tear in my good knee. Got sideswiped by dogs at the dog park a couple of times this winter - maybe happened then. Been there - done that - and it was a slippery slope after my first scope with the other knee. So right now I can't even go for a long walk with my dog. I know, poor me, pitty party. I've just invested so much time the last two months reading here, buying books, buying food, reading Primal Blueprint, Paleo Solution, trying to understand everything, not cheating. I can't afford numerous lab tests, so was hoping these would reveal something. Right now I'm just confused and discouraged.

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