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Finish strong!!

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by justjoan060, May 12, 2012.

  1. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    I'm starting LR tomorrow, and here's SOME of my story.

    I was never overweight until I was hit by a car on my bike in 2003, tore up my knee (terrible triad) which deteriorated over a 3yr period with two scopes until I finally had a total knee replacement in 2006 at Mayo (those surgeons rock!). I'm getting along great with the knee. Can do everything but squat (it doesn't want to bend quite that far). Prior to that I managed to keep at a decent weight although it was a constant challenge. I did all the same yo-yo's as everybody else.

    I've been under a LOT of stress most of my adult life. I lost a a son when I was 34, divorce followed. Single mom for 17 yrs with a youngest son that turned to drinking and pot in high school, which led to arrest, OMVI's, jail, etc. that went on for years, still isn't completely under control but I've made it not my problem now. Just trying to give you a sense of my YEARS of high stress. Remarried ten years ago about the time I started menopause, turned out to be a jerk and that whole ten years was constant stress!! I'm now going through another divorce, which is a good thing, and CLEANING UP MY LIFE!!

    After the accident in 2003 I gained 50 lbs over the next 3 yrs from being sedentary. Lost 40 two winters ago with hcg. About 3 months ago I started comfort eating and gained 15 pounds back. I'm right now close to 20 pounds over what I consider a healthy weight for me. I just finished another round of hcg to get that weight back off, and being on the website a lot led me to Jack Kruse and LR. (It's a God thing!) So....last several weeks I've been reading, reading, questioning, planning to do LR instead of hcg's P3.

    I've read Taube's Why We Get Fat, and have started the Primal Blueprint. Bought The Paleo Solution last night. I have no problem with going against CW, so this is not a problem for me, and I'm completely fascinated by all of it! I have some heart disease (dad's side) and my mom died with dementia, so at 63 I'm looking to live well and drop dead!

    I'm one of those "jumpy" people - like always stressed even when I think I'm not. This winter I did some Reflexology which was awesome! Definitely helped me feel more calm and loosen some muscles. Right now I'm seeing a Physical Therapist that does cranio sacral work, and that is helping my sleep and helping me feel calm also - in the face of going through a divorce and breaking up with my best friend (not my best friend after all). I work in a Physical Therapy clinic where we are trying to address all aspects of wellness, so I'm in a good place there. I believe it's time for a metamorphosis!

    My goal is get healthy - hopefully that includes a healthy weight I can get to fairly soon. But more energy, better sleep, stronger bones and muscles, great attitude! It would be awesome if, in the next year or so, I become an example at my age of what this way of life can do for you. I'm taking before pictures:D

    I haven't had all the labs done they talk about, but I know my cholesterol/trig numbers are awesome, and everything else I know about is good. Other than some mild atherosclerosis, I haven't been diagnosed with anything, so that's my base of knowledge!

    So, tomorrow, on Mother's Day, I officially start LR, and will journal my progress here. I'm braced for ups and downs, but have high expectations!

    Judge your successes by what you had to give up to get it! Dalai Lama
  2. Lanie

    Lanie Silver

    Welcome, JustJoan, and good luck to you! Don't be afraid to ask questions - lots of very helpful people around here. You deserve to take care of you. Glad you're here to do it!
  3. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    Thanks for the welcome, Lanie! I have asked Jack a couple of questions, and he's great about answering! I didn't really mean to start LR today, but it kind of turned out that way! I got up and had 4 eggs fried in CO and two Jimmy Dean sausage patties (I know, a little sugar in them), but I ended up at 42 g protien so not too bad, so I decided to take a stab at a first day. Had about a 6 oz ground beef patty fried in CO, steamed green beans then drizzled the left over oil in the pan over the beans. 8 oz ribeye and mixed salad for supper which turned out to be a little late. Time got away from me. I used a little EVOO with some Herbs de Provence and thyme in it for dressing. I'm drinking some water with lemon juice and Stevia in it this evening. Hope that's ok! Jack said if it's got calories it's a snack and this has no calories, so hope it's ok. If it's not, somebody let me know!! :) Already seem to have more energy - dont know if it's in my head or not, but I'll take it! Happy Mother's Day to me!!
  4. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    Was pleasantly surprised to get up to a 1.4 loss today! Feeling good - had a great Mother's Day! Beautiful day here in Iowa! I had an 8 oz ribeye (cooked two last night in CO) and a 4 egg omelet fried in CO for breakfast. The kids grilled chicken, made steamed green beans, mixed salad and red potatoes. So I had everything but the potatoes. Trying not to eat my carbs at suppertime so I had more veggies at lunch. Trying to drink a lot of water. Need to eat supper soon - better figure out what to have! cya
  5. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    GEEZ!!! I just wrote a longish, very profound :eek: post to start the day - hit the wrong button and it all disappeared! Now I have to get to work, so I'll post later
  6. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    Welcome! I saw your posts on Darleen's journal & had to tell you I love the quote you had in your signature, although I don't see it now. So either the brain fog & memory thing are worse than I thought...lol...or it's just decided to disappear! Either way...Welcome!!
  7. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    Thanks for the welcome, paulalynn! I just put my signature on this morning, so it may not be on all posts. I'll see if it shows up on this one. I woke up ready to get up at 7:00 which is unusual for me. I have to take meds to sleep so far, and usually have to drag my butt out of bed at 8:00 - so that's a good sign! Make 4 eggs, a 3 oz Smithfield ham, was coming up short on protein so got out some chicken tenders I cooked last night and a little homemade quac; coffee. I was down .2 this morning, but need to get "some things moving", a constant problem since I quit smoking in 1992 (go figure)! I'm starting to feel sluggish because of it. Had a mixed salad with more chicken tenders for lunch. I've been making a dressing with EVOO, Herbs de Provence and thyme, until I find a recipe I like. I'm not much of a vinegar person!

    I'm at work, so I'll keep this short. Maybe edit it tonight. Now to see if my signature appears!!!!!!
  8. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    I'm up a pound this morning, but Ihad some pretty salty meat yesterday. Maybe I'll stay away from ham pretty much since i'm already eating bacon every morning. Wish I could afford a ribeye once a day! I had about 3- 3 oz pieces of pork I had in the freezer and some green beans for supper last night. Ate about 1/2 oz of Green and Blacks 85% chocolate cause I thought it might help me not crave it the rest of the evening. Counting carbs and an hanging around 25 pretty closely because I'd like to lose weight.

    Dr. K gave me some advice about supplementing with K2 and D yesterday because I have some heart disease. Taking K with heart disease didn't make sense to me, but I finally found his previous blog on it, and now it makes more sense. I'm not having too much trouble not snacking between meals. Still have the mind game at bedtime, but I'm working on it!! Have a meeting to go to. Later....
  9. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    Joan ... take magnesium! I can't speak for others but evidently my Mg stores were flatlined because I have been taking 1200mg every night for months on end and just added neuromag in the morning. My sense of smell is finally beginning to revive (it's been near dead for decades) and I'm starting to feel bunches better. Really help with keeping you regular as well. Now if my hair would just start growing back in I'd be in 7th heaven!
  10. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    Hi Darlene: I take mag but only 400 since that's what I saw him say somewhere. I take it a couple hours before bedtime to help me sleep. Maybe I should take two then and another one in the morning? I lost hair after doing hcg so mine is thinner than it used to be. Didn't even lose any going through menopause, but I did after 2nd round of hcg.

    It's almost 2;00 pm and I wasn't hungry for lunch today, so I'm going to wait and have supper. I had more like 70 mg protein for BAB - need to plan better so I'm not just grabbing meat to get to my total! My mouth tastes like birds built a nest in it, and I seem to remember you talking about mucus? That too! Is that detoxing? I've only been doing this 4 days. I have to go check out your blog and see how you're doing! Good, I hope!
  11. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    YAY for you on the BAB! I can barely chow down on about 40g. I forced myself to do 50+ for a while but it's just too much.

    I think you're in ketosis. Nasty breath is a sign of that and it's a good thing. :)

    On the mag ... I'd suggest increasing your dosage gradually until you start noticing (and there's no nice way to put this) loose stools. Then back off just a tad. That's what I did.
  12. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    You put that very nicely! I work in the health care field, so I'm used to straight up terminology!! Thanks for the info!
  13. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    I've been up a pound yesterday and again today. I know Dr. K says women sometimes gain. I'm going to post somewhere what the norm is because there will come a time where I refuse to keep gaining. I know my carbs are below 25 g - yesterday probably more like 12 g because I had none at breakfast, didn't eat lunch and had about a cup of steamed broccoli and a little homemade quac with about a 7 oz piece of sirloin for supper. I also had cocoa crack (which for you non-hcger's is CO melted with sweetener and cocoa stirred in - frozen - then you break off pieces to eat). Maybe it intereferes with something although I see other people on here having it with their breakfast even to get in more CO. This morning I had the other 7 oz sirloin, 3 eggs in CO and 2 strips of bacon. I know I've been getting 50 g protein BAB easy! It's a little after noon and I brought a salad with some chicken strips for lunch, but really don't feel like eating. Almost a little queasy! I'll decide soon if I'm going to eat it or skip lunch.

    I'm getting a little mind boggled over supplements. Between reading what the Dr recommends while on the reset, plus other supplements recommended for this and that, my counter is getting full! For the most part, I have no idea about which ones to take when, so I play it by ear. I take Mag a couple of hours before I go to bed to help sleep, and my krill oil says to take with the first meal of the day. Other than that, I wing it!! Haven't figured out where to get K2 yet which doc recommended since I have some heart disease. Trudging along.............
  14. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    Crap! Right now I'm discouraged! I've gained a lb a day the last two days and am trying to get some answers before it gets out of hand. So far, it's like a needle in a haystack. I've been told if you're gaining on the reset, your hormones are wacky, you have to get them checked first, etc., etc. When I started this, it said do a, b and c and it all made so much sense! But I didn't see "it'll work UNLESS your hormones are wacked out, or UNLESS your blood sugar is "X", or IF........ Sorry, I did so much planning and studying to do this reset, and now I'm discouraged! Both my OBGYN and family doctor here look at me like i've got two heads if I ask for certain labs - they feel they can't justify ordering them. I actually got told recently by my OB's PA that, since I'm post menopausal, "if we test you, we really don't know what to do about it anyway" in view of the big HRT studies of a few years ago. Geez! I might have to ask Dr. Kruse because I'm getting all sorts of varied answers (which I appreciate), but don't want to charge ahead trying to figure out how to get labs done, and which labs to get, if it'll just pass or something. GGRRRRR.............
  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    If your weighing yourself your not doing the reset correctly........I said to throw the scale out and you are just raising your cortisol looking at it.
  16. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    Oops! I either didn't see or "forgot" that part. So how important is it for me to get hormones tested, Dr. K? Before I spend $300 seeing the only doctor that practices in this decade around here!
  17. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    Back to the reset. I'm doing better than expected with the not snacking. It hasn't been a problem really. I backed off the BAB a little this morning - still over 50 g protein - because yesterday I overdid it, didn't eat lunch and was a little queasy. I then had about 7 oz sirloin, steamed broccoli and a little homemade quac for supper and had some cocoa crack for dessert.

    I dug out my old Blu Blocker sunglasses!! I knew I bought some a few years ago. They're the wrap around reflective kind, so I was looking pretty foxy last night - just me a my Golden Retriever! (I think he was snickering behind my back, but I can't be sure!) It was later before I remembered to find them, so I need to get them on earlier in the evening.

    I've a a big assed pork roast in the crock pot today - at least 5 lbs. That's going to be supper obviously and will portion it out in the freezer. There's a local farmer that brings his meat to our local farmer's market. I've never really looked at it before, but I'm anxious to see if it's grass fed or what. That would be great!! cya later!
  18. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    Joan I answered your questions over on my journal.

    On the hormone thing, if you're serious about it then you should find a Wiley Protocol practitioner.

    The HRT study your current doc referenced? According to TS Wiley, when the results were made public they conveniently "forgot" to mention that EVERY SINGLE WOMAN was on SYNTHETIC hormones. They might as well have been taking rat poison.

    Actually, even horse estrogen provides a little bit of protection but when you add in synthetic progesterone it's like pouring gasoline on a fire. You may need to educate your doc and his p.a.

    On the grass fed, be sure and ask if it's grass fed or grass finished. They're two different things. Don't let 'em fool ya.
  19. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    You throwing out the scale Joan? I'm putting mine in the closet :)
  20. justjoan060

    justjoan060 New Member

    Trying to decide what to do.....if you gain on the reset when your hormones are wacky, then getting the hormones straightened out can take a while I'm sure......maybe I should just go back to a more paleo diet until I get the hormones fixed. I'm seeing the local dr. that does BHRT next Tuesday. I've no idea what she'll think about the reset protocol/supplements. Then what do I do? I didn't throw my scale out yet, and I'm up another pound today, although I CAN'T get my bowels moving and I'd probably lose some there!! I'm taking mag, yesterday took 1200 of mag and Smooth Move tea. Need to get that resolved one way or the other. What do you think, friends?

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