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Find members in your area

Discussion in 'Feedback/Suggestions' started by Dasha, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. Mitchell97

    Mitchell97 New Member

    Sydney, Australia.
  2. Sampath

    Sampath Gold

    I’m in Sunnyvale (San Jose) CA 94087
    Cheryl. likes this.
  3. Joe Fang

    Joe Fang Farm Members

    We're in Southern California (for now). Happy to meet with locals or travelers! Redondo Beach 90277
    Sampath likes this.
  4. b.pezzia

    b.pezzia Bruno Pezzia

    Athens Greece
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  5. Eve N Colantoni

    Eve N Colantoni New Member

    Rob... I'm in Great Falls, VA!
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  6. GringoPerdido

    GringoPerdido New Member

    Welcome to the Kruse community. Happy to chat sometime. I'm on FB.
  7. Cortney817

    Cortney817 New Member

    Springfield, MO
  8. Alexandru Zay

    Alexandru Zay New Member

    Central Germany. The City is called Göttingen. Whenever you are around, you are welcome!
  9. Sampath

    Sampath Gold

    Thank you Alexandru!
  10. NDC74

    NDC74 New Member

    Im in south-west sydney ( Blacktown area)
    Sampath likes this.
  11. 8Phoenix

    8Phoenix New Member

    My current location
    march 07 Sunnyvale, CA 94086
    march 08 Montclair, CA 91763
    march 12 pasadena,TX 77505
    march 13 houston,tx 77002
  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    ^^^^YIKES ON All. Everyone a 5G hotspot.
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  13. Corey Nelson

    Corey Nelson Lifelong Mitochondriac

    Northern part of North Carolina.
    LieselK likes this.
  14. Kathy Spears

    Kathy Spears New Member

    Anyone in or around Nashville?
    RGriffin likes this.
  15. ChrisnJr

    ChrisnJr Silver

    I’m in Cumberland Rhode Island. 15 mins from
    Providence and and 45 mins from Boston
  16. 8Phoenix

    8Phoenix New Member

    Current location

    March 08-12 Miami Sunny Isles 33160

    march 12 pasadena,TX 77505
    march 13 houston,tx 77002
  17. 8Phoenix

    8Phoenix New Member

    march 16-31 Chantilly,VA 20151
  18. ChrisnJr

    ChrisnJr Silver

    Cumberland Rhode Island
  19. OliverGruener2

    OliverGruener2 New Member

    I'm in Berlin, Germany
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  20. Cheryl.

    Cheryl. Grasshopper

    El Paso, Texas 5G marinade
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