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Finally, my journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Erik, Dec 23, 2018.

  1. Erik

    Erik New Member

    Hi, i'm Erik Gundel, 23 years old, male, born and living in Argentina. My mother was adopted so i barely know my real grandmother,,,, recently we found her and she is a bit crazy (deppression or bipolar, we don't really know). My mom is 56, type 2 diabetic, arthritic, extremely variable mood (low dopamine), horrible sleep, caffeine addict, and extremely loving but at the same time toxic person.

    I've always been a researcher. Since i was 15 i Spent whole days (ouch) on the PC reading about nutrition, health and training. I read about, Atkins, Ori hoflemeker, Vince del monte, Mark Sisson, Jon Gabriel, Brad Pilón, Martín berkhan, fasting diets, vegan diets, carnivore diets, raw diets, Weston Price Books... And all of those regímens (except vegan) gave me Nice results, but none of them seemed to get to the real issue i wanted to solve: my Rosácea. And then i found Jack and the game changed....

    Thanks to applying Jacks principles, i could finally beat rosácea and Brain fog.

    Here i try to rreconstruct everything important in order.

    - was breastfed as a kid.
    - healthy as an infant.
    - acne in my 14-18
    - since 13 to 18, had mild epilepsy seizures whenever i slept bad(they werent convulsions, only mild Moments of mental confussion)
    -was medicated at 16 with Trileptal oxcarbazepin i think, for the seizures and they were gone. I took the pill for 18 months and then stopped.
    - the rosácea started with the pill and never really stopped, it is only under control depending on how much sun i am under.
    - at 19 dropped The pill and started having Brain fog besides rosacea
    - lifetime heavy mate drinker (abuser) similar to coffee.
    - polyuria since i dont really remember when. I wake up 7-8 times to urinate at night. I pee in a bottle besides my bed with the Lights off.
    - (this last year polyuria got worse and now ' i have Also difficulty to pee, i have to be a while Shanding, Theres no Pain thou)
    at 20 i finally gave a try to Jacks teachings and after a month of full sun bathing and river swimming, rosácea and Brain fog were gone.
    - 20-23 here i commited the biggest mistakes. I was so happy and confident that i started Going out every weekend and LOTS of alochol, thinking i would cure it with sun. I also ststarted a career with LOTS of fluorescent Lights, wifi, 4g and the building was 50 METERS AWAY FROM A POWER SUBSTATION LOL (Emf hello).
    - at 23 (this year) after being 3 years symptomless, the REAL NIGHTMARE began, i ate fish my neighbour brought from the fishing and that night went out and got insanely drunk. Next day woke up and at night suddenly i had náusea, vértigo, and the horrible feeling i was dying, Holly shit it was horrible. I was intoxicated with fish. It lasted 20 mins and i slept. The other day i woke up and since then, i have every day brief Moments of non logical hopelessnes, desperation, wanting to die, is HORRIBLE. This started un April this year.
    - this shit was so bad i dropped university, came home and at the moment i am: all day sun bathing, did CT and really helped, using Blue bolckers, cut wifi for Ever, cut light circuit at night, i'm in bed some minutes after the sun goes down....
    - NOW THE REAL POINT: all of this ^^^ really helped, but i'm not cured yet. The ONLY THING THAT REALLY HELPED WAS: one day i cried and went with my father camping to Necochea, the nearest city with beach (300 km AWAY) and went out of the city, in the Middle of a pine forest beside the sea, with little to no nnEMF. When we arrived i had some of the mental episodes, but we swam in the océan and slept in the tent, and the next day, for the first time in 7 months of plain suffering, I HAD A FULL DAY OF NO EPISODES! life had colors again, i cried of happines and prayed to Jack and to Nature lol.
    - we Came back and had 3 days of no episodes .. Redox protection? Anyways the episodes came back.
    - i tried doing the same but in a nearer place, camping and swimming in a river at 5 km from city... But Even it reduced the episodes, it didnt Vanish them all .

    So, now i'm having a Lot again and AM planning on Going for a week camping there. My father is an angel, he has no problem of paying everything and helping me, he loves Jack and implemented sun and CT for his crónic back Pain. My mother laughs at Jack and She's sicker than Ever, and keeping that way she Will die, but i no longer care... Thanks for reading, i Will keep you updated....

    PD: i don't tolerate fish. Only salmón, but the price here is fucking unbuyable. I have to go to a beach city and get FRESH seafood. Cheers

    2nd PD: my latitude is 36°S, my city has 150.000 population.
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  2. Erik

    Erik New Member

    PD: from age 14 to 20, i slept in a room with Underground water heating and Two years ago i found out that is really geopathic, it screws magnetism, so last 2 years we we removed it. Underground water currents disrupt the earths magnétic field, in a similar way to a fault line
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  3. Erik

    Erik New Member

    I don't Ever use the PC anymore; i barely use my SmartPhone, and if i do, it is outside naked, grounding, and Twilight app to the max, so i barely can see the screen. It is on plane mode all the time, except when talking to my gf or when in the forum
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  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Erik and welcome.........
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  5. Erik

    Erik New Member

    Hi Caroline! It's been 4 days. I went swimming in a nearby lake for 4 days straight, 4 hours a day, and sunbathing in the Shore. Finally i have a day without mental episodes! ... Too bad it wasnt like this for christmas. Will update soon. Here in the southern hemisphere it is summer and sun is strong these days... I'm trying to take full advantage of it...

    PD: after 3 days of nude sunbathing, my peeing is better (way better) maybe sunlight hitting my belly, prostate, balls is the key
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  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    good for you Eric! keep going!
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  7. Erik

    Erik New Member

    Shitty day today, after 3 days of peace... I honestly think it's directly EMF related, because i'm sunbathing all day and Still happens the day after i have to go to the center of the town to buy something... It's a an Emf hellhole, and the day after i go there, i have episodes, . Hopefully Tomorrow i can go to the beach again, and sleep in a tent in the Woods until monday (new years Eve)
  8. Erik

    Erik New Member

    These last 4 days BIG CHANGE. I started wearing my Blue bolckers (RaOptics) EVERY TIME when being inside, because of What Jack said about Glass making sunlight that goes trough it a Blue light hazard. Before, i would only wear them when behind a screen or after sunset. These days i Wore them all á the time while being inside.

    Benefits: a Lot less deppressive mental episodes, like only one per day or none, and Even better sleep.

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