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Fibromyalgia Infographic

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Josh (Paleo Osteo), Oct 28, 2014.

  1. BTA

    BTA New Member

    KPU is another genetic defect that you must use supplements for life. There's more than 50 genetic defects that have a negative effect on health despite what you eat, environment, ect...
  2. kovita

    kovita Gold

    it is nice and it will spare time and effort explicating complicated things. The problem is still the same though, unless is someone willing to do a lot of changes, sometimes extreme changes, and take it as a lifestyle and be as patient as one can possibly imagine, knowing how it happened does not mean a thing ;-) That is exactly where I found most of the people I tried to convince for active fight. Jack calls it "the comfort zone". For myself and my lyme derived fybromyalgia I can say I am improving across your diagram and this makes me hoping to welcome pain free life anytime soon! It will definitely be very usefull to have diagrams like this for many common conditions, maybe a bit more laic, so anyone can better understand how it happened and where it must change for coming back to health.
  3. Martin

    Martin Gold

    No, that's why I used words like "necessarily", "disadvantage" and "endeavoring". I used to think the same thing about genetics, but after reading some of the research behind what causes the expression of genes, I been changing my mind. I've read Shoemaker's work, but with the emerging viewpoint in mind that MOST, not all, of our genome is rewritable with our environmental conditions. Like you said, Downs people have serious defects. I'm talking about the health issues generally brought up on this forum.
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  4. ^^ THIS
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  5. thanks
    this particular one is meant for patient/practitioner interaction, where i explain things in lay terms as we go through the charrt. i wil try make some more simple ones for quick reference

    people will make the life change when they are ready. if they are not willing it means they havent suffered enough.
  6. cantweight

    cantweight Gold

    My doc showed me a great little chart today basically showing how my snps are non issues for me....something to do with my awesome homocysteine I believe. Only one that even blips on the radar is the VDR taq. Lots of whiteboard explanations too....love a visual doc. Great job Josh!
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  7. here is one that my colleague made. it goes with the circle energy model i posted some time back
    the central line is a threshold, under it is where you are losing more electrons than you are gaining (where exercise becomes hazardous)
    ENERGY MATT - New Page.jpeg
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  8. the arrow in the middle denotes that energy in and out is always in a state of flux
  9. ssj3

    ssj3 Silver

    Hey BTA where is this improved and easy to understand info-graphic???
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  10. AJT

    AJT New Member

    pretty good but you are missing the one of the physical components of the issue which is cervical spine stenosis, cord tethering, and Arnold Chiari malformation. I have treated a few hundred over the years.

    I would also include SNPs especially in the serotonin melatonin pathway, gastric permeability, and improper GABA and sleep cycles.
  11. Cervical stenosis is not always a feature and i would suggest is downstream unless congenital
  12. Also to my patients SNPs on the chart are not so important to their action plan. One can assume they have some SNPs and direct treatment as such, confirming with smartDNA if required
  13. Brother John

    Brother John Silver

    I've been thinking that for Many of the discussions and information sharing that happens on this site, that Flow charts are The Big Answer. Monster sentences and paragraphs that say the same thing as a flow chart leave me sort of drowning. I love your flow chart!

    Some of the replies that came after were sort of like: "you didn't show everything" Yeah, no shit! That would be rather a large flow chart, wouldn't it?
    I hope Jack will do flow charts too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Brother John
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  14. AJT

    AJT New Member

    So what you do for a fibro patient?

    Many of these patients are triggered by an emotional or physical trauma. Prior to that the patient has a "normal" life. I have seen fibro cases emerge after a simple rear end traffic collision.

    I think some of these approaches become way to reductionist, and too complicated to follow for a person who cant sleep, has trouble digesting, and is too depressed to alter the course of their life.

    For many the defective genes, molds or toxin exposure are in place before the trauma happens, but then epigenetic switch or stressor is thrown and suddenly those things that were being kept in check are now overwhelming.

    How do you make them whole again?
  15. Martin

    Martin Gold

    1. Over five years ago when I started investigating why I had ME/CFS/CS that came on suddenly after an infections illness, you could have tattooed the exchange below onto my eyelids and I'd still wouldn't have had much of clue whether this explanation made sense in my life. But a science guy came along and started teaching me how the universe works and when I read this, dots start going ding dong!
    2. Mixed metaphors aside, this fills in the gaps that I've NOT been able to find anywhere else. Those "mysterious" maladies are becoming easier to understand and the way out of them is becoming simpler and clearer. (bolds are mostly mine)

    3. DAN: Jack can you explain what is going on with Fibromyalgia? I saw in the comments that you say its a tough fix, but it’s possible. I'm sure it has to do with water chemistry and dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system. Because it causes such temperature deregulation, is CT something still to consider to regenerate the DC current and restore the flow of electrons? Thanks, Jack.

      KRUSE: Dan if you read the last few blogs you will see the reason a system goes south is because there is not enough electrons present within the cell membranes or the mitochondria of that system. Fibromyalgia is a loss of electrons in the muscles and collagen fascia of the entire body. It can be a local loss in certain muscles, too. With this issue, the goal is not to avoid foods, but to fix the structure of the gut by replacing the electrons lost. Dan let me be clear: It is not about the offending agent or the organ affected: It is about the loss of electrons in muscles and collagen that causes a loss of organizational structure and function in those cells. That is why muscles and fascia don't work to distribute energy throughout the body through the cytoarchitecture.
    4. So let’s consider an analogy for you to consider: if you cannot deliver an electric current in your house, does anything plugged into it work? Is it the muscle pain or fatigue important as the cause or the real problem today? No. You know muscles and fascia are designed to work optimally in us on while on bare Earth. So what is the issue? Is it the lack of electrons that leads to the poor functioning of this power grid system? Yes, it is. Muscles and collagen deliver electrons well when the system is organized as it’s designed to do. What captures electrons best in cell membranes and mitochondria? DHA is the only thing in evolutionary history that can do it well. What should you consider doing? Adding DHA to your system to do what? Capture and assimilate them over your broken network. It will take 2-3 yrs to repair the damage. Oxidation causes you to lose DHA in that system. Not eating enough DHA to replace it causes the system to slowly decline in function.
    5. The loss of electrons is what causes these cells not to perform.
    6. OK, Dan, what are muscles made of? Water and collagen. You need to read Pollack's other book about muscle...... and his latest book about water. So how does DHA, muscle, and water all join to make sense of this? Sunlight. Sunlight acts like an electron or a photon. Photons or electrons increase the crosslinks in collagen to allow you to transmit electrons over its backbone. The more crosslinks, the better. If you have FM, you have very few cross links. You have fewer electrons. Your cell membranes and mitochondria are not sticky to electrons.
    7. Water and DHA are directly tied to the photoelectric effect: Life catches the electron with DHA. It is common knowledge that the ultimate source of all our energy and negative entropy is the radiation of the sun. When a photon interacts with a material particle on our globe, it lifts one electron from an electron pair to a higher level. This is how the photoelectric effect works. This excited state, as a rule, has but a short lifetime and the electron drops back within 10–7 to 10–8 seconds to the ground state giving off its excess energy in one way or another. Life has learned to catch the electron in the excited state, uncouple it from its partner and let it drop back to the ground state through its biological machinery utilizing its excess energy for life processes'. Instead, life depends on catching an excited electron quite precisely (DHA) — by means of specific light-absorbing pigments connected to DHA — and then tapping off it’s energy as it falls back towards the ground state.
    8. Life uses the highest grade of energy, the packet or quantum size, of which is sufficient to cause the specific motion of electrons in the outer orbital of molecules in the neural cell membranes. It’s on account of this that living systems can populate their high energy levels without heating up the body excessively.
    9. Energy is trapped directly at the electronic level by the electrons in DHA. It is stored as vibrational and electronic bond energies in DHA, as well as the proteins DHA has selected for in neuronal cell membranes.
    10. Energy is also stored in the structure of the system. This means your muscles and collagen cannot store them because the structure of the system is BAD!!!!
    11. Where does the electrons or DC current begin in humans? It is not the muscles. It is the CSF around the brain. You need to collect the photons of the sun using the collagen in your skin which is under the power of Vitamin D. Skin cells need DHA in its cell membrane to capture the photon power of the sun to transfer it to the electrons in the pi electron cloud of DHA in skin. The electrons then give off photons by falling back to its ground state through the collagen network. This is the fascia around muscles. This is bad in YOU!!!! So understand specifically, the collagen network cannot transfer electrons that are energized by the photons of the sun in FM patients. This is why they all have shitty Vitamin D levels.
    12. These electrons release that energy to the water and collagen in fascia which travels in your ligaments to the dura and it electrifies the water, called Cerebral Spinal Fluid, in your brain. Here the energy is transferred from fascia to water. This energy is transformed by re-energizing electrons in CSF to power them up from the energy they captured from the sun’s light. So CSF electrons are energized by sunlight. The sun's power got there by traveling over your muscle/ skeletal system.
    13. So if your M/S is broken, can your CSF get that energy? NO. This is why energy levels suck in FM. The sun's photoelectric power allows light to be transferred in different forms to power up the electron and give it’s energy to CSF to give it to the brain and then to fall back to its ground state. Energy is also stored in piezoelectric collagen everywhere in the cells. You cannot do this anywhere DHA is missing. This is found in energy gradients, fields and flow patterns, compartments, organelles, cells and tissues. In turn, all this enables organisms to mobilize their energies coherently and hence make available the entire spectrum of stored energies for work, most efficiently and rapidly, whenever and wherever energy is required. Energy is moved from the electronic storage to any type of energy needed based upon the tissue system’s design. All forms of energies, however, have to abide by mass equivalence because it is a universal law.
    This is why you are broken, and why it is so hard to fix FM patients.
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  16. yes you must start with the simple building blocks of life ie the three legged stool
    they must not expect miracles in a short time period
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  17. kovita

    kovita Gold

    good to have it summarize here,Martin. I have been following the epipaleo lifestyle for over a year now. Fibromyalgia is gone, seems to be gone. Sometimes I would get a feeling it is coming back here or there, but this happens less and less often and the only with any muscular remains left deltoid muscle. The joints are not fixed tough. I know the
    ains come from the structures arpund the joints not the joints by itself, but the intensity and the feeling changed. it is more a background subtle pain and unless "I tease the beasts" it usually stays this way. There are some pain free days clustering, that is good as well. Temperature issue is fixed. I know the ise is thin for the moment so I would consider the 2-3 years as a reasonable estimation. I think most FM have internal stressor as a major factor involved, that is why it is so difficult and so slow to overtake them.
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