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Fasted State Training Adaptations

Discussion in 'Optimal Fitness' started by Barry, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. AlphaCog

    AlphaCog New Member


    Just curious, what is your resting heart rate?
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  2. Barry

    Barry New Member

    Yes , he's pretty good
  3. Barry

    Barry New Member

    It's low, as it should be in my case, 40's
  4. Zorica Vuletic

    Zorica Vuletic New Member

    Congrats on the race results. That sounds like a wonderful trail, too!

    I've decided not to pursue karate at the moment due to costs, and instead am taking advantage of my new city to it's fullest potential. I go swimming in the lake, I cycle (not like race speed or anything), I walk/hike. I just go outdoors. hehe. This is definitely enough fitness for me at this time. I will see with time if I wish to return to karate or not. I suppose I'm only telling you this because I asked those questions in the past regarding keto + more explosive/intense bursts training.

    Good luck with future races! I love your updates on 'what is most important for health' etc. Thanks for your perspective. I especially appreciated #4.
  5. Barry

    Barry New Member

    Thanks Gladina , appreciate it
  6. Barry

    Barry New Member

    So I've been running for the past 2 days

    Day 1:

    Fresh coffee , then run. Ran for 40 miles over mountains . Took 7.5 hrs. Ate minimally during : homemade co/nut bar, banana , water

    Arrive at Mountain lodge in the evening and had keto meal. Lamb shank with veg. Some guiness to wash it down ;-)

    Day 2:

    Fresh coffee , then run . Basically back the way we came . 40 miles, 7.5hrs. Had 1 bacon gluten free bread sandwich during . Only water for hydration . Fish with veg and some sweet potato for evening meal.

    So 15hrs of running, in the fasted state, over 2 days with just 1 meal each day .

    "in order for the adaptation to occur , the stimulus must resonate"
  7. Barry

    Barry New Member

    Race Update:

    My final race of the season, Giants Causeway Ultramarathon, 39.3miles

    Day before:

    - eggs/steak breakfast

    - mackerel/veg lunch

    - salmon/veg dinner

    Race Day: empty, caffe doppio ;-)

    Result: 1st in 5.47hrs

    I'm not just preaching it, I'm doing it

    "in order for the adaptation to occur, the stimulus must resonate"
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    nice job.........
  9. Barry

    Barry New Member

  10. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    Very very cool!
  11. Barry

    Barry New Member

  12. Barry

    Barry New Member

    Race Update:

    Today I set a national record for the fastest known time over a mountain route, 42km, took me 3.20hrs

    but here's where what applies

    Day before: I IF now, mainly 2 meals per day, one at lunch and one at dinner. Thats what I did on this day. Very low carb, high fat

    Morning before race: no food, just black fresh coffee

    During: nothing, other than a few sips of water, about 250ml in total

    This was a relatively short distance for me. But I had to run at a higher intensity, it would be equivalent to a 2.50hr marathon pace.

    This "normally" requires 8-10g/Kg of CHO 24hrs before, along with 60-80g of CHO per hr

    But I'm not doing that..... and people don't get it.

    When you know better, you do better ;-)
  13. Lyndra

    Lyndra Gold

    Awesome! I'm intrigued by your ability to do long, higher-intensity efforts in a fasted/keto state. Congrats!
  14. jonnyh

    jonnyh New Member

    Good stuff Barry.

    I have just started training fasted in the mornings at the weekends, after a coffee of course!

    It's a great feeling, and I'm slowly building up my bike rides and runs, and really enjoying it. I'm keeping the runs and bike rides low intensity at the moment, but I have done some weights sessions fasted, and they were good too.

    I have best part of 4 weeks off on holiday at Christmas, so am looking forward to ramping the fasted training up then.
  15. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

  16. Lyndra

    Lyndra Gold

  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    last comment on that thread from a carb loading ultra athlete caught my eye.......he is unaware of what he does not know.
  18. Barry

    Barry New Member

    Thanks , I knew about his MEP work . One month is nowhere near enough I time to see the true adaptations though
  19. Danco3636

    Danco3636 Silver

    Looks like his diet was still crap....

    "peanuts for their lower carbohydrate content), cheese (like it is going out of style), deli meat, ground turkey/beef, turkey bacon (transitioning to the real stuff this week), ........... peanut butter in small quantities, .............. I can't leave out mayonnaise, of which I can eat by the spoonful!"
  20. Lyndra

    Lyndra Gold

    I agree, his diet is far from optimal but I think it's quite interesting that he is at least moving in the direction of low carb/high fat. There are lots of ways to get to the same destination.

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