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Fasted activity questions

Discussion in 'Optimal Fitness' started by Raiken3712, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. Raiken3712

    Raiken3712 Jonathan/Jon


    I decided I wanted to do a 3-5 day fast and was wondering about this....Mercola says that if you do weight training fasted and "If you fail to feed your muscle at the right time after exercise, the catabolic process will go too far and can potentially damage your muscle. The correct time to eat is within 30 minutes after your workout."

    There is much more to the article than this but is he saying that if your fasting and do any exercise which taxes the muscles and don't eat than you may be hurting your muscles? So if I fast for a certain amount of time and I do any exercise I'm doing myself harm? Or would that only be true if I'm doing exercise that stresses the muscles more like heavy weights or something?

    Also my understanding is that when your body is low on glycogen/carbohydrates your body will use fats for energy unless there is too much stress which will make the body break down muscle for fuel. Do the fats hold just energy for activity or do your body fat stores also contain vitamin/minerals and protein? Protein being one of the things you need to repair tissue after exercising?

    Does the body just wait to repair itself till you stop fasting? Or does it get the materials from fat..or what? For some reason I think should know this already...but not sure so....

    Thanks for any and all answers...please let me know if I need to clarify a question and I'll try my best.
  2. Barry

    Barry New Member

    Its very hard to answer personal questions here on this forum as it all comes down to context. You are better off reading up on the principles of IF/Fat Adaptation/Anabolism/Catabolism etc etc.... then see how this applies to yourself. To do that I suggest you read all MDA's articles on fat adaptation, some good recent ones there, then read up on www.leangains.com and Brad Pilon Eat Stop Eat. Have a look also at Peter Attia www.waroninsulin.com. Phinney/Volek then have a recent book on keto adaptation for performance

    Re Mercola - he's not an athlete nor does he work with athletes. Thats all I'm going to say.
  3. Raiken3712

    Raiken3712 Jonathan/Jon

    I feel very stupid....lol I was asking about vitamins, minerals, and proteins being in fat because I knew you had to have them to live..even while fasting. Than I had a light bulb moment....which took way too long to happen...I need some more fish...maybe a new brain entirely lol. When they take a blood sample for a blood test there are vitamins, minerals, proteins, and everything the body needs they can test for...that's where everything is.

    It may also be in the fat but I wasn't thinking clearly at all. That begs another question if blood levels are enough to function properly before a fast how fast do those levels go down when not getting any from eating. You can get Vitamin D from the Sun and it doesn't need to be ingested so you could keep those levels higher longer assuming you have enough cholesterol.

    I guess I'll go read leangains and some other things...I'm really just curious about optimal fasting I guess. How often, how long, benefits, problems...etc... I'll go read some more.

    I read somewhere about some organ healing going on between 3-5 days of fasting...I wonder if there is anything good beyond that? On top of that a straight water + electrolyte fast would be fine for only so long while something like a vegetable juice fast could be longer on the account of getting nutrients...but would it be beneficial for longer...probably not.

    Anyway enough pondering time to do more reading.
  4. Raiken3712

    Raiken3712 Jonathan/Jon

    Well fast typically means you are abstaining from something with a Juice fast you are not eating anything besides juice. It wouldn't be the same as not eating though that's for sure though. Your body might not have to work that hard to digest juice though.

    It would however not put you in a fasted state so in that sense yeah pointless. A juice fast wouldn't be done for the same reason as a water fast.
  5. Mike H.

    Mike H. New Member

    What are your reasons for wanting to fast? What are you looking for, changes in body composition, health reasons? I have done resistance training while on a watermelon only fast, and had no issue with muscle damage. Also for the most part the catabolic process can be detered once nutrients are reintroduced to the system.
  6. Raiken3712

    Raiken3712 Jonathan/Jon

    Just taking a break...for a reboot if you will. As soon as I end it I'll go strong into Leptin Reset with Fish and all the goodies.

    I was thinking of continuing the fast till I hit my low point...which I thought was 249.8...but was looking at my calorie count weight log and apparently at one point I was 244.6...my brain sucks...can't believe I don't remember going down to 244. I guess I could still do it...but my weight loss has slowed down from 2-3 pounds to .5 today on the 4th day of my fast. It'll take awhile to get to that point if it stays at .5 pounds.

    I really want to get back to that low point so I can finally continue on down....It was really frustrating when I went back up to 277 from what I remembered wrong as a low of 249...I don't even feel like its progress right now as I've already been here...done that

    I know I shouldn't think like that....because if I keep on being negative until I hit my goal...it'll probably be bad in the long run. Even when I get to the 180-210 zone...not sure whats best ...too much differing info on ideal body weight...with this negative attitude I'll probably just find something else to feel bad about. I'm just tired of being tired with hurting knees and being overweight.

    I'm 6'1" 28 years old with a decently large frame....not sure what % body fat or weight is ideal...still haven't figured that out....probably thinking too much on things that don't matter that much.
  7. Mike H.

    Mike H. New Member

    I would guess from what you are saying muscle damage would not be an issue. I think the bigger issue would be blood glucose levels while training. But if you keep the sessions brief and go lower on the intensity scale you should be ok. Personally I think using fasting to get to a number on the scale is not the best way to do things. You will no doubt experience some time of rebound when you begin ingesting regular food again.
  8. Raiken3712

    Raiken3712 Jonathan/Jon

    I know I'll rebound some I fasted for 4 days a month ago. Just doing it for healing any lingering issues that may be related to junk in my system. Someone on marksdailyapple.com said they dealt with their Eczema by fasting for 10 days to get rid of junk...I thought their might be potential for getting rid of some things that I don't want in my system.

    I haven't done any heavy exercise for sure and certainly not after seeing my recent blood sugar tests. Today I was testing and they were 52-57. After I came home from work it was 63 I think. I'm somewhat curious at what point blood sugar being low has lasting effects....I haven't gotten to the point of being shaky or anything I feel perfectly fine...the only thing that might be related is blurring of the eyes occasionally which only seems to happen when I'm looking at the computer screen.

    I would say its just eye strain but for the fact that I've had it happen before when I was eating really bad and high blood sugar could of been the cause for that...so low blood sugar being the cause now makes some sense. I'm guessing either low or high blood sugar could cause the eyes some issues...not really sure...once they stop blurring my sight is the same though...its just small spurts of time like 2-3 seconds.

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