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Faraday Cage + Magnetico

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by BJK77, May 3, 2014.

  1. BJK77

    BJK77 Gold

    Thanks to @Jude mentioning a Faraday cage a few times, DH just went and ordered me one. I'm wondering though if there would be any problem using it with a Magnetico? Of course I'll call and ask Dr. Bonlie as well, but I wanted to see what some of you thought.
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I was thinking you also might want to buy some EMF clothing.......this actually may help you where you are now. Contact Emil at lessEMF.com He just contacted me about some new products to sell in our store.......Check it out.
  3. BJK77

    BJK77 Gold

    Thanks Jack. DH was just looking at the clothing options too. We'll give them a try. Honest to God, I will absolutely move. I hear you loud and clear and I am so freakin' scared for my life right now. I am skin and bones and am desperate to do anything. I just don't want to make things worse by rushing into something else. Obviously we need to find a decent property. We ordered the EMF meter, DH is making a body voltage meter and we're working with a realtor. We'll test any property that looks decent, but we just haven't seen much with land in this area. We're having the realtor expand our search area and DH is still sending resumes south. We're working on this.
  4. Clayton

    Clayton New Member

    I just had a phone consult with Michael Neuert this week. In regards to a faraday cage make sure it is one with material that you can ground. Faraday cages with cotton coating around the silver wiring are useless for grounding (although they block out Radio frequencies well), and this will be bad news for your body voltage. They are probably ok if you can cut your breakers at night but where I am living I don't have access to my breakers and therefore have to ground my faraday cage. He gave me a website selling good cages that you can ground.


    He also have me a few cheap options for building your own faraday cage. I would say before you spend big money on some remediation it would definitely be worth your while to consult with him beforehand, it was definitely worthwhile. Even better have meters in your possession when you make the call and make up a body voltage meter as per instructions on his site.
  5. Clayton

    Clayton New Member

    I mentioned I had a magnetico within my faraday cage and he did not seem to think this was an issue
  6. Jude

    Jude Gold

    So pleased you re looking into this BJK:)'
    iirc Dr Bonlie advised that the magnetico and shielding canopy should NOT touch.
    The link Clayton provided is the one I've chosen!...so chuffed it's recommended by Michael:D
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  7. Alex97232

    Alex97232 Gold

    Hi BJK,

    Just read your post about buying the Faraday cage. I have used one for about a year and found it to be amazingly helpful in reducing the EMF from WIFI etc.
    How are you doing with it? Do you have heavy metal sensitivity issues?
    Also, yesterday, I ordered a Magnetico from Dr. Bonlie----I've been apprehensive as I know I have issues with heavy metals (been slowly chelating for years with amino acids). I just decided to go for it, and plan to use the chlorella tabs each night before going to bed. My massive electrosensitivity is keeping me in a box--a Faraday box. I'm tired of the isolation.
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  8. Dontknowmuch

    Dontknowmuch New Member

    Hello Everyone,

    I am new.

    I have concerns about the positive field emanating from the Magnetico Sleep pad (smaller living quarters, where adjacent living spaces (eg, another bedroom or sitting area of the living room) are within the positive field). As I understand matters from Dr. Bonalie, the perimeter of the bed emanates a positive field 45 degree above and 45 degrees below the magnet(s). The perimeter's positive field range relates to the width of the bed at 10 gauss and is 1/2 of the width (i.e. 1/2 of a double bed size (54") is 27"), yet, this changes to 40" for 20 gauss (for a double sized bed).

    Dr. Bonalie suggests use of galvanized steel on the walls, which left me a little bewildered (but this often happens to me). I tried to contact some EMF sources to find out what might be suggested within their discipline's frame of reference and only one, during a very brief conversation, remarked that a blocking medium close to the magnets could destroy the magnets (which are permanent, fixed magnets); the others I contacted provided what I understand are typical emf mitigating materials that could be placed around the perimeter of the bed (although they were informed the positive field problem came from permanent magnets).

    It must be that permanent magnets involve different mediation remedies. Although coming from a different direction, the problem is the same. Can typical emf solutions be detrimental to permanent magnets, if placed too close them?

    I would suspect that someone, perhaps many, perhaps Mr. Neuret, may like clarify this important matter, which is two-fold (if you will allow a perspective of concern to me):

    Can material like the Faraday mosquito net detrimentally affect the magnets of the Magnetico Sleep pad if placed too close (touches)?

    Is there a remedy to mitigate the range of the positive field that emits from the Magnetico Sleep pad. Apart from close living quarters, there is also the issue of children or animals staying for long periods in the range of the positive field.

    Regards to you all.

    In closing I just realized that this forum is a year old. I am hoping someone may answer.
  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Can material like the Faraday mosquito net detrimentally affect the magnets of the Magnetico Sleep pad if placed too close (touches)?
    Depends upon what its atoms are made of.

    You dont sleep on the pad's edge's..........so this is not really a clinical issue. I am not sure why this is an issue for you. If you bio hack the pad, which some of us have done before using it, this issue goes away.......so bio hack the pad and then give us your report.
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