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Exodus from Seattle Area

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by Jeffrey Sloat, Mar 25, 2019.


Does your city have these ratiation sticks too?

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  1. Jeffrey Sloat

    Jeffrey Sloat New Member

    Hello Dr. Kruse and All,

    I live on the Seattle Eastside and have been experiencing health issues in terms of fatigue, sleep disturbance and numbness in extremities which started becoming more apparent 2.5 years ago. When I learned about Jack Kruse and explored his position in terms of light-water-magnetism I couldn't agree more with the general insight: nature healing, EMF technology damaging.

    Shortly after my wedding last summer I began seeing the rapid spread of 5G towers throughout the Greater Seattle Met Area. Now what was a plan to leave the area in 5-10 years has become (for me) a much more pressing matter as I cannot maintain my dwindling health despite my age and honest efforts including visiting the beach and forest regularly (you cannot get well in the place you got sick in). Blood is not effectively reaching my extremity and my hands are most-always cold even inside even with OK core temperature. What I felt was an adequate quantity of radiation sticks is being added to at an alarming rate: more panels and more towers with some having 5 TIERS of radiators in an attempt to blast through the thick forests to provide faster internet? - I am repulsed, sick and highly concerned - the degree of spinal mis-allignment and depression I am experiencing is totally unacceptable, and despite rarely being sick I 'felt a cold coming on' for about 1/2 of the days this winter.

    Unfortunately, my wife does not share my concerns, and both our family and jobs are here. For these reasons she is not interested in re-locating, while I would live in Chile, India or wherever if it meant not succumbing to disease - my quality of life is everything! Anyway, I finally joined this forum as I am seriously considering a major relocation and basically starting a new life at age 27. I know my health should be better- I know how many hours I spend in front of fires or grounding naked in the forest but all signs point to leaving my Home so that my life doesn't end in tragedy.

    Do you have any suggestions for re-locating? I know low population density and a less developed country would help, and building a shielded house is in my future, but I prefer an outdoor lifestyle so I can't just build a bunker in Seattle. Is there a 1-3 year fix to where we can re-locate to rural Washington State with a goal/intent to move further? My wife is very concerned, I don't want to lose her but I will not lose my health to live out a crummy existence in Radiationville.

    Due to this marital conflict I have been staying with my Parents in Seattle proper for 12 days and every night I have highly disrupted sleep - I literally woke up, wide awake at 0-dark-30 last night, no nightmare, no bump in the night but my body was completely awake - magnetism.

    I don't want to dive before I know which end of the pool I'm at - would the Washington coast (with Olympic Mountain Range between me and Seattle) be a real change? Someone else mentioned Utah, is there any place in the USA where 5G is being resisted at therefor a potential relocation site?

    Thank you all,
  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    need for long daily sunlight exposure are not compatible

    looks like you will be moving alone to the place of your choice

    personal choices
    they will come with pain
    make it quick, so the rest of your current companion also have least discomfort
  3. Allin

    Allin New Member

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  4. Dan2

    Dan2 New Member

    I look on this site for info including perspectives about how to handle EMF exposure, but there are other methods that have worked for some people that don't require you to literally move to a new environment. I'm not trying to cause problems with the members of this site or Jack, but since you're saying a possible move is causing problems for your marriage I'll add this. Some people have been able to change their neurological response to electromagnetism by changing their beliefs and feelings about it, basically. This is the main one I've read about:
    I thnk for a while they only offered for people to attend seminars or buy DVDs, but I see now there's a book about it. Since I didn't know the book was available until just now and didn't want to attend a seminar or buy a DVD, I tried thinking some about the theory of how it could work.
    There's also a lot of information about neuroplasticity without info about the application specifically to electromagnetic sensitivity. Norman Doidge wrote a couple famous books about neuroplasticity and mentions others in those who also have books written.

    My thinking about it is that your nervous system uses electromagnetism to function, the electromagnetism in the environment affects the electromagnetism in your nervous system, and your brain also affects the electromagnetism in your nervous system. Since you have more control over your brain than what other people do around you to change the physics of the environment literally, by using your choices in how you think and feel to change the patterned responses in your neuronal networks of your brain, you can gradually shape and strengthen patterns of the neuronal responses in your brain to your perception of the environment which affects the physics of the electromagnetism in other parts of your nervous system which interacts with the physics of the environment you have less literal control over. I say less literal control because by changing the neuronal patterns of your perception with consistent deliberate choices in thoughts and feelings in response to the environment, you effectively "control" the environment in the sense of what that environment is to you personally as you choose to perceive it.

    It seems to me there's some tricky catches about it, though. When I say "control" your reaction to it, there's the question of extent of influence in the interaction between your chosen perceptions and the physics of the environment, meaning for example if you stand directly in front of a 5G antenna all day you should be able to, in theory, control your nervous system's reaction to the electromagnetism it puts out to some extent, but to what extent you can influence that reaction in comparison to what extent the electromagnetism it puts out can influence your nervous system will make the interaction a matter of influence between the antenna and your perceptions rather than "control". I guess you could still call it control, but since the control is by your perceptions, to have total control you'd have to have very extensive insight psychologically or maybe you'd say spiritually so that the extent of your control over the physics of the environment is almost total. Of course, most people don't have very close to that extent of psychological or spiritual insight, so the ability to control the physics of the environment in the way demonstrated in stories of some intensely trained yogis, for example, is going to be impractical for most people, but most people can learn to control their nervous system's reponses to the environment's physics enough that they can change the extent of influence of the environment's physics on their nervous system even if they can't use their control of their nervous system to change the physics of the environment around them very far beyond their skin. I guess you could think of the phsyics of a person's nervous system and the physics of the environment as being connected, and an extent of insight could extend the influence of that person's nervous system into the physics of the space around them but that extent of insight is uncommon and impractical or undesireable for a lot of people, but an extent of insight that doesn't extend the influence of the nervous system far beyond the skin but does influence the effect of the environment's physics in toward the person is more practically attainable for more people. Maybe when I say "nervous system" and the influence of the nervous system on the environment it'd be more accurate for me to use a term from a spiritual tradition like light body or aura or something like that; maybe what I'm calling nervous system would be more accurately included in a different idea about the body. For example, there are some yoga exercises that can increase the magnetic field of the body, or something like that, something about increasing the magnetism of the body's electromagnetic fields, and when Jack says people should move to Mexico or buy a magnetico pad to improve their mitochondrial health with increased magnetism of the right kind, I'd be surprised if the supposed increase in the type of magnetism from those yoga exercises isn't the right kind of magnetism, and so my point related to that is, there are old systems of thought about the body that acknowledge the light, water, magnetism aspects of health but use terminology that might seem unscientific or new agey or vague but that could be a more useful context of terms than saying "nervous system" when talking about the the dynamics, the physics of the interaction between your mind and nervous system and the environmental electromagnetism. So anyway, there's the catch of your practical ability to understand how specifically to influence your nervous system's reactions to the environmental physics with consistent gradual repatterning of your neuronal networks, in other words just because it's possible to do repattern the neural responses through conscious decisions in theory you still have to figure out specifically what an effective method to do that in relation to perceptions about electromagnetism is. Another catch is that it seems to me that one of the main changes in perception about electromagntism that helps people's nervous systems respond in a more healthy way is to not think, feel, believe that electromagnetism in the form of wireless telecommunications signals are bad or harmful to your body. But that's vague with the clumping together of think, feel, believe. So to be more specific - and I'm just considering these ideas, I don't really know what I"m talking about - maybe you could think that they are harmful but feel happy about it anyway and so align your belief with your feeling, like you don't know that they aren't harmful but you choose to believe they aren't so you can feel better about your interaction with them and as result pattern the neuronal networks to make that choice of believing it's better to feel good about it than know that they can be harmful a more automatic reaction of your neuronal networks and consequently nervous system when you think about whether the electromagnetism in the environment is harming you. Like your thought process is diverted by your belief in the priority of your feeling reaction to the electromagnetism, and if the neuronal networks affect and are affected by thoughts and feelings both then there's room in the theory of the neuronal network patterning for feelings to be prioritized over the thinking about the telecommunications signals, and the belief would be the go-between in the way the neuronal networks affect and are affected by the prioritization of various thoughts and feelings. And so another catch would that if believing the telecommunications signals are harmful can make them more harmful to the person's nervous system, then telling people they're harmful and that exposure to them should be avoided would make them more harmful for that person if they believe you, and so trying to change public perception about wireless signals and EMFs toward disfavor of them would be effectively hurting the people who believe that the inverse square law idea of avoiding them as the only solution other than legal measures should be their priority, and some people don't want to feel like they're on the side of the telecommunications companies by not warning people about the signals effect on health, they have an ethical issue with that, but I guess the neutral ethical position would be to not be in active assistance with more antennas being put up, not be active legally to remove antennas, not move to a place further from the signals where the inverse square law would be helpful, not move closer and increase your exposure to nnEMF, but to prioritize widening your perception of what "non native emf" is and who you are by affecting your interaction with nnEMF by making the first move in the interaction with your perception of your identity as a native of the universe instead of just earth and so identifying as a universal Mind instead of earthly body and so consequently effectively making nnEMF native aspects of your mind that can imagine beyond earthly limitations of evolutionary biology, or something like that, I don't know, to affect the physics of your nervous system in the present to adapt to environments imaginatively that people haven't experienced before, and that would be like a neutral ethical position toward the issue of telecom signals affecting health, or maybe toward almost any issue. It's kind of a cop out, I guess (as John Lennon said, "nothing to get hung about"), it's easier said than the ability to practically maintain that is done (and as Biggie Smalls said, "but can you maintain this shit, that's the question"), but it seems like when the issue is your nervous system's and body's response to new electromagnetic signals, with consistent efforts the neural networks can be patterned to make the body's responses physically healthier and as the new neural patterns become more habitual you don't need to make as much effort as consistently to handle those new electromagnetic stimuli. Where Biggie's "but can you maintain this shit, that's the question" applies in context of neural patterns becoming habitual in response to repeated electromagnetic stimuli is that there'll be variations in the electromagnetic stimuli as you move around a city and there'll be gradually more frequencies used for telecommunications that you would want to maintain the deliberate neural responses to.

    Sorry this is unorganized and rambling but I thought you might find it interesting since you're unsure about moving because of your wife's feelings about it and trying to figure out what kind of compromise solutions you might be able to make.

    edit: Here's some more links to stuff related to it:








    Also, I remember Elon Musk mentioning the limbic system in an interview, which is involved in some of these theories of how the neural training works to influence physical health, and I'd be surprised if Elon Musk isn't familiar with the research on health effects by electromagnetism, and we know he knows about neural networks because of his neuralink ideas, so I woudn't be surprised if he knows about ideas and methods similar to the neural retraining and its effects on physical health in relation to electromagnetism and the increasing prevalence of wireless technologies.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2019
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  5. DLO

    DLO StarFish

  6. Jeffrey Sloat

    Jeffrey Sloat New Member

    Dan 2,

    Thank you for your thoughts and the resources you provided. I was surprised to see such a lengthy response so quickly, (albeit a little ramble-y :)

    I appreciate both the time spent and that you stuck your neck out to communicate these points.

    Your message left me thinking and I have left you hanging, my apologies!

    Being a new member, my perspective on Jack and his starfish has mainly been gleaned from podcasts, interviews, speeches. I have the Epi-Paleo RX but to be honest a lot of the information was over my head and I didn't see clear recommendations provided, more so the proper testing to diagnose. I agree he is a bit forceful with his approach and unforgiving of people who have differing opinions, but the information (to me) appears well considered yet flexible/evolving with regard to new information. I have not found another individual who has credit as a doctor and is aware of so many environmental/personal factors which contribute to health/sickness. Not that they aren't out there, but Jack has an inherent value for that reason. For example, with regard to sunlight/light therapy: I have heard enough physicists talking about the importance of appropriate sun exposure and effects of chronic lack of vitamin D to know Jackie is on to something, and that he can take it further to the benefit of his followers makes him valuable.

    At some point that value needs to convert into money in our society, otherwise he will exhaust his own wealth spreading information that a lot of people are closed to or actively trying to suppress (ie telecom or supplement makers).

    I've heard him say several times (effectively/reworded) that he is selling lifestyle changes which don't offer financial incentives for him to better ourselves other than altruism, so as a doctor there is a lack of incentive to pursue this course of action despite the value of his perspective. Although I wish I could 'have access' to Jackie without paying damn $80 a month, I have spent far more on far less valuable tools, and being compensated for his time and effort in directly assisting someone is valid, I still charge my gardening clients for time when I am educating them in their garden, there is value in that act, and our society assigns value in terms of money (most generally). He sells his time, content and gadgets like the Quantlet, but his actual advice (to my perception) is basically: 'if you are sick: move, get grounded, drink and eat well, consider where you sleep, see the sunrise, never stop learning/growing/thinking'. Added to that is 'if you want to learn more, we can talk online more concrete about your personal situation or you can come to a retreat of mine, or if you fly a lot consider the quantlet to help mitigate biologic stress' all feel valid reasons to be monetarily compensated but at the same time optional. To your comment about his compound/refuge and his financial incentive: there is a huge value/incentive for a sick person to seek that service/living accommodation to address their ailments, and without $ such a place would not exist or persist, so there is a further incentive for Jackie to charge for a compound that represents the culmination of his intellectual pursuit and which will provide value in the form of quality of life. To me this feels like a simple exchange of goods and services which again: our current society lives by.

    Given the knowledge base Dr Kruse claims, and the ability for him to produce a plausible 'why' are enticing: it makes me want to pursue his advice directly to the point that I feel I would be better served to show up on his door step with cash, because every naturopath (3) I've seen have all either validated Jacks position or admitted a lack of knowledge regarding each area of concern. I can't seem to find someone who has a holistic approach with a profound understanding of root causes like Jack. The Naturopath yesterday recommended taking tumeric (I told her I would take the fresh plant) to address my low bloodflow to extremities. Now; is my body experiencing a lack of bloodflow due to a tumeric deficiency? They also recommended dedicating more hours to sleep since I told her my sleep has become more disrupted with 2 consecutive moves closer to Seattle proper. Is my body experiencing lack of sleep due to time committed to sleep or due to low quality sleep, and WHY? To the sleep question: Jackie points out magnetic influences, light exposure and hormones which he proclaims can be addressed by limiting blue light, allowing the sun to signal hormone production and either sleeping on the ground, grounded or on a Magnetico- preferably away from EMFs. At what point in the last sentence does Jackie profit, and at what point would the Naturopath have profited from tumeric pills?

    Jackie aside, as I type this message I am experiencing negative biologic feedback (cold hands, aching knuckles, tingling fingers, body shivers, pitting out my shirt despite a comfortable core body temperature) which occur with any type of activity I pursue on my computer or cell phone: How I feel about the current activity (writing you) is positive, but the cold and aching continues, so I feel disinclined to believe that the problem I have is mental, or just mental.

    In summary:
    I don't think Jack is out of line in seeking financial compensation in the ways he does. That his free advise would mean relocation and a change of lifestyle for many/most modern humans does not make me resent him. If I leave my wife, and move away from my family of course that would be painful, but I could never blame Jack Kruse for such an occurrence. His science-y, academic approach to conveying information elicits fear, but the reasons why we are experiencing widespread neolithic disease is concerning, and should be feared. I don't think he is fear mongering because the fear is our reaction to understanding the dangers inherent in something like cell phone radiation: it isn't baseless and it isn't needless. That his talks trigger cortisol release is partly in his delivery and party in the shattering/juxtaposition of his scientific knowledge against conventional belief so I don't think fearmongering fits, but I totally agree (if this is what you are saying) that he instills fear by communicating his hard-line beliefs apart from the validity of the information.

    I am sorry, I don't think we are any further after all I have typed but I have enjoyed the correspondence. Hope to hear from you again, Dan2


    Edit: to quickly address Elon, whatever beliefs he has/shares he is deeply involved/intertwined/incentivized to continue and advance the tech industry and telecom as it works with his products- he has some huge skin in the game which makes me think 'bias'

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  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

  8. Novah

    Novah New Member

    If you’re getting fatigue, depression, sleep issues etc it’s likely in part due to Seattle’s crappy, rainy weather. It sounds like you need trips south to get some sun.

    What’s your vitamin D level? And is that from real sun or supplements?

    Has your doc checked your b12/folate, thyroid/thyroid antibodies and ferritin levels? What’s your bun/creatinine ratio?

    How much fish do you eat?

    Do you eat dairy and gluten?

    How much time do you spend outside?
    How much time do you spend in front of screens?

    Do you have D minder on your phone?

    Have you checked your house for EMFs and geopathic stress, especially your bedroom?

    What’s the lighting like inside your house? (Ie incandescent, CFL, LEDs etc)

    Have you tested your house for mold?

    What about starting with baby steps?

    - I’m not a fan of chronic use of tanning beds, but what about doing an experiment— what about trying a few sessions and see if it has any effect on your symptoms - It’s something you can do immediately to see if you notice a change.

    - Sunshine trips — why not start small with vacations south for you and your wife. Or go by yourself if she’s not interested in joining.

    - Weekend getaways — if you feel Seattle is not working for you, what about driving a couple hours on the weekends to explore/stay in different areas to see how you feel and if you guys like the area.

    - If you haven’t already, get yourself to a good Chiro - they can work wonders.

    Other countries aren’t necessarily a blanket solution - everywhere has good and bad. India has a high rate of type 2 diabetics I believe, not to mention I know quite a few North Americans who have gone to India and ended up with some serious and long term tummy issues/complications.

    The benefits of the west coast is great fish, great water, clean air, tons of trees, easy access to nature, easy CT in nature, the ocean/mountains and lifestyle/healthy minded people. So there is a lot going for it, it’s just a matter of, can it work for you with some tweaks or do you need to make bigger changes.

    As for your relationship, here’s a stranger’s 2 cents... true love can be elusive so if this is someone you genuinely care about, I’d think carefully before I did anything drastic (while also knowing you need to take care of yourself).

    You also can’t force your spouse to do anything and the more you push, likely the more they’ll resist. All you can do is lead by example and if you’re having a good time/feeling good and looking good, she’ll likely start to join in.

    Chucking your life may work or may result in a huge depression. Personally, I like baby steps but everyone’s different.

    All the best :)
  9. Jeffrey Sloat

    Jeffrey Sloat New Member


    Thank you very much for your response. I got some labs done last week, I will post the results and a more detailed response at that point - but I wanted you to know I have seen your post and appreciated all the thoughts :)


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