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Exercising resulted in adrenalin/panic chaos

Discussion in 'Optimal Fitness' started by ColdBren, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. ColdBren

    ColdBren New Member

    I stopped exercising for about a year, while doing the lepton rx. I just arrived at my lake house where I am going to stay for a month. I wanted to return to exercise and enjoy myself. For two days I swam for hours in the lake and played hide and seek with some kids....sprinting many times. I also went for walks in the woods, probably totaling 2 miles. I love doing these things. But, I am now having complete and awfu panic attack. Started last night and are really bad this morning. I hardly ever get them in the morning. My hands are tingly which makes me think I have neuropathy or something very bad. I feel so broken and just want to be able to be active and play with my children. How do I stop this adrenalin....or my hyperresponsiveness to it?
  2. AKMan

    AKMan New Member

    I tried to PM you, but your inbox is full.
  3. ColdBren

    ColdBren New Member

    I will clear it
  4. Destiny

    Destiny New Member

    ColdBren, I think you did too much too fast. Take it much slower. Try to do one of the activities per day. Also when were you exercising? That could play a huge role as well.

    I am like you I used to enjoy being active all the time. Now, I really have to pace myself. It will get better but it will take time!
  5. Glamazon

    Glamazon Gold

    You dont exercise if you HS CRP is high. Exercise is not the best thing for fat and overweight. Dieting is even worse. Make sure you are reading the blog.
  6. ColdBren

    ColdBren New Member

    I think Jacob0 is a spambot......it didn't make any sense.

    Destiny- Thanks. I slowed down a bit but continued to exercise while I was out there on vacation. I think the initial shock to my system caused the reaction. However all the exercise was fun, I waterskiied, played hide and seek in the woods, lots of sprinting, swung on tree swings, swam every day....it was great, and my body adapted...there was nothing too cardio though because we all know why that is not good :)
  7. Destiny

    Destiny New Member

    It is good to listen to your body. I am glad you had fun!!
  8. TerrierMom

    TerrierMom Gold

    Glad you made it through ColdBren... I have some similar issues to you, and though I rarely get them now (not sure why) panic attacks is one of them. Not fun and very scary no matter how much you tell yourself you're fine

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