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Exercise before or after CT?

Discussion in 'Optimal Fitness' started by Hurd, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Hurd

    Hurd New Member

    On day three of my ct sessions. I plan on starting slow and add more exercise into my routine as time goes by. Is it better to workout and then do CT or do CT and then workout?
  2. Glamorama

    Glamorama New Member

    I do my exersice in the morning, then long walk in the early evening, followed by CT. Lots of people do their HIIT straight after CT though.
  3. hazyjane

    hazyjane New Member

    I like to workout after because the CT really increases my strength and the amount of reps I can do. It's funny- if I take a long walk after CT, it feels like my legs are carrying the rest of me along, like they want to just keep going and going!
  4. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    Depending on my work schedule (whether I'm working from home or going in to the office) I'll do a spot CT session right after I drop the kids at daycare - sometimes thats' 1-3hrs depending on what's going on.... when I'm done I'll do either a BRTV session, a LHT Session or a walk.... I've cut back on the BRTV to no more than 3x/week and 1 LHT session/week...everything else is walking, or chasing the kids around ect...
  5. TheKid

    TheKid Gold

    Speaking of exercise, when did you add it into your daily routine. When I started the Leptin Rx, I stopped all exercise completely except for my 30 minute bike ride to and from work. I am 6 weeks in to the Leptin Rx and have done 2 weeks of CT. Struggling with adapting, having cravings, not feeling energetic while bike riding, still plateaued on weight loss. So I am not sure if I should be exercising or not.

    Any advice?
  6. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    Do you have any LS signs? considering you're having cravings, etc - you're probably not experiencing any LS Signals.... hold off on exercise (HIIT/LHT) until you begin to see the signs: Increased sex drive, no cravings, hunger satiety/signalling, easy sweet while moving slowly, faster growing nails/hair, great sleep.
  7. donkjellberg

    donkjellberg Silver

    I tried exercise after CT and got nauseated, dizzy, and felt really, REALLY bad. I exercised before CT yesterday and was fine. No more exercise after being neck deep in my cold pool again.

    Funny thing after CT yesterday, I hopped in the shower and the warm water was too hot so I put the temp all the way down and could not even tell it was cold water. It felt good, lol.
  8. TheKid

    TheKid Gold

    You know, my signs are intermittent. Sex drive will perk up one day and then disappear for a week or more. Cravings were gone until CT started. Sleep is better but definitely not great. And no changes in sweat and nails. Guess more time is needed.

  9. ChristineKleiber

    ChristineKleiber New Member

    Since you mention the cravings came back with CT, how are you fitting it in with your meals. Granted, I am stay at home, but for me it works best to do my CT in the am after I put the kids off to school (so the BAB is in my belly) or after my lunch.

    You also may not have gotten as many LS signs because you did keep some exercise. I cut it ALL and went with only Sterrett's MWOD's for the 6 weeks and then the happy business of housework. That seemed to nail the coffin shut on cravings. Nails are going to take longer to change - ditto for the soles of your feet... but check the skin on elbows - that improves quicker. Also if you are doing CT you might have some dryness from the cold water that may mask the other improvments you are making.

    As for Libido... well that is going to cycle even when it is working well.
  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    With CT one does not have to do too much but if you do stick to weights, sprints or consider erwan LeCorre mov nat.......mov nat is among the best fitness platforms that i have seen in my life.
  11. L8F

    L8F New Member

    I was super impressed with Erwan LeCorre in every way.
  12. ToddAVX

    ToddAVX New Member

    For people exercising right after CT, are you warming up first? Doing sprints with a cold ankle was never good for me in the past but curious what other peoples experiences were. Running and lifting both.
  13. omlh@todmi.com

    omlh@todmi.com New Member

    I tend to try to walk the dogs after CT, as it's a gentle way of warming up. I also find that I can increase the intensity of my physio exercises if I do them after the walk (I have major knee problems, and I'm trying to avoid knee-replacement surgery). As a result of knee problems, heavy exercise is not possible for me at the moment, so I do plenty of walking, and make sure that I lift things as much as possible, which is easy living in a house that runs mainly on wood and coal for heat and cooking. Chopping wood, filling log baskets and carrying coal into the house tend to by my main "lifting heavy things", and I have definitely noticed that I can increase the weight since I started CT.

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