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Excessive bleeding

Discussion in 'Female Quantum Biology' started by LisaLearning, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. LisaLearning

    LisaLearning Silver

    Hi all,

    Since the beginning of July I have been getting every minute of sunshine than I can, and doing lots of CT. I was also eating more seafood, and had dropped about 15 pounds, which I was very happy about, as I put on about that much weight after I returned from Mexico in January.

    Then I started menstruating, and it was a period unlike any other I've had. I was getting up twice a night in order to change pads/tampons and I just thought after a couple of days it would be over. It went on for ten days, and I finally had to speak to my GP as the postural hypotension had gotten awful, and I needed to lie down unless I stood up carefully. My heart was pounding upon just climbing the stairs.

    I know Jack has mentioned heavy periods recently along w EMF and insufficient light, but I think I was making the environment as good as I can. I'm wondering what has caused this. Perhaps losing the weight released some hormones stores in fat, plus perhaps I was making more hormones generally due to the increased amount of sun. Is is some perimenopausal artifact?

    During the first few days of the period, I actually felt very lovey and great, and my libido was increased. That all started to trail off after a week of excessive bleeding.

    Now I've taken tranexamic acid to stop the bleeding, and altho the postural hypotension is getting better, I feel awful. I'm want to stop taking this stuff, but I am worried the bleeding will start again.

    Does anyone have any ideas about this, or how to keep it from happening again? Progesterone to accompany any more weight loss?
  2. ScottishEmma

    ScottishEmma Silver

    Wow! That sounds awful.

    I've no advice for excessive bleeding per se but I will say that since doing these protocols I've noticed a change in my period. The cycle has shortened for one and the last cycle lasted two days, this cycle 4-5 days.

    If I were you I'd be inclined to see how my next two cycles go to see if it levels out. Surely you couldn't just keep bleeding? How long are you eant to take tranexamic??
  3. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    Hey Lisa,

    I don't know the specifics, but it sounds like something similar to what I am going through - imbalance between estrogen and progesterone. I have super high estrogen, and my eggs are fried! But also it could be a reversal of PCOS happening, where your cysts are being removed because you are now producing more hormones than you were before due to your new found circadian practices.

    Other things it may be include...
    Uterine fibroids,
    disfunction of the ovaries, where you may not have released an egg, and so your body hasn't produced enough progesterone from egg release during that particular cycle.

    There's probably more too... You may need to get forensic about it. Tests etc.

    Hope this helps. Its a pretty awful painful thing. Hope you are are ok.

    X Kruse Kadet
  4. LisaLearning

    LisaLearning Silver

    Hi, and thanks for the response. Yeah, I get the whole estrogen/progesterone imbalance, which is why I was speculating on excess estrogen being around due to weight loss. I normally don't have signs of estrogen dominance.

    This is the first and hopefully only time this has happened to me, so it's not some chronic thing, and I have never had PCOS or fibroids or anything. I have never been more sun-infused, less-EMF'd, less blue-lit - so it came as a surprise. Hopefully it was a one-off. I'm slowly getting back to normal but still tired. We will see what next month brings.

    I did stop a small dose of methylprednisolone a month or so ago, and so hopefully I'm making more substrate for sex hormones than what I was suppressing by taking that stuff.

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