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Eves journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Eviedxb, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. Eviedxb

    Eviedxb New Member

    My medical history

    Slight muscle weakness as child
    At age 12 started putting on weight ... periods started late at 15. Diagnosed with PCOS.
    Lost weight via low carb diet when I was 22 and kept it off until I had my daughter at 29.
    Had blood patch after I had her due to bad headaches as they punctured my spine with epidural
    After blood patch had fuzzy legs while walking, on and off.
    Trouble losing weight
    Had my son at age 33 and 4 months after he was born I was diagnosed with SIbo, leaky gut. Also had a case of optic neuritis .
    Was put on steroid drip and prednisone.
    It did nothing
    I then had weakness on left side
    I went to a neurologist at age 34 and she diagnosed me with MS as I had a lesion on cervical spine and brain.
    I went on copaxone injections for 3 months and gained over 20kg. Which I cannot lose
    I have had a lot of emotional stress over these years too, my marriage, financial. Probably drinking more than I should
    I am off copaxone for last 3 years but tired all the time, hormones are everywhere , 2 weeks before my period starts I have nausea, I’m a crazy woman!
    I have just had another MRI and I have a new lesion on my brain which they say is a sign of inflammation
    Tested for MOG and have come back positive for this disease and apparently don’t have MS
    They want me on Azathioprine 25mg and tests every two weeks for liver and FBC
    I have just read EPI Paleo Fx- going to start full on doing this and getting out in the sun as much as I can.
    Grounding , blue light blockers etc
    I don’t want to take the medication .

    My daughter is following in my footsteps, she is 8 and has constant rashes, weight gain and I am sure she has leaky gut - she will be on this program with me

    It’s not an easy road!
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  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    No ....it won't be easy but it is very doable. You need to take care of you and then focus on your daughter.

    Baby steps.......

    Consider having a consult with Jack at some point.

    Make sure to listen to all Jack's podcasts.

    Live the three legged stool .....light water magnetism.

    What water are you drinking?
    what are you eating? seafood?
    nnEMF in your home? smart meter?
    all devices off ? turn off wifi?
    all electronics out of your bedrooms?
    lights off at sundown?
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Follow Richelle .....she moved to Agnes Water and has turned her life around.
  4. Eviedxb

    Eviedxb New Member

    Hi Caroline, where do I follow Rochelle?
    I am just drinking tap water :( I read bottled water from Aldi is the best?

    I eat seafood and organic meat...
    I dont have a smart meter...
    I have wifi...one TV and two mobile phones. I should turn off wifi when im not using ...
    I need to get electronics out of my bedroom.
    Lights off at sundown...so just use candles?

    Thank you so much!
  5. drezy

    drezy New Member

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  6. Eviedxb

    Eviedxb New Member

    thanks drezy :)
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  7. Eviedxb

    Eviedxb New Member

    Caroline, do you know of any good cookbooks? I brought Pete Evans Easy Keto which is Paleo...I noticed Jack has one? So its an ebook and i just download. I need Recipes for kids etc too as I need my daughter on this also. What would you recommend.
    Also Eggs are out for AI?

  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Evie ......Nom Nom Paleo has a few great cook books. She cooks with her sons on FB every week I think.

    Michelle is very professional and her recipes are excellent. She often mentions other cookbooks that are great from Moms and kids. I can't remember any off the top of my head.

    There is a HUGE Aussie donut hole thread ....have a look. Jack gave us so much help in that thread.

    Our [Australian water] sucks. We need bottled water from northern Europe if possible.
    We buy San benedetto at Aldi. We also watch Coles and Woolies for specials. My favourite is San Pellegrino and it goes on sale often and then we stock up. Sometimes our garage looks like a water wholesale/distributor!

    yes, candles after sundown ....but nothing is better.

    Absolutely no electronics in your bedroom or the kid's rooms.

    Keep electronics away from your daughter .....no iPad, iPhone, no electronic games, no TV.
    Get outside for sunrise and also sunset .....and as much other time as possible.

    Do you home school?

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