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Ever decreasing circles...

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Lahelada, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Caroline, I will consider after the Patagonia biohack. It will tell me what part of the threelegged stool works best for me at the moment. I have no doubt that I will need all three. For now I will follow this viscereal need to experience more cold.
  2. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    On another note and apart : I had planned to be fishing but was called back by events. I felt it was important just to be here today and to be seen to be here... I hope more people check in today just because they want to... Going back to fishing for a while to rest eyes and head .
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  3. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Lah, I am here reading on a regular basis. Someday soon I will post an update in my journal.

    Too much drama and arguing over in the QFB group recently. I've spent more time in smaller groups lately.
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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  5. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Patagonia lake.jpg Biohack Lake
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  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    beautiful ^^^^ skinny dipping allowed? ....... or even encouraged??
  7. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Wow! I am jealous of your lake!
  8. Inger

    Inger Silver

    So beautiful, indeed :love:
    Now you have a great place to heal :) :) :)
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  9. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Best laid plans and all that!!
    I found out a month ago that I would finally have to move. Boy what an endeavour it is to move within town only. It was easier moving countries. Rules and regs are ridiculous. So biohack lake had to be shelved until spring ( Sthn hemisphere spring) The lake is inaccesible in winter.
    So this the reason I have been quiet recently.

    On the upside lots of new friends, a social life for once ;) and generally I am happy with my state of health. Not that it could not be better. It could and should,but it is a blessing to be able to run for a bus without getting unduely out of breath or aches but more progress cannot be made in this environment I do not think. So this move is for a few months and then somewhere else.
    @notsoperfick Thanks for looking for me . I responded to you here so as not to get the other post of track.
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  10. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    It is done!! The house has been found. My stress levels are through the roof but I'll live .:D
    The new place is really cute, larger than my current place and very well laid out. It has an outside space where I can put a CT mini pool. Only one wifi "looks" into the house although the owner who lives next door may put wifi in at some stage.

    It is 25 miles outside the city, no cell towers near. In spite of that it has some 4G coverage. It was important to me to escape out of the 4G area as end of the year the trials for 5g start. The air seems to be better than in the capital although it is not rural yet .

    While I was there I had a "strange thought" I was reminded of my Grandmas kitchen as the kitchen is very old fashioned. The thought was: "Yes,here I could hear a clock ticking again" This goes back to my Grandmas kitchen where often while doing homework the only noise I heard was said ticking. Yesterday it made me wonder though if what I was sensing in the new place was the near absence of non native frequencies.

    Well so far so good. Contractual stuff is still outstanding. All being well I will move next Saturday.
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  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Two thumbs up! If I was closer I could and would help you pack and move .....and buy you a bottle of Champagne too!
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  12. notsoperfick

    notsoperfick New Member

    I can't tell you how often I've been disturbed because I could hear a clock ticking and didn't recognise it! We have three in different places and I only hear them if it's quiet and I wonder what "that" noise is, feel foolish when I realise.

    How lovely you've found a new home that seems already to be loving you back :) I'd love to move, we don't live in a city we're fairly rural but I've never liked the house. I think maybe as hubby really doesn't want to move that I should try to make the house nearer to somewhere I want to be, not easy, it would be like trying to make pastry with playdoh lol.
  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I think it is very sad to live in a house you don't love......maybe you can make one room your sanctuary?
  14. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    I hope you can @notsoperfick . I am appreciating my space ever more.
    In other news the jump has been made. I left the capital. I am too tired to make sense tonight but I will update tomorrow. For now a visualisation of what I have left behind above. I positioned myself in between the two behemoths of cities for now. This is an interim thing. A bigger move needs more careful planning . For those of you who do not know I used to live in the northern part of Buenos Aires Capital. I have moved myself midway between Buenos Aires and La Plata.
  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    sending you a big bear hug xo

    I heard this on the radio this morning ......"Have a generous heart - and you will attract miracles"
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  16. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Finally a bit of time to update here. I have spent the whole week running,either to work or getting the bits and pieces that are missing after moving from a furnished house to a very empty one. The house has no heating as is custom here and I think I shall leave it like that. People normally buy electric or gas heaters.
    The house is cool in other ways ,too. Blue exterior,orange kitchen,burgundy red bedroom. I will try to complete the spectrum with accessories.

    So how do I feel? Energised would be the best way to put it and yet I am calmer. Thoughts no longer chase each other without end, but have a beginning and an end if that is understandable. I sleep eight hours on average,but late as my commute time is 1.5 to two hours. Nevertheless I wake up fully conscious,no need for coffee,although I indulge. I dream and I dream interesting things, too..

    Physically, my skin is smoother, less dry without changing water intake. The most surprising thing is my hair. Volume ! There are days when I need to tame it.

    I seem to give off interesting vibes ,too . Men seem to have me on the radar again. Not doing anything about that at the moment but it is a nice to know.

    A closing thought about friends - I made some great new ones.Each and everyone offered some contribution to my move,be it time,money or things or most importantly a hug when finding a new place seemed impossible.

    More updates soon. Weight shifting time!
    Last edited: May 21, 2017
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  17. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    EMF load :

    Wifi : 1 permanent with 2 more floating in occasionally. The place where I sleep has one weak signal. Interesting to note that I selected this spot before measuring and it is not the traditional spot to place a bed.the rest of the house has one full system and low level "lookins" from 2 more systems.
    (measured with Ekahau).

    Cell phone: 4g is sporadic, 3g is the norm. Inside the house there is almost no coverage. As this is a double edged sword I tend to go out on the patio to switch my phone on .
    Cell towers : One 3/4 of a mile away . There may be repeater stations as I am 4 blocks from a highway
    Last edited: May 21, 2017
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  18. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Lah .....I am so happy for you and so proud of you xo
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  19. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Last edited: May 22, 2017
  20. endless

    endless New Member

    Hmm, you must teach me the radar thing.... ;)

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