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Ever decreasing circles...

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Lahelada, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    You constantly amaze me with your natural, unconscious insights Lah.....about you and about others.

    I think your heart has taken over the navigation responsibilities....... great place to be isn't it???

    It is so much easier to follow our heart instinctively .....the roads all lead to wonderful places we have never been!

    It is so much easier to be in the moment .....living in the moment, seeing the road ahead chock full of potential.

    I don't think I really look ahead anymore- I just am .....the future just washes over us when we least expect it.

    We are having one heck of a ride! YAHOO!
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  2. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Colour me fascinated !
  3. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    And then there was light .... LIGHT in shaping life is here ! Thank youuuu ! It was almost thwarted at the last hurdle and ended up in customs for collection. Not a good sign around these parts usually as the import duty is enormous and the paperwork even more so.
    So yesterday I was sitting on an island in the delta, leathersoled boots on and read my first pages. Barefoot would have been better of course but the boots had been on for hours and probably would not have gone on again. ;)

    I stopped MB and nic gum for now. Next week I will go for routine blood tests and I am leaving 10 days between the last nic gum and the tests. I miss it. There is no sun to speak of at the moment and I feel rather sluggish with spurts of energy interspersed. Cold helps. Sunbed later this week too. Let's see how that goes.

    One good thing to report today is that my right ankle is getting better every day. Until now it was very weak from non use and inflammation that had made it impossible to bend or put my full weight on . There is now a minimal twinge and I can even run a block even in above mentioned boots.

    I must get a new UV lamp,mine broke ,maybe that will help too.

    The dog is experiencing a renaissance which I feel kind of ridiculous to share as the lights involved are cheap Chinese Xmas lights . Basically ever since Xmas she has made a beeline for the red lights and insists on sleeping right under them . She was one of those pups that came with a black nose that in her first year started to go pink. According to supposition that has to do with melanin. Now age 9 she has a black nose again. I don't have any pics of her before the arrival of teh lights which annoys me .Could it have to do with the lights ?? If they were some sort of biomed light I would not hesitate to think it, but three dollar xmas lights??
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    interesting puppy hack.
  5. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    To think I almost did not share that puppy hack..

    Air CT yesterday with 4C/19F . People are gasping, jeje. Pain so reduced I can almost do what I want again. Come to think of it, what do I want.

    The apartment hunt is not going anywhere. What I have been offered is a 6th floor very nice apartment,big,airy with a bath tub for Ct but it is the 6th floor in a highrise surrounded by highrises in the same area where I used to work. I keep saying , I am stronger ,healthier but even I cannot convince myself of that this will be good for me. It is true , one cannot "unknow".. What I suspected at the beginning of the year though is now happening, inflation is increasing and people are getting paranoid and are even less likely to rent without guarantee. Blah.

    One interesting thing, I did a Latin test this weekend. I found my old school report and remembered that I hold the certificate for Comprehensive Latin . Well,lo and behold after 30 years of not even thinking about it I can still pass the exam and am at midlevel . This is kind of important to me as the teaching method is quite different, but seems to stick better than all the modern stuff like multiple choice etc.

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  6. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Blah,succumbed to the fourth round of "flu" here. The annoying thing is that all the people I told that CT is good for you now tell me "you see.." No mention that they got all four go arounds. The ladies at the chicken shop still have faith. They have taken one out of three jumpers off and are rolling up their sleeves....:thumbsup::rofl:baby steps
    For my treatment I am doing curcumin in everything, mag sulphate/hydrogen peroxide sponged all over my body and in ears. no humidifier or bath tub to intensify treatment.
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  7. Inger

    Inger Silver

    you will come out of the flu stronger :)
    I think it has benefits to go through it once in a while :) Just make sure to rest and heal without taking any chemicals so your body can evolve and adapt :)
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  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    sending you big hugs xoxo
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  9. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Thanks guys. I feel better this morning. The mag, hydroxy seems to have done something , although not a miracle cure. I am better though than could be expected on the second day.
    @Inger no fear about taking anything chemical meaning a commercial anti flu thing. It is actually not vene the flu just a nasty cold but ever since the big flu pnic every sniffle is a flu it seems. Everywhere you go there are posters reminding you of the free flu shot. No thanks.

    In other news I feel great though. Being cold has extinguished the rest of my ankle/foot pain. I can now run,even bound down stairs . The tell will be if I can make it last over summer or if inflammation will continue. DHA intake this winter will be key.

    Trying to get DHA . Still not easy. I have days when I crave fish and others when I cannot stand it. Oysters are ok any day but are in short supply at the moment. Smoked salmon for lunch today though.
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  10. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Funny,relevant Story I have not shared yet.
    Last Thursday I got a text from a friend saying 2 Ha, you are always cold because the acute stress does you good ." No further explanation. I had had the impression that she looked at me a bit worried the other day when it was really cold and I still was in my T shirt. I wrote back with a Haha, nope not quite but good. I wondered though as at the time of texting she should have been at the doctor's office. I saw her Friday and indeed she had texted me from the doctors office after mentioning my weird case in her consult...Apparently the longhand reply from her doc was I was correct in what I was doing and that I was trying to elicit a paleolithic extreme stress response to combat the physical stresses the modern world puts me under. Now if I interpret that correctly then this is not too far from what we think here. Now there is at least two docs I know of here who are roughly on board with what we do here . :D

    The story goes on though . Her doc told her about her lack of sleep and as same said doc has an undefined programmable light source on his desk we started talking about the effect of light. I told her what I know about sun and frequencies and she is going to buy amber lights,maybe a UV light too. The whole conversation collapsed into heaps of laughter though when her partner came through the door and she told him that soon she would be sleeping well but needed to be under yellow and black light but that he should not worry too much as that will make her younger too. He was quite on board after I explained a little to him , too but the look on his face when we so graphically described his new homelife a minute after he had walked in through the door from work was priceless...:rofl:

    The laughter was good though as on a serious note her doctor had quite graphically explained what she would heading for if she did not adjust her sleep cycle. Part two of the conversation to follow next week.
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  11. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    So my mitos "eat " bagpipe music now ? I mean really ? ( eyebrows meeting hairline ...)
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  12. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I am really liking bag pipes now too ....how odd......

    It could just be that I like a guy in a kilt....
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  13. notsoperfick

    notsoperfick New Member

    Just watched that video by Dr. Jernigan, it was so interesting, thanks for the link La. Off to see what else he has to offer ;)
  14. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Good to see you notsoperfick. How are you doing ? Glad the post helped and or was of interest.

    Well, got 2000 I.U according to D minder yesterday, quantum yield permitting obviously. UV being winter is still 3 most days . Today I will not be so lucky. Air temps are currently 14C degrees. Today I will not be so lucky. I may just get 20 minutes and only with 30 % of body exposed. yesterday I was daring and laid myself on the terrace almost in the altogether, applying the principle "caveat vidente" . It is quite private but if someone made a point of looking they could .
    Read Time 17 yesterday, dived back into the CT archives and am wondering about all sorts of things. 100 hz at night for example. The bagpipes still interest me. The low G maybe being the attraction ?
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  15. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Funny story yesterday. English lesson in the dark with just a black light.
    Backgtound : I bought a replacement bulb on my way to my student yesterday and as my student is interested I demonstrated it to her. We darkened the room to see its effects and in walks her three year old daughter. She says; "Wowwww! Puple..." So we showed her how white white can be. Mistake. Now she brought all her toys to examine how purple or white they get under the lamp. We laughed so much as every 5 minutes she interrupted us with Wowwww....
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  16. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

  17. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Score ... WIN_20160718_20_45_01_Pro.jpg
  18. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    So my days since the "I wanna be a doctor" episode have never been quite the same again . I spent the morning preparing a multilevel talk on quantum principles and disease that can either skim the surface depending on acceptance of my audience or go deeper and which I am nervous as heck about and then have to interrupt the undertaking to give a class to a new student.

    Well, so I met this student, a lady who lives just across the park from me and we talk about the park and that we should do the class in the park, when it is warmer. I am compelled to comment on how people avoid the sun, how contrary it is to our nature and guess what I have a captive audience who in turn introduces me to the work of Enric Corbera with the apologetic words that to understand his writings I would need to know about quantum physics...

    Guess who never stopped talking after that ? Yup, out came haplotypes, Doug Wallace ,mitochondria,grounding and cold thermogenesis in quite a neat little package and to be quite frank I had no idea that I could present as I did. The lady had to remind me that our hour was up and that if I wanted we could talk about this subject next time again . I thought oops got carried away but as it is a conversation class one has to talk about something,right?

    Well, I got quickly corrected. The lady came back with my fee augmented by 25% saying that this class was really worth more than my advertised rate and that if I agreed we would continue on this basis...
    Was I just paid as a quantum health speaker ? The mind reels...
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2016
  19. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Bravo! Well done...
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  20. Jude

    Jude Gold

    Well done ....again:)
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