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Evan Leck's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Evan Leck, Sep 10, 2018.

  1. Evan Leck

    Evan Leck New Member

    Hello everyone. Thanks in advance for reading my story and providing input. I'm going to devote this post to my background, and then talk about my specific situation and protocol in a separate post.

    I am 27 and have had non-specific health issues for most of my life mostly related to energy and cognition. When I was younger I was very introverted, maybe on the autistic spectrum, though I think my main problem was poor executive functioning.

    My mother and grandmother had decent health. My grandmothers biggest issue was arthritis later in life. My mom has been fine aside from mild obesity late in life and cognitive issues. She is a nice woman with stable emotions, but is naive and not very conscientious. I'm pretty sure that my mitochondrial lineage is Irish.

    I am the seventh born of an eight child family. My mother was 39 when she had me vaginally after taking a five year break from having kids.
    My mom alternated between breast feeding me and feeding me a soy based formula, and claimed that I no longer wanted to breast by 8 months. Not sure if it is related, but developmentally I wound up with a young looking face and a poor ability to grow facial hair, which sucks since all of my older brothers can grow beards.
    My dad was a rageful guy and would find something to start yelling about once he got home.

    When I was 15 I started smoking weed, often out of toxic homemade materials. A little while latter I began having allergic reactions to weed that involved chest pains and other strange sensations.

    Throughout the rest of high school, I had very low energy and hardly any ability to focus.

    I pretty much burned out after high school and have spent most of my 20's in underachievement focusing on improving my health.
    around 2014 I came across Dave Asprey, and was focused on a ketogenic diet which improved my energy but then started having issues with nocturnal itching, which has been in and out of my life since then.

    Summer 2016, I was in a bad way after moving into a moldy apartment in March. None of the dietary restrictions I employed worked, but was able to turn it around for the most part after implementing Jack's recommendations.

    Later that fall I moved away to start grad school, and my nocturnal itching came back much worse than it had been before, and I spent the next year dealing with school and poor sleep.

    I hired a health consultant fall 2017 named Ryan Frisinger, who does genetic consulting, functional medicine, and knows a bit about the bio-physics. He basically told me what I had suspected which is that I am a classic mold case.
    Some of his interventions helped, but I still wound up falling apart my last semester and I spent the last summer feeling crazy and depressed.

    The last two weeks I have had a major turn around after waking up everyday and eating breakfast. I had already been doing a lot of the other Kruse interventions. But the circadian rhythm piece really seemed to bring everything together.

    Edit: I had a pulmonary embolism last November, and have some residual issues from it.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2018
  2. Evan Leck

    Evan Leck New Member

    This is mostly what I have been doing for the last 2 weeks
    -waking up at 6:30 during the work week.
    -eating breakfast at 7am
    -small lunches
    -getting sunlight as often as possible, around 3 hours per day.
    -dinner at 7pm
    -cold bath for half hour at 8pm
    -bed between 10 and 11.
    -cycling a couple times per week for 10 miles, lifting twice per work.
    -eating seafood at least once per day. Usually can of sardines for Lunch. Shrimp at dinner.
    -Other than that, eating a moderate carb diet, with whatever I want. The only restriction I maintain is gluten free.
    -have stopped watching porn.
    -meditate a few times per day whenever I am in the sun.
    -I take 450mg of adrafinil during the work week. The effect seems mild, good, and I haven't noticed any downsides. My COMT genes seem to do well with it. Warrior GG.
    -sleeping on magnetico.

    Results so far:

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