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Epi Paleo religion?

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by John Smith, Oct 19, 2016.

  1. John Smith

    John Smith New Member

    My dad says that I am religious about the ideas on this blog and site and he tells me that everything i am learning at jackkruse.com are theories and not facts.

    My real question is how do I show or prove to him that being Epi Paleo (eating Epi Paleo, wearing blue blockers, being outside naked, avoiding cellphones, grounding, CT etc...) like many do on this forum is not the same as being Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Paleo, low carb, veganism which are all religions?
  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    It is not about religion.
    It is about nature.
    It is about what we need to continue living.

    Take a plate,
    put it on a green grass
    week latter take out the plate
    show your father the dead grass under the plate
    ask him why the grass is dead

    if he tells you that it is because of lack of light
    you tell him the people also need that light
    that light=sunlight
    artificial light fools senses, prolongs time of death

  3. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Dad,of all the things I could be doing THIS worries you ? Why ?
    What jan Sz said is good also. Do not defend,just live. Thrive!
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  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    How/where did your grandfather live?

    Years ago folks ate seasonally and locally, spent a lot of time outside gardening/farming etc.

    no iPad/computer/ TV

    they got up with the sun ....and set when the sun did.

    really not complicated and far fetched. We all got massively sidetracked by technology!

    Get him the book about the iceman......

    and John Ott's book - Health and light

    Andrew Marino's book - Going somewhere ...Truth about a life in science
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    People just dont get the angles of science.......it is in these shadows where the secrets of nature hide.

    Society and health sciences have become so synthetic and artificial that the truth now offends people. The social construction of reality within the scientific group which determines, not only what counts as a "scientific" problem or solution, but also what is accepted by the scientific community as a "fact." In a fake world, this presents a huge problem for patients of modern medicine.

    Each branch of science works within its own particular paradigm. What I am going after assaults many beliefs across many scientific theories. No paradigm should be safe under the inquiry of someone looking for how nature might be at work below our current beliefs and precepts of truth.

    Science investigates the natural world, while religion deals with the spiritual and supernatural — hence, the two can be complementary. Many religious organizations have issued statements declaring that there need not be any conflict between religious faith and the scientificperspective on evolution. This is where they fit.

    The irreconcilable points between the two are :

    The important difference between science and religion is that religion comes with ABSOLUTE statements, that neither can be proved or disproved, and science evolves from relative truths and statements, that can be testified and proven false (which means: science has to develop, in order to replace (partly) untrue theories, and replace them with better ones). Science does not claim it has absolute knowledge on anything. Religion claims it has. All scientific theories are in principle disprovable, and in the end all theories will be disproven (at least it can be shown there is a limiiting case in which the theory does not work). Religion can in principle not be disproven. Which does not contribute either to it's proof. It is also unprovable. if something is neither provable nor disprovable, then it is useless. It can only have value to people who prefer to be ignorant, and don't want to get into complicated knowledge, and prefer to believe in something that is disprovable. Science is for people that realize that in order to aquire knowledge, some work (sometimes a LOT) has to be done! And even despite you put in a LOT oif work, someone else my disproof all (or part) of your work! That is : you have to try even harder! Religion is for people who claim to know EVERYTHING ABSOLUTELY ("God created the world", for instance ) without having done any work to get to that opinion, and for which nobody can give any disproof. So it is a very safe position. You don't have to do WORK for entitling yourself an opinion on matters that seem important, and nobovy can force you to do some work for finding a better opinion, cause there lacks the ability to disproof you.

    Nothing on this site is absolute and ALL of the theories are testable and falsifiable making them scientific. Prior to Cambrian explosion there is no DHA and not enough oxygen and likely not enough UV light from the sun to act as the photocatalysis in the sea or air so the Epi-paleo Rx could not manifest. After it, it became possible. That is how science works........and not how religion works. Your Dad generalizes his beliefs to deride something he clearly lacks knowledge of because of his cognitive dissonace.

    Many people when they first come here feel a bit lost because everything in life appears to be a contradiction? In QED all possibilities exist, therefore there is no contradiction. After you begin to realize the implications of QED and probability built in by Heisenberg Uncertainity principle you begin to understand why these things exist. When there is a lapse in understanding of the implication of the QED mechanisms at play, the unripe mind will default to ad hominem attacks. Understand them and contradictions vanish.

    Epistemology and philosophy is just man's way of connecting the quantum world to something he cannot quite explain well so he use words to convey this information in a way he and only he can understand. That is human reality not nature's only way of coding data. The epistemology of nature is based upon waveforms.
  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    You do not prove anything to anyone. Everyone's version of the "truth" is fluid, at best a misnomer. Most people do not really want others to have freedom of speech, they just want others to be given the freedom to say want they want to hear. Your Dad seems to be telegraphing that to you. You only need concern yourself what you find by doing your sceintific due diligence. Bio-hack aspects of nature you learn and see for yourself what works in your enviornment and what does not. We forget that don't get harmony when everybody sings the same note. Only notes that are different can harmonize properly as birds and music show us. The same is true with people.
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