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Environmental Rx in 2022

Discussion in 'Redox Rx' started by Jack Kruse, Oct 14, 2022.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    My Environmental Rx in 2022 for my tribe

    The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come. Destruction must before creation is the #BTC story. Decentralize your money and your medicine for optimization in world no longer supporting your design.

    Few understand that health and wealth are linked due to the decentralized construction of Nature.

    Humans evolved the attributes of a large brain, the ability to speak, and formed an intricate social networks that can use many aspects of technology. Our biggest attribute is the ability to think. Our thinking is optimized by the environments our brain was adaptated to. This allows us to radically change the environment that we are ideally adapted to. It has allowed us to dominate all habitats and create havoc in most of them as well.

    The real human miracle of our mind is not that we can see the world as it is…but that we can see it as it is not and then change it.

    If we think and act incorrectly, we can quickly recalibrate and overcome it. Conversely, we seem to be a prisoner to our paleo-cortex (older, less evolved brain) and resist change even when we know it must occur. I call this our fiat brain. Many times we will subjugate the best interests of our survival to suit our emotional needs or desires. The real paradox of humanity is that often our reasons for the things we do are often weak but our sentiments to do them remain quite strong. Interestingly, we have overcome that liability as a species so far many times. Some of us even find comfort in that ability at times.

    I believe today we are now mismatched in our environment because of our own doing. We all know that when we eat badly we are making a decision that could ultimately kill us, albeit, slowly. What few realize that when we eat under alien sun's death and disease come more quickly. I watch “serial suicide” daily in school lunchrooms and in the hospital cafeteria under LED light. That irony is not lost on me either! I think food is far more insidious and sinister because it allows our mind to not be self aware to the implications of that particular choice. All foods link back to light. Our brains forget that photosynthetic axiom. How do I know must blame food for what light really caused? How else can you really justify a lifetime of the Standard American Diet when your countrymen are dying of chronic diseases that now occur in teenagers?

    The change you need to be chasing right now is found in this ability. Transfering the value of time you spent creating value in a vehicle that respects this value will allow you to seek environments on Earth that maximize your mitochondrial abilities.
  2. Skip Platt

    Skip Platt Gold

    Kristin and I have two friends dealing with stage 4 cancer right now thanks to this reality and mismatched environment. One, with a tumor in his brain causing double vision and just had a stroke to top it off.
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  3. Skip Platt

    Skip Platt Gold

    It feels like a tough situation, when I want to wake them up and urge them to fix their environment, tell them what they need to be doing, etc. After letting that thought resonate for a few moments I was reminded of a text and consequent phone call I had just three days ago. An acquaintance that I'm connected with on Facebook sent me a text, "Give me a shout when you have 5 minutes free. I went down the Dr. Kruse rabbit hole and have a couple ?'s you may already know the answers to." We had a great phone call and I can tell he's already heading the right direction. This guy and I never interact at all, yet unbeknownst to me, he was seeing and reading all the things I've been sharing. I guess where I've landed is that ultimately our goal with this topic should be to be "The Rooster." We can share, spread the word and "flesh it out" as an ultimate example for others to see. The ones eager to learn and see ultimately will, and it's not up to us who's receptive and who's not. It just sucks when those closest to you are often the least receptive. . .
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Why has Putin gotten so much traction from the BRICCS countries via OPEC+?

    Putin showed the world they must stop acception USD IOU's and this would collapse the Ponzi scheme going on at the Fed.

    This is why Biden is pissed at OPEC now.

    We are closer to the end of this scheme than market participants think in the bond market so this is why yields are rising while CDS are rising everywhere else in the world.
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  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    A broken circadian clock: The emerging neuro-immune link connecting depression to cancer
    "Circadian clocks orchestrate daily rhythms in many organisms and are essential for optimal health. Circadian rhythm disrupting events, such as jet-lag, shift-work, night-light exposure and clock gene alterations, give rise to pathologic conditions that include cancer and clinical depression...We propose that this broken clock is an emerging link that connects depression and cancer development. Importantly, broken circadian clocks, cancer and depression form a vicious feedback loop that threatens systemic fitness. Arresting this harmful loop by restoring normal circadian rhythms is a potential therapeutic strategy for treating both cancer and depression."
    "Circadian clocks are intrinsic time-keeping mechanisms that enable organisms to anticipate cyclic environmental changes and to resonate with the ∼24h periodic oscillation of the earth...The central clock in the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) conveys ambient light signals to tissue resident peripheral clocks in order to synchronize internal timing to the external environment
    "Individual cells possess self-sustaining circadian clocks driven by transcription-translation feedback loops. This intricate clock machinery consists of several rhythmically expressed proteins that reciprocally regulate one another...generating rhythms for numerous clock-controlled genes that regulate multiple physiologic processes.
    "Circadian disruption leads to a collapse in systemic homeostasis and causes adverse health outcomes, including cancer, depression, the metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease...Of these, cancer has become one of the most threatening diseases to human longevity...Notably, a significant signature of a variety of cancers is circadian disruption, which in turn contributes to cancer development...by regulating physiologic events such the immune and endocrine system as well as metabolism.
    "In cancer patients, depression is a common symptom that facilitates cancer development and impedes effective therapy...
    Circadian disruption is not only a prevalent feature of depressed patients but also a significant risk factor for depression...These findings suggest that the circadian clock is a potential link between depression and cancer."
    "More investigations on the role of circadian clocks in co-development of cancer and depression will provide new therapeutic strategies based on chronobiology."
    Chronobiology integrated into medicine is another step toward holism. The genetic material, mitochondria, brain, every organ, the way we grow and age, relies on synchronization with the sun and moon and avoidance of the inappropriate artificial light exposure normalized by modern society.

    A broken circadian clock: The emerging neuro-immune link connecting depression to cancer (10-15-2022)
    Journal of Brain, Behavior, & Immunity - Health (Elsevier)
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  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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