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EMF AMA front page of reddit

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by bionaut, Jul 16, 2014.

  1. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    Been working against it my whole life... I spend my life today to be human and spread that vibe to others. How? By giving my thoughts to others that search for my help. A simple talk to someone who has problems with their body makes me go crazy in a good way, often giving away so much time even if they do not ask for it, i can not simply help it.

    I break almost every rule of this world in Sweden, how you should act and behave is so far from the norm. Why many ask, i can not do it any other way.

    Or as someone i once meet said... Being normal is like making harm to yourself.
  2. bionaut

    bionaut New Member

    Mitochondria lineages will have adaptations that are beneficial in some environments and harmful in others. the example he sites shows how a gene provides benefits in high altitude conditions but is related to disease in other environments.

    ATP is kept constant but ROS skyrockets when there is an increased demand when there is a Cytochrome 1 defect

    Great insight into the OSF series. I am going through it slowly re reading it with the context of that video and your words in mind.I think I have finally wrapped my head around heteroplasmy. It provides wiggle room for different environmental situations but if you are too fragmented then you are subject to chaos, thanks for the great tie ins, I am going off like a christmas tree.

    Over time someone will find a way to counter a hydroxyl radical or perhaps absorb higher frequency emf.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2014
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The key is transforming the environmental energies to something different and new..........

    We are all made up of broken pieces and out mitochondria are the glue that make life work..........that is heteroplasmy in a nutshell.

    Today people think our genome needs to remain stable for life's game to play out well...........I think that is 180 degree opposite nature's recipe.
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  4. Penny

    Penny New Member


    Greek Researchers Show Crucial Regions of the Brain Related to Learning, Memory, Alzheimer’s Impacted by Whole Body EMF Exposure in Animals
    25.01.2012 by emily Category Electromagnetic Health Blog

    A Greek scientific study led by Adamantia Fragopoulou and Lukas Margaritis has demonstrated important protein changes in the brain of animals following whole body exposure to RF electromagnetic fields, similar to the kind of microwave radiation emitted from cell phones, portable phones, WiFi and wireless computer equipment. The study, “Brain proteome response following whole body exposure of mice to mobile phone or wireless DECT base radiation”, was published in Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, Early Online: 1–25, 2012 (See Abstract, below).

    Important regions of the brain necessary for learning, memory and other functions of the mammalian brain were impacted by the microwave radiation, including the hippocampus,cerebellum and frontal lobe, at exposures below the ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) safety guidelines. A total of 143 proteins in the brain were impacted by the RF radiation over a period of 8 months, providing new evidence for a potential relationship between everyday cell phone use, wireless transmitters and wireless computer equipment and electrosensitivity symptoms, such as headaches, dizziness and sleep disorders, as well as with tumors, Alzheimer’s and even metabolic effects.

    The study simulated 3 hours of cell phone exposure over eight months, 8 hours of DECT portable phone exposure over eight months, and included a sham exposure control group. The results showed both down regulation and up regulation of the proteins.


    Several neural function related proteins (i.e. Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein (GFAP), Alpha-synuclein, Glia Maturation Factor beta (GMF), and apolipoprotein E (apoE)), heat shock proteins, and cytoskeletal proteins (i.e. neurofilaments and tropomodulin), were shown to be impacted by the radiation, as well as proteins of the brain metabolism (i.e. Aspartate aminotransferase, Glutamate dehydrogenase), in nearly all of the brain regions studied.


    Figure 2 from the study shows the 143 proteins that have changed (up- or down-regulated) and their functional relationship based on a literature survey.
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