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EMF 2 is now live...............Nuclear is the word.

Discussion in 'Factor X' started by Jack Kruse, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator


    Proof that time contracts when we lose our magnetic field alone.........and it dilates when we return to life. In one blog.
  2. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Have already printed it and am reading now...
  3. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    Thanks Jack.... my N=1 is a clinical trial and proof: http://sunvalleysoul.blogspot.com/
  4. diane

    diane Gold

    Gretchen - your comments have made me think about mine as well. I just had mine done, and my IGF-1 dropped like stone. That's the one that scares me. And like you, I took a new job in the time between tests, in a windowless environment surrounded by way more technology than I was before. I also gained back 20 lbs in about 2 months. And I thought - how does this happen? This is not all about what I'm eating/not eating - I felt there was way more to it, but I couldn't figure out what. And now through EMF-2 and your comments, I'm starting to make the connections as to why.
  5. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    you need to put that in the comments section. the more N=1 the more people are going to understand then what's happening to them. the math is hard - and the concept is boggling... its the stories of people like us that will resonate with people hitting the blog for the first time
  6. diane

    diane Gold

    Thanks - I just added it!
  7. Thor

    Thor Banned

    <blockquote><strong>raysblue said </strong>
    To Andres &amp; Thor, Dr Kruse is a neurosurgeon. In my opinion that deserves respect.
    ...</blockquote><br />

    I'm following Dr Kruse? Are you in my house watching me? I take suggestions and put them into context. Just because someone is a "Doctor" doesn't make them the expert. I cured my own problem and my health is back to normal now - backed with labs and medical report. I'm not a "Doctor" but I do have a PhD in Bio-chemistry - I started College level Chem classes in High School. Being an Aspie - it's both a curse and blessing to have a brain function in ways most people don't have to live with. But that's another story.... I did conduct my own research - however everyone is a snow flake. No two people are alike. What worked for me may or may not work for someone else. I have a ton of genetic hickups which isn't easy to treat. One whoops and I could be taking a dirt nap. Feel free to call me "cooked", call me the nutty professor, and so forth. I'm not here to be prom queen or voted most liked. By nature I'm always asking why, how come, what's that, ect... May come across as rude or wacky or ? It's me being me. I always seek to discover more. The idea of energy and creating electrons isn't something new or just came about on Jan 24th.

    It's a mathematical statistic that 50% of Doctors graduate at the bottom of their class. I give everyone respect - but I won't have the wool pulled over my eyes. A neurosurgeon killed my dad due to his screw up - that same doctor killed 9 other patients prior to my dad. To this day the Neurosurgeon is still in practice with more people being killed or injuried. Not to say Dr Kruse isn't a super duper doctor - he's atleast able to see behind the curtain. Something you won't find in too many doctors. Kudos

    There's so much information that isn't allowed to be disclosed - once a doctor speaks up they can kiss their license to practice out the window. Have you ever had a Doctor explain how after a surgery a scar will effect your health? The millions of women forced to have a C-section aren't informed how a scar will effect their health. Men who are circumcised aren't told the scar around the shaft will effect their health. How any scar from any trauma or surgery will effect your health. Without proper treatment you'll never heal & be able to have complete health. My German Doctor (Dr Klinghardt, MD) took the work started by Dr Walter and Dr Ferdinand Huneke & transformed it into a field of medicine. He is very aware of energy medicine despite prior comments. Neural Therapy (NT) is a treatment of dysfunction(s) within the autonomic nervous system (ANS). Historically it involves the injection of scars, glands, trigger points, acupuncture points, vascular structures, ligaments and autonomic ganglia with procaine.

    I witnessed a Neurosurgeon use this therapy on a spinal injury patient - the results were amazing. Here's just a small taste of what NT Therapy can do - all based on ENERGY MEDICINE :) Creating a healthy energy balance within our body. PS - the info below is from Dr Klinghardt, MD Manual on NT Therapy:

    1. Electric field effect: to generate strong electric fields within the brain or portions of the brain (segmental therapy). Various functional parts of the brain communicate rapidly with other parts of the brain by emitting electric fields (which travel at the speed of light). These are in the neighborhood of 20-40 millivolts. A procaine injection to the scalp generates a stable field of approximately 180 millivolts (for 30 minutes). These fields overlap with the brain's own fields and facilitate the growth of dendrites (increases number of new synapses) and can also activate dysfunctional synapses. The intravenous injection of procaine has a strong effect on the electric activity of the brain, leading to a more stable and synchronized brain wave pattern. The "adenoid injection" can strongly activate pituitary and hypothalamic function.

    2. Anti-focal effect: A scar injection (or injection to a tooth, ganglion or other dysfunctional structure) can stop abnormal neurological signals (from scar, tooth or other dysfunctional group of cells). Abnormal signals stemming from a often remote untreated focal area are often the cause of ANS dysfunction in the brain, leading to areas of vasoconstriction, impaired transport in the ground system and inhibition of trans-membrane transport and impaired transit of nutrients across the ground system or matrix. This in turn creates a focus-specific vulnerable area within the brain with decreased immune function, decreased oxygen and nutrient uptake, and decreased detoxification abilities. The outcome is a region with increased toxic metal (and other toxin) deposition and uninhibited growth of fungi, bacteria and viruses.

    3. Nutrient uptake enhancement: NT can be used to selectively increase blood flow and nutrient uptake in areas of the brain. The sympathetic ganglion blocks to the anterior neck (superior cervical ggl., stellate ggl.) are most commonly used, but injection to any of the other cranio-facial ganglia or the adenoids or sinus points may be the curative procedure. Segmental therapy is again very helpful, especially over the brainstem. The intravenous injection of procaine can be used to have a general vasodilating effect on the intracranial vessels.

    4. Detoxification: NT can be used, to mobilize compartmentalized mercury and other metals or toxins (to detoxify ANS ganglia and nerves). We could show that after injection of a mercury toxic stellate ganglion (demonstrated by the use of Autonomic Response Testing or the bi-digital O-ring test) with procaine, urine excretion of Hg increased form 0 to 28 micrograms/liter of urine in the first urine voided after the injection. This result could further be improved dramatically, by adding the appropriate complexing agent into the injection. Also simple trigger point injections and segmental therapy injections can have the same effect. Therefore, NT can be used to selectively mobilize compartmentalized toxin residues, such as lead or mercury.

    5. Axonal transport for targeted drug delivery: NT can be used to introduce nutrients, healing agents and detoxifying agents into the periphery of a cranial nerve or autonomic nerve and have the substance be transported axonally into the brain or brainstem - thus effectively bypassing the blood-brain barrier.

    Then I could even go one step further with energy medicine and healing the body with more electrons - some light reading material:

    Lehrbuch der Psycho-Kinesiologie- ein neuer Weg in der psychosomatischen Medizin",
    Verlag Hermann Bauer, Freiburg, Germany 1995

    During the 19th century the American surgeon, Dr. E. Babbitt, M.D., proved that treatment with colored light could achieve very significant healing results through its effect on the human energy field, the light receptive autonomic nerve fibers in the skin and via the nerves that connect the eye directly with the limbic system
    The neurosurgeon Norman Shealy, M.D.,PhD - discoverer and inventor of TENS (Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation) and the "spinal chord stimulator", conducted a study investigating biochemical changes in the brain after beaming different colors into the eye (with the "Lumatron"). Remarkable changes were evident in the concentration of neurotransmitters in the cerebro-spinal fluid: norepinephrin, serotonin, beta-endorphin, cholinesterase, melatonin, oxytocin, growth-hormone, LH, prolactin and progesterone. These results explain why the treatment with color projection into the eye can have a profound effect on the hormonal system, the emotions, stress levels, sleep, brain function, and many other aspects of the patient's biochemistry and well-being. The profound effect of light stimulation to the retina on the body's metabolism has long been established through the work of the brilliant German ophthalmologist Fritz Hollwich, M.D., Ph.D.
    That's just two methods of increasing energy into the body - increasing electrons....

    I could write a 1,000 page book on Energy Medicine & the therapies used to increase electrons. Look no further than Dr Royal Raymond Rife. I could post a 5 hour lecture on how this one person changed the world forever. One item of importance to energy work is a device called "Rife Therapy" or "Beam Therapy" - it's mind blowing how this one device can change your life based on energy and creating more electrons. http://www.rife.org / john%2marsh/rifeinstrumenthistory .pdf

    Another therapy most people haven't seen used is something called a "Doug Coil" - this will provide you with healing energy to balance your body back into harmony.

    Congrats to raysblue on your success to health. Wishing you and all members here the best in health. Call me "cooked" or wacky - that's fine. I"m open to discussing the material above in more detail - there is so much out there to help increase electrons and improve health. I've only provided a slight teaser to what's out there.

  8. Thor

    Thor Banned

    The very thing Jack talks about in EMF 2 about E = mc2 was suppose to be in the original movie "The Secret". However, since this information is so complex and above what most people would understand - the section was removed. Someone was able to post this deleted section on YouTube. They won't even allow this information into a movie. but here's the deleted scene:

  9. Andrés

    Andrés New Member

    I will repost my posts in this thread, just in case. First the one directed to Dr. Kruse.

    I don't dispute the importance of Schumann Resonances on human circadian rhythm. As always before I have searched and I have found: Section 2.3 starting on Page 9 (10th of the pdf) of http://www.neilcherry.com/documents/90_s3_EMR-EMF_and_BREAST_Cancer.pdf

    What it seems to be unproven is that astronauts osteoporosis is caused by loss of Schumann Resonance exposure due to staying inside a Faraday's cage (International Space Station) instead of by loss of gravity exposure. It should be straightforward to check this hypothesis through some volunteer (and some control) living inside a Faraday's cage for some months. I don't know if Wever's work on the 70s (commented on the former pdf) measured such things.

    Nevertheless the NASA reference doesn't make any sense to me (yes, time dilation has been checked repeatedly). Neither the interpretation of Einstein's equation.

    It seems a well known fact that astronauts get taller but "They return to their normal height when back on Earth." at the same time that they loose bone mass till the point that they have experimented poisoning them with biphosphonates ("ISS Experiment Finds Osteoporosis Drugs Counteract Bone Loss").

    I have the higher respect for your capacity of fitting the pieces of the puzzle but your original inspiration (E=mc²) seems to me totally unsubstantiated. It seems to me like you are almost always correct and quite "mad" at the same time :confused:
  10. Andrés

    Andrés New Member

    Second, my first comment directed to Inger about her earthing.

    @Inger: I would put some resistor (or something similar) as indicated on 2nd method commented on http://naturesplatform.com/earthing.html (it has been pointed out before here), just in case.
  11. Andrés

    Andrés New Member

    Third and last, comment to Inger.

    @Inger: I would stick to the plug on the wall, just cut the wire and attach each side on opposites sides of something not such a good conductor, like some other thinner little wire, some aluminum foil or something like that. And don't use it when there is an incoming storm.
  12. Andrés

    Andrés New Member

  13. Rachelle

    Rachelle New Member


    I remember you saying in comments a few blogs back that you were testing Full Spectrum light bulbs. If you were worried about EMF's for the last 7 years why would you do this? Something is not adding up here in my humble opinion.
  14. Rachelle

    Rachelle New Member

  15. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    and 10 characters
  16. Zorica Vuletic

    Zorica Vuletic New Member

    Anna K

    Jack said in comments of EMF 2 that one needs grounding 100% of the time. Wow...!!

    You know I have an interview for a very small paying job next week and it's working with kids. At first I was thinking maybe it's not enough pay (well it really isn't)...but on the other hand it is not working on computers in a closed building all day. I would hope that the kids get to go outside too, so therefore I would be outside often too. I don't know if it will be the kind where the kids are stuffed indoors though either (hope not). I will see how the interview goes and I will see how the facility is.

    I figure it might just be best to take small pay over big pay in exchange for better connection to earth. Of course with bigger paying job then one can travel to the tropics more often lol and ground in the actual sea. hehehe. But I am stubborn and I try to prove you can make a good life with little $$$.
  17. Andrés

    Andrés New Member

    I am still skeptical about this EMF interference effect on Schumann Resonances detection (I lag several steps behind Dr. Kruse's pace). Morevover, I don't know if those frequencies supposedly filtered out by the Greenwave filters are the real culprit or it is the 60Hz (here 50Hz) from the domestic power lines (you can't filtered them out, obviously), from the 11th reference of EMF 1:
    Sorry, I haven't digged yet. Nevertheless, I like risk/benefit analysis on decisionmaking: I can't see any risk and the cost (not special hardware, but some resistors, some plugs and some cable) is risible. I will begin experimenting in the following months.
  18. hellojtm

    hellojtm New Member

    Some major problems I have with this EMF/E=MC^2 stuff.

    1. E=MC2, you can't change C2, it's a constant. It's the speed of light.
    2. You can't reverse the equation, the only changes you can make are Energy or Mass.
    3. You don't have to be grounded for induction to occur. I.e. if you were standing on 40" of the world's best insulator, wearing Chuck Taylor's, the electromagnetic inductance on your body would be just as strong as if you were standing naked in a pool of battery acid at the beach.
    4. Cold doesn't slow down electrons, in fact cold reduces resistance, in standard materials, and thus makes current travel faster (even though the electrons don't move very far/fast as some commenters on the blog post mentioned, and as I got schooled on in a job interview "trick question"). In semi-conductors (silicon) heat can speed up current. I.e. there is a temperature balance that needs to be struck across different materials to optimize current. Our warm-blooded bodies solved this problem (creating heat) way back before KT and it's another reason we overtook the reptiles. Our nervous system can operate optimally (warm) even in very cold temps, unlike a cold-blooded animal, like a frog.
    5. The cold that we do in CT isn't meant to make us so cold that life slows down, its meant to trigger the epigenetic expression that promotes autophagy, telomerase, and cellular signaling, hormone sensitivity, etc... (per Jack)

    I'm just trying to build up from a set of basic premises to get to where Jack is going with all of this. I believe there is something to grounding but the inclusion of E=MC^2 to me is superfluous. E=MC^2 seems most appropriately applied to humans as such: you have mass, therefore you have potential energy. The amount of energy that is contained in your body is equal to your MASS multiplied times the speed of light (c) squared. So, I don't see Jack's big picture. What is it? It's sounding like disconnected paradigms now.

    On Dexterity and It's Development, page 85:
    "First, the gigantic size of the reptiles in the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods was by itself disastrous.
    As they say in physics, each reaction has it's temperature coefficient; that is, it proceeds faster at high
    temperatures. This principle is also true for the phenomena in the neuromuscular system. It is well
    known and has been accurately measured that the speed of transmission of the electrochemical excitatory
    signal, the neural impulse, differs greatly between cold-blooded and warm-blooded animals. A wave of
    excitation travels along frog nerves at a speed of 8-10 m/s [meters per second], whereas it runs along cat
    or human nerves at a speed of 100-200m/s. Moreover, it has been established that this speed depends only
    on the type of the nerve (motor nerves are the fastest) and on body temperature but not on size of the body."
  19. hellojtm

    hellojtm New Member

    In response to some of the geology stuff in the comments on the blog. My understanding is that the reason the poles are not melting at the same rate is due to the oceanic currents. And, in fact, the major first order problem with global warming (man-made or not) is the eventual halting of those dominant oceanic currents. I.e. it's not the earth's electromagnetic field.
  20. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    C2 is not a constant.......no where in life does C 2 exist.......the point is that to increase energy in a biologic system requires massive input of photons or electrons some way to increase life complexities........This is why bacteria and Archaea have never become complex in 4 billion years. They are hampered by geometry because their cell membranes are where they generate energy.......they have no inner mitochondrial membrane to infold and create more surface area. And regards to the geology stuff you need to read a bit more about newer theories on how the ocean is affected by the altered magnetic field. I just answered it on the blog. E=MC2 is massively important because the mass portion of the equation is where the rubber meets the road for eukaryotes...........when complexity increases timing becomes a more critical variable........Most people think mass is a function of density alone........it is not.......it is a function of time and that means timing is as important as having a mitochondria was to a eukaryote. You need both not one or the other to get complexity in a biologic system.........and to get complexity you need an external energy boost to drive those changes epigenetically.........EMF 3 will lay that our for you.

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