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Elevated PSA. Prostate biopsy imminent. Labs..

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Monte, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. Monte

    Monte Gold




    A friend of mines father just got back labs indicating high PSA that keeps elevating. I got a copy of all the recent lab work. What can you guys make of this? I need the Prostate Rx.
  2. Jill1

    Jill1 New Member

    PSA test is actually a test for mold. But nobody in medical world explains that to the patient - docs need $ and by ripping your prostate out they make money.

    Richard Ablin, MD, the doctor who developed the PSA test stated; "As I've been trying to make clear for years now, PSA testing can't detect prostate cancer.

    PSA chemically is a 33-kDa serine protease which was found to be produced by molds Asperigilus flavus, A. fumigatus, A oryzae, ophiostoma piceae, and Scedosporium apoiospermun, all of which happen to be of the Ascomycete group of fungi.

  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    we did a prostate webinar four years ago........you should listen to it......and you need a pic up stat. New rule.
  4. Huck

    Huck Silver

    It is debatable as to how predictive an increasing PSA is for prostate cancer. I have an elevated PSA, but don't have cancer. I do have prostatitis and BPH.

    Some things that may be helpful to look at are the trend and how fast PSA is increasing. To have a jump in PSA that big in just 3 months indicates something is going on, but not necessarily cancer. For a 1 time jump like this, doctors usually prescribe 14 days of a sulfa drug to rule out an infection. I just went through that and my PSA dropped over 2 points and is slightly lower than it was 2 years ago. Doctor may want to prescribe Cipro, but if you have to take an antibiotic, I believe a sulfa drug is a better choice. Make sure to rebuild with probiotics and fermented foods.

    There is another test that goes with PSA that I think is helpful called Free PSA. It gives a percentage of likelihood that cancer is the cause of the increase in PSA. My doctor was sure I had cancer when my PSA went up, but I had a Free PSA done and it indicated I had a lower likelihood of cancer.

    Other things can cause elevated PSA: sex, riding a bike, doctor doing digital rectal exam BEFORE taking blood for PSA, etc.

    There are other tests that also indicate likelihood that elevated PSA is caused by cancer. I had a test called PCA3, which is normally used after a biopsy is negative. My thought was if it shows the likelihood of cancer after a negative biopsy, why not before. There are other tests available.

    Jack's webinar goes through foods and supplements that are beneficial. I took most of them and still do. To a large degree, what you are trying to do is drive inflammation as low as you can. Jack also doesn't believe that PSA is a valid test for prostate cancer. The thing is, most doctors only know about PSA and that's what they will use.

    The next step will probably be a referral to a urologist (surgeon). Probably they will do another PSA test and another DRE. If PSA is still high they will recommend a needle biopsy. The doctor will go in and take several samples (probably 12) from the areas of the prostate most likely to have cancer. The samples will be analyzed and if cancer is found they will be graded. Depending on the grade, a treatment plan will be developed.

    This is where it is important to remember you are talking to a surgeon. And as Jack has pointed out, a surgeon who is affiliated with a hospital that has spent millions on a Da Vinci robotic surgery system. The likelihood is the proposed treatment will be robotic surgery to remove the prostate.

    Let me suggest an alternative to the "blind" biopsy. I went to VCU in Richmond, VA and had an MRI instead of a "blind" needle biopsy. In my case, I was very fortunate and the MRI was negative for cancer. If cancer had been detected by the MRI, I would have had a guided needle biopsy. Using the MRI, the doctor would know exactly where the cancer was, and would only need to take samples from those areas. So instead of 12 samples taken at "random", only 2-4 samples would have been taken from areas that were suspicious.

    The best place on the web I have found for information is Healingwell. This is a forum for men (and supporters) who are just starting out with an elevated PSA and don't know what to do to guys who have had treatment and cancer has returned. From getting simple questions answered to finding the best doctor for doing surgery to identifying and understanding treatment options, these guys are really helpful.
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  5. Monte

    Monte Gold

    Thank you everyone. I have a lot to go on now. PSA as bacteria
    That's actually really interesting. I have a lot of catching up to do.
  6. Monte

    Monte Gold

    I know about the webinar just haven't watched it yet. That is why I finally upgraded my membership. ;) Something I've been debating for 5 years now.... better late than never right? :rolleyes:
  7. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I note high Estradiol.
    High E2 plus time = growth of things, including prostate & breasts
    He may have large prostate.
    Larger prostate more PSA.
    PSA=4 from small prostate may be different than PSA=4 from prostate 2 or 3x that size
    I wish that there was a test PSA/volume, PSA/cm^3
    Good idea to check FreePSA

    His FSH is flagged low, LH not tested likely low too.
    Total Testosterone is relatively high.
    He likely supplements with testosterone.
    LH is need to produce pregnenolone from LDL cholesterol
    his total cholesterol is low
    his pregnenolone, progesterone, cortisol & DHEAs are likely low or will be low shortly
    Low progesterone and high estradiol is what dr Kruse warns about
    Men need progesterone too.
    There is variety of estrogens, E2 is just one of many.
    Get Estrogen study.

    Last edited: Mar 28, 2015
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  8. Monte

    Monte Gold

    Huge help! Thank you. I'm definitely going to register at Healingwell too. I'm reading your other forum posts on prostate as well. Lots to go on now which is better than the mechanized way doctors treat you or the shot-in-the-dark googleing.
  9. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Nice pic, Monte :)
  10. Monte

    Monte Gold

    Thanks. :) Why was the avatar rule initiated anyway?
  11. Martin

    Martin Gold

    We like to look at a human face, assuming you are one. You appear to fit that requirement.
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  12. Jill1

    Jill1 New Member

    Have you seen the movie "Terminator" ? you never know lol :p
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