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Electrical Fields

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by Martin, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. Martin

    Martin Gold

    I've been engrossed in the "Thunderbolts Project" lately and got blown away by what has been researched since I strayed from keeping up with my love of cosmology. When I saw "electric universe", I wondered about how AC electrical fields affects humans... and my dog.

    From Tensegrity 9: "The spins of electrons are not only manipulated by magnetic fields, but also by electrical fields. Both exist in mitochondria, and both are powerful."

    I'm finding that electrical fields in my environment are more pervasive than magnetic ones. I've been working to reduce the magnetic fields, and I'm trying to see a corelation between the two. A review of what goes on at a cellular level when external electrical fields are present is needed for me.

    From Oscillitorium website:
    "Electricity powering our homes produces both alternating magnetic and electric fields. These together are termed AC electromagnetic fields or EMF. Magnetic fields are present when current flows to power appliances and lights. More often than not, magnetic fields are not a sleeping place problem since circuits are shut off at night. However, Electric fields are present at all times and are produced by the wiring in the walls, floors and ceilings, wiring to appliances, etc. Most people cannot directly sense such fields so measurements must be made."

    Still searching for cellular effects of Electrical Fields from a reputable source, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Mud hut, anyone?

  2. Josh

    Josh New Member

    Robert O. Becker's books, the webinar series on EMF available here with Michael Neuert, some of the blogs, etc..
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  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Magnetism is the father of electric induction..........
  4. Jonathin

    Jonathin Gold Member

    I've been think about this for awhile - a sleeping cottage separate from the house. We have plenty of land to do this. Minimize metal. Natural or masonry materials. A couple of feet of basaltic rocks under the adobe floor finish. No AC electric-maybe some low voltage DC from battery for amber/red leds, charcoal in the walls for ambient emf absorption. Keep it simple.

    Were you thinking wattle and dab?
  5. Martin

    Martin Gold

    Yes, it could work. I've got plenty of land and lots of tools/experience. I could build it myself because I can build anything, but the exertion would put me at or near the grave. My post-exertional malaise is nasty these years. Still, one dab at a time...

    But Mama would be none too happy. I'd miss the ol' girl for sure. Still, you have me thinking about something along those lines again... along with all the other aspects of getting to a clean space. Thanks, Jonathin! Great ideas you have there!

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