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EHR = blue light hazard for docs = rustout and burnout. No Shock

Discussion in 'Educating Doctors' started by Jack Kruse, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator


    What if physician-facing user-interfaces were developed with the primary goal of taking better care of themselves by avoiding the blue light hazard. Do you think patients might get a collateral benefit??? What if the nurse didn't have to dig through a blue-lit device for hours on end to find out who's on call or what the rest of the Care Team was doing? What if the physician could subscribe to notification when sepsis warning signs started to appear -- instead of waiting for the lab to call the nurse to call the doc....? It's almost 2019, surely we can do better. We need all healthcare facilities to put IRIS software on the computers. These are just SOME of the healthcare challenges we're solving at Kruse Longevity Center.

    Doctor use of electronic health records is causing stress that is strongly associated with physician burnout, according to a new study.

    That’s the conclusion of an analysis of results from a 2017 Rhode Island Department of Health survey in which 4,197 practicing physicians in the state were surveyed on their EHR use.

    Of the 1,792 doctors who responded to the survey (a 43 percent response rate), 26 percent reported experiencing physician burnout.

    Researchers at Brown University’s Warren Alpert Medical School and other organizations conducted the analysis of the survey results, which were published on Wednesday in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association.

    The study focused on three health IT-related stress measures: whether the EHR adds to the frustration of a physician’s day, a sufficiency of time for documentation and the number of time doctors spent on the EHR at home = MASSIVE BLUE LIGHT HAZARD.

    “Among EHR users (91 percent), 70 percent reported HIT-related stress, with the highest prevalence in primary care-oriented specialties,” state the study’s authors. “After adjustment, physicians reporting poor/marginal time for documentation had 2.8 times the odds of burnout, compared to those reporting sufficient time. Physicians reporting moderately high/excessive time on EHRs at home had 1.9 times the odds of burnout, compared to those with minimal/no EHR use at home. Those who agreed that EHRs add to their daily frustration had 2.4 times the odds of burnout, compared to those who disagreed.”

    For the non physicians out there Primary care spends THE MOST TIME TEETHERED To the computer for the bean counters..........This is why your main doc.....the QB is getting their ability to think demolished.......(low dopamine = low melatonin = melanopsin dysfunction = rustout and burnout) No wonder why your outcomes are falling. Your docs are being devastated by the paradigm.

    Overall, what researchers found was that HIT-related stress was measurable, prevalent and specialty related.


    According to the study, more than a third of primary care physicians reported all three measures of EHR-related stress, including general internists (39.5 percent), family medicine physicians (37 percent), dermatologists (36.4 percent) and pediatricians (33.6 percent).

    The dermatologist link made me chuckle........they blame the sun for everything while they themselves are being destroyed by the real villain.......BLUE LIGHT. If you want to avoid skin cancers and skin problems go outside in the sun.......bury the tech light, LED/CFLs and screens. LOL

    On the low end of the scale were radiologists (1.7 percent) who reported all three measures of HIT-related stress, followed by anesthesiologists (2.7 percent) and hospitalists (5.6 percent).

    Despite the fact that family medicine physicians (35.7 percent) and dermatologists (34.6 percent) reported the highest levels of burnout, hospital medicine specialists (30.8 percent) placed third.

    Does anyone want to guess the trend is? It is the amount of time they spend under blue light from screens and in their work settings.

    The moral? Get done fast in the hospital/office and reconnect with the sun and Earth to make up for the OSHA risks of blue light.

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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Red light and purple frequencies in sunlight slow time down below the cell level. Cold temperatures are capable of also slowing time too but far less effective than UV/IRA light. Blue light speeds up time and your life is lived like a blue straggler star in galaxies. Blue star exists in a "quick and bright" way. They are the rock star of the cosmos; they burn brightly initially and die quickly. Over supplemented comes from being undereducated about light. I try to be a rainbow in people’s clouds, but I can’t solve their climate of understanding………..only they can when they come to my level of understanding. This is why I will never dumb down my thinking for anyone. They need to elevate their game by coming to my level.

    Cytochrome 1 makes superoxide free radicals and H202 is made by cytochrome 2. Incident EMF from the sun makes both.......melanin quenches one free radical and catalase quenches the other..........Melanopsin dysfunction destroys the circadian feedback control arm of the cytochromes and free radicals. My QT#25 blog on Patreon tells you just how damaging this small effect is.........

    If you are a Black Swan you'll read the wisdom. If you are a skeptic you'll choose to remain in the dark.

    When setting out on a journey of understanding you should never rely on advice from those who have not yet left home. Being considered crazy is a complement to a Black swan because it points out how your critics have remained victims of the cultural conditioning of their education. It is a profound compliment and a badge I enjoy.

    The beliefs of modern man are the batteries that make them fuel for the matrix in which they live. It is in the pauses, the intervals, the spaces between the words, that the meaning of what you are saying sinks in. To listen to a good talk, whether from a pulpit or a podium, whether off-the-cuff or seared into memory, is to hear a kind of music, not just in the register, the lilt, the cadence and the rhythm, but in those moments when there are no words to be heard, when all you can hear is the enveloping silence. The same is true with cells…..sounds are like sunlight and the silence is found in the darkness of night. The real music of life is found at night when light SHOULD BE absent. This is why ALAN, called artificial light at night is so dangerous to humans. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30496813
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  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  4. lev0phedMD

    lev0phedMD New Member

    This is why I just purchased the 550nm prescription blue blockers from Ra optics to use all day at work (physician resident in internal medicine). And why I take as many breaks as possible to go out on the side lawn outside the hospital to look at the sun (without glasses of course).
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  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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