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Effects of moon light and phases in health?

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by George Papamarkos, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. George Papamarkos

    George Papamarkos New Member

    Hi Dr. Jack,
    The effects of sunlight on life and health are undeniable. Depending on the season and its position in the sky it affects life in different ways, but what about the effects of the moon phases?
    We do know that moon phases affect how water moves on the whole planet e.g. tides etc. Also we know that water tends to concentrate from root to the overground part of the plant during the filling period of the moon - with highest peak at fullmoon- and vice versa. We also know that Hippocrates was scheduling operations on different organs according to the moon phases. Plus many other things that come from the tradition (that may sound unscientific to many).

    I think that moon has an effect on humans body state (EZ water, magnetism etc.), too, and in conjuction with the sun, they compose a pair that affects us in montly and yearly cycles (micro- mega- cycles).

    What's your opinion? Do you have in mind any - if any - resources we have study more about this?
    Any possible biohacks related to it ?

    Thnx a priori
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2017
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  2. drezy

    drezy New Member

    You might want to add this to your references:
    Chapter "NINTH" Section 3 Subsection 3 (page 420)

    Doctor Wunsch often shines a light back on Babbit's work which, for the most part, was relegated to the dustbin of science history.

    There is an interesting mention of "Sensitives" that you might find interesting and fitting to many here on the forum now.
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  3. George Papamarkos

    George Papamarkos New Member

    Thanks a lot. It sounds interesting. I will have a thorough look and i may post back ;)
    I am pretty convienced that Dr. Jack here, is in the right track pointing that re-connecting to nature is the key to health, and definitely moon is part of this reconnection.
  4. Innerfuego

    Innerfuego Gold

    I was also thinking today if this 6-10am window in the morning for optimal health is because the moon is still present and so the higher magnetism present at this time....I was in the water until 10am today and then poof the moon was gone right around that mark!
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  5. George Papamarkos

    George Papamarkos New Member

    I am not sure @Innerfuego ... I am still trying to understand that. There is definately something going on with moonlight, moon gravity and - for sure - moon's effect on Earth's magnetic field - 'cause Moon does not have its own (or it does but it is too weak to affect us)
  6. shiran

    shiran Curious

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  7. George Papamarkos

    George Papamarkos New Member

    In all pre-Christianic religions moons was and is important. In Greek pantheon there is a godess devoted to moon (Artemis) the sister of Apollo (god of Sun).
    This is bipolarity is everywhere. China, India, Celts...

    The thing is that the deepest meaning of all these symbolisms has been lost and what's remained is a belief system covered under religion. But we want a scientific explanation to all these.
    We want an explanation similar to what @Jack Kruse does for sun and sunlight.

    But if we believe in the ancient cults, moon and its light is a important as Sun's in the life's equilibrium.
  8. shiran

    shiran Curious

    My religious beliefs are in one thing only- NATURE
    The light from the sun is what stared life on the planet
    So for me the sun is my main focus
  9. George Papamarkos

    George Papamarkos New Member

    The thing is that all the religious beliefs do contain encypted in myths and symbolisms the very deep secrets of the Nature!
    It is not a matter of luck, that all the belief systems (and i mean all), actually worship the Sun god! Sometimes directly - like the egyptian Ra (Sun god) - or indirectly like e.g. Jesus.
    And according to the Sun circles around the year, is where all the main celebrations are placed and along with the celebrations the necessary fasting. And all that in the part of the planet where this 'god' is worshipped!
    'cause the Sun is different in mediterranean that it is in the Polar areas, or in India etc.!

    These celebrations are the symbolisms I am referring to in my previous post. Because behind them a greater truth is hidden. And @Jack Kruse is on track to explain fully, why Sun is the actual and real God for us all.
    And why not 'worshipping' it properly and year round, is a 'blasphemy' that codemns us all to doom. :) ;)

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