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Eczema and leaky gut

Discussion in 'Adrenal Rx and Leaky Gut Rx' started by neil@princeglobal.net, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. I have had eczema since I was 5 (now 42) and it has changed over the years. It currently manifests itself as extremely dry and flaky skin especially on the face (beard line is worse again). Itchiness is also associated with the dryness and for the better part of this year, my face has been red and blotchy. This varies on torso, legs and arms as well.

    Had some bloods done in May and October and discussed with a naturopath this week. Highlights are:

    May 2012:

    Thyroglobulin     9 IU/mL   (range <4)

    Immunoglobulin               H 2019 kIU/L                     (This was 5587 in Jul 2011)

    Oct 2012:

    hsCRP                                                 0.4 mg/L

    HbA1c Fraction                                5.3%  (in SI units: 35 mmol/mol)

    Homocysteine                                  10.0 umol/L        (naturopath wants this down to 6-8 – I don’t really understand what this is yet….)

    25-hydroxy Vitamin D3                   80 nmol/L            (naturopath wants this up in 100-120)

    I have also done a leaky gut test this month (6 hour urine collection after taking Lactulose and Mannitol). Lactulose recovery was high at 0.46% (range is 0 to 0.3%) suggestive of GI mucosal hyperpermeability.

    After discussions with naturopath, it would appear I have adrenal fatigue as well (no testing – just from questionnaires).

    I have been epi-paleo for about 3 weeks now.

    Now to my questions:

    When my October bloods were taken, I was on 50mg prednisone daily – will this affect my hsCRP reading and should I get it retested once I am fully weaned off prednisone (about another week or so)?

    My naturopath says it can take 2 years to heal a leaky gut. If I follow the leaky gut prescription in your blogs would this be correct? Is there any way I can speed up the healing eg cold thermogenesis? Will CT reduce my inflammation? Should I be following the GAPS diet you reference in your leaky gut blogs?

    My naturopath wants me to do things similar to the leaky gut prescription, then do a detox for parasites, funghi etc followed by a liver cleanse. Does this make sense if I am following the leaky gut prescription and epi-paleo?

    Should I get tested for my adrenals? What should I do to improve them?
  2. Destiny

    Destiny New Member


    To your question about a leaky gut. My husband had Crohn's most of his life. He has been eating right an doing CT twice a day since Feb 2012.

    He is symptoms free. His labs are still wonky but he feels great.
  3. Hi Destiny


    Thanks for your reply. Do you think diet or CT contributed most to your husbands recovery?


  4. Destiny

    Destiny New Member


    I believe both, Neil. He started with Leptin RX last October and started feeling much better on it after a month. He lost a ton of weight (was 229 lbs). Then, he added CT twice a day in February. Was losing more weight. After CT, he lost his seasonal allergies and stopped using Claritin-D and Afrin. He was on those over 15 years.  Presently, he is trying to add more seafood. Today, he is 181 lbs 6'2", no Crohn's or allergy symptoms.
  5. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    Destiny, that is fantastic.  Kudos to your dh.
  6. Destiny

    Destiny New Member


    Thanks, V [​IMG]! He is progressing but his labs are still not great. He has more work to do!

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