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Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Josh (Paleo Osteo), May 6, 2014.

  1. Curious to hear why Jack is not a fan.
    My previous understanding of fields comes from an expert in Australia, who has always said that static magnetic forces are not goof long term.
    He mentions that pulsed is much better when the frequencies are right...
    i understand the magnetico's job when working to improve ones health is to help organisation etc

    discussion welcome...?

    native EMF is pulsed...can we not supplement this way?
  2. RickD

    RickD New Member

    I have an Earthpulse and nothing good or bad to report from it. However, there are few things I discovered afterwards that folks should know before buying one. The AC Magnetic field EMF given off by the electro-magnet is way over 100mg when the meter is close, but falls off quickly to background in a few feet. So I wouldn't have a problem putting in under a thick mattress or on the floor beneath the bed frame, but I certainly wouldn't place it under my pillow or against my skin. The other thing to know is that Robert Becker wasn't a big fan of PEMF technology thinking it energized the cells too much and could cause cancer. In his book Crosscurrents he references a couple of early 1980s Japanese studies that showed an increase cancer cell growth for both mouse and cell cultures when exposed to PEMF.
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    ^^^^^^This. Becker had huge issues with Bassett work on PEMF because of his unpublished work on morphogenic fields. Wertheimer work showed cancer in children 20-22% with Pulsed fields. Also, PEMF has more scalar waves........not good.
  4. thanks guys
    i do remember reading that in cross currents
    i have used it on the floor under the bed, it does induce sleep very well, but this is all worth considering
  5. do you still use it at all rick?
  6. they use a tetimonial from becker himself on the earthpulse page, but it may have been only a snippet from a larger contextual piece on the machine
  7. RickD

    RickD New Member

    Haven't used it in a few months since finishing Becker's books. Like I said originally I didn't see any benefits when I did use it so decided why take the risk.
  8. ssj3

    ssj3 Silver

    Does it have the ability to mitigate other non-native emf sources? e.g. in the workplace there is WIFI
  9. RickD

    RickD New Member

    That's a good question. We know that non-native EMF stimulates the voltage gated calcium channels causing calcium efflux so can "good" EMF mitigate that efflux. I haven't seen any research suggesting that, but I'm no expert.

    With the Earthpulse I'd be more concerned the potential negative effects of the PEMF it creates.
  10. ssj3

    ssj3 Silver

    More than the WIFI signal?
  11. RickD

    RickD New Member

    Sorry I meant if I was using the Earthpulse as a mitigating influence against non-native EMF I'd be more concerned with adding a potential PEMF problem on top creating an overall worse situation.
  12. i think with both on it probably creates more molecular confusion...
    schumann resonance is surely pulsed though? i would think anything with a frequency measured in Hz is effectively a pulse. maybe i am wrong.
  13. i think high frequencies always trump low. this is probably why non-native EMF overpowers schumann resonance...
  14. EarthPulse

    EarthPulse New Member

    Even this is an old post, but since i've just been granted access here and found this, i'll give you a frame of reference....

    The larger contextual piece was that Becker said to me and my co-pilot on that 2nd trip to visit him outside Syracuse NY was... "I've never endorsed a product in my life, but i'll give you this... '''You certainly have came up with something that helps me sleep'". We snapped the picture he smoked his pipe and drank a beer, i smoked my Nat Sherman and drank mine. Poor guy just wanted his recognition for regrowing that finger tip. That came well after his books were published. Should have been on the cover of Time Magazine but it never saw the light of day.

    Our Becker page -> https://earthpulse.net/robert-o-becker/ show's all the patent images that for some years were unable to be seen on the patent database due to them rigging the size of the images to some 48 inches wide version so you could only see parts of the huge images.

    Our meetings were in 2004 - 2006 and i'd not figured out yet that pulsing a magnetic field (or e-stim) at these frequencies resulted in improved mitochondrial performance...so never had the benefit of presenting the NASA/Goodwin, Tong or Hood 10 Hz studies to him. It took the James Tong 2008 study for me to tie that all together.
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  15. Joeakim

    Joeakim Learn-Grow-Share!

    Interesting. I'll keep reading the responses.
  16. EarthPulse

    EarthPulse New Member

    actually the amplitude of the EMF is higher in urban areas than that of Schumann. from what i can tell, it's volume of the EMF / RF that trumps Schumann.

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