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Dutch test results input needed

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Jmack, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. NeilBB

    NeilBB New Member

    The incandescent bulb flicker is a function of electrical current surges due to the 60 Hz AC power source, not intrinsic to the light source.
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  2. drezy

    drezy New Member

    I love me some @NeilBB input. I agree. How to convince people to get expensive filters or run off DC?

    That said, I've got a DC/RV plan for my own house...
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  3. NeilBB

    NeilBB New Member

  4. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Lol @NeilBB, I've got a 12 yo boy in a cold tub 4x/week. Am I telling him to do it? Nope!

    I often have to wait until after he's done in the tub and this guy has better haplotype/coulpling than I do! Seems like I should be able to sue him or something.
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  5. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Here, you tell me:

    Is the "flicker" maybe less discreet or "sharp" than it would be with LED and a pwm dimmer? I think so. I'm all about seeing your environment for what it is. I think it leads to better decisions.

    Given your hypothetical "locked in a room"

    This is the power distribution grid that we chose for efficiency sake. DC lights/lamps have the best shot at being the cleanest. When you look into that market you'll notice that LEDs are all the rage due to efficiency.

    Yes, but likely not for long before you damage the ballast.
  6. Jmack

    Jmack Gold

    @JanSz I don't supplement with melatonin, I started grounding in morning sun at least 3-5 days a week a few months ago. Prior to moving, I walked my dogs barefoot at sunrise every morning.
    @drezy Do you have any suggestions on lighting in my office. Currently has 2 fluorescent fixers that I know need to go, what could I replace them with? Also a fan with small incandescent bulbs.
    Plan: Blackout bedrooms, mitolife dha, lugol balls, more nude sunlight, more light period, check nnemfs and adjust, oysters/seafood.
    I'm outside alot especially one weekends, during the week is when I have problems getting sunlight. I feel like you guys are just what I needed!
  7. NeilBB

    NeilBB New Member

    The incandescent "flicker" is more analog than digital. More a fluctuation in intensity of the light, not a true on/off fast cold type flicker. The filament does not have time to get cold (off) because it is relatively inefficient and slow to respond. The LEDs are fast switching and a totally different story, a true on/off strobe effect. And they design the LED's like that intentionally to reduce power consumption. I would think the difference would be biologically significant and that the incandescent flicker seems less harmful than a true strobe, intuitively at least. A natural fire has a degree of what you might perceive as analog "flicker" as well, due to airflow variation, etc...
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  8. NeilBB

    NeilBB New Member

    But of course the "flicker" from a fire's variation in oxygen consumption would be more variable and natural than a fixed harmonic of a 60 Hz duty cycle so I don't mean to imply that they would be equivalent. Also, the optical flicker of a fire could theoretically transmit useful interpretable bits of information on environmentally significant factors such as wind intensity and pO2 of the surrounding air, absent in an incandescent bulb. But I think it's a lesser evil.
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  9. Jmack

    Jmack Gold

    Flicker of 160w solar glow

  10. drezy

    drezy New Member

    I agree with the smoother fluctuation and lesser evil thoughts. Just wanted Jan to see the whole picture. I want to keep him around at 100+. I love interviews with 110+ year olds especially when they are feisty like I know Jan is. His mental elasticity at his age still blows me away and bodes well for his shelf life.

    goto 1:00:00 in and note the studies on melatonin/estrogen in lit areas (aka population density).

    Great discussion about lighting in general and DC desk lamps around 1:10:00 ish.

    It all depends on the job & office. If plugging in a big long ethernet cable and going outside isn't an option is a DC desk lamp as needed an option? Currently I'm able to work barefoot from under a tree so my "flicker" is at leaf frequency. When inside I turn off as many lights as I am able to. If in an office I try to find an unused conference room and work from there with the lights off.

    My only message is that every engineered solution will bring with it it's own problems, hopefully smaller ones. It's just best to be aware.

    My engineering dork hack? A hybrid of Wunsch's Case grounded DC transformer far away (especially not directly under my colon or junk) and a dc incandescent bulb or two maybe throw in some a 12v UV led strip. The hack I'd throw in is a nice fat capacitor to further dimish the ripple voltage that ALL AC/DC bridge rectifiers produce. Being outside is way better though.

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  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Now @NeilBB introduced (rather logical) concept, analog (gradual) vs digital (cold off).

    So now I have two questions.

    1---What kind flickering (Exo Terra Solar Glow 160W) have?

    2---What kind flickering (LED Quantum Dot) have?

    (Wonder if we could utilize the new Samsung QLED televisions as a programmable light fixture).


    Last edited: Aug 12, 2017
  12. drezy

    drezy New Member


    There is lots of goo T-boosting E eliminating advice to mine out of the forums. My own twisted subconscious lateral-thinking process informed me that you need to not only review this video but also (in privacy, if you're shy) emulate it voice, body language, and all.

    I suspect that Jame's morning dumps had more T than most men today posses.
  13. Jmack

    Jmack Gold

    I could probably go toe to toe with James Brown at his peak as I have zero problems with sex drive or erections.
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  14. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Just a note about your zero problems with sex.
    you ever would like to have sex problems, there are numerous and easy way to get them.

    One, man with acne using Accutane gets those problems easily.
    Two, man who looses hair and trying to save them uses Propecia.
    Three, man who looses hair, knows about pitfalls of Propecia so instead he uses Nizoral shampoo (that eventually kills all steroid hormones).
    Four, man going to "considerate", "friendly", possibly family member doctor, is getting prostate "help" in form of Proscar or Avodart.

    So there is more than one way to loose sex ability (often with a help of friendly doctor who sincerely cares about you).

    Nizoral Shampoo (Ketoconazole)


    Abiraterone acetate (INN, USAN, BAN, JAN) (brand names Zytiga, Abiratas, Abretone, Abirapro) is a steroidal CYP17A1 inhibitor and by extension androgen synthesis inhibitor
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  15. Jmack

    Jmack Gold

    @JanSz I don't take any medications and most of my family are doctors and nurses. We don't really see eye to eye on our current medical system. I also don't use conventional soaps, deodorants, I'm alittle but hippie in my health and personal care.
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  16. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  17. Jmack

    Jmack Gold

  18. Jmack

    Jmack Gold

    I finally bought a meter Acoustimer AM-10, Alpha UHS Gauss on the way, my office is an RF bomb. I literally couldn't get away from it, printer, router, wifi, cordless phone, etc... I hardwired most things but am still getting crazy readings. The irony is I kept telling my wife I felt like sitting in my office was killing me even before I knew much about any nnemf something in my gut told me it wasn't right. So today I set up an office in my shop with minimal light besides open windows and and open bay door everything is hardwired and I can step right out into the sunshine. I even found an old vga mouse and keyboard to use.
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