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Dutch mito :)

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Nickvdg, May 2, 2019.

  1. Nickvdg

    Nickvdg New Member

    My name is Nick, 27 springs young. I have always been quite a jolly kid. Grew up in a small rural town in the Netherlands and am living there again after roaming around a little. I love the countryside, not a city person at all. Had little concerns as a kid, no weird sh*t happening. Did get surgery when I was 2 y.o. . Mucus from the ear was about to get into my brain (YIKES), so they cut me open. Don’t think I have any leftover trauma from this (at least not directly noticeable). from since I was young I had a big interest in tropical animals and kept reptiles and poison dart frogs. Basically kept on doing this hobby until around 22. Always had an athletic appearance, big stamina. Did quite a lot of kickboxing from 17-21. At the same time went to the gym a couple of years. After that, from 23-26 did crossfit. In between everything it was cycling (you have to cycle when you are Dutch for some reason ), running, rowing.

    However, I made the stupid decision to turn vegan when I was 24. I read Michael Greger’s book and it seemed quite legit… Until many things started to crack (joints, very stiff muscles etc). this was in the time I was also doing a lot of Crossfit. Currently I am not very active in sports since I wanted to become a mitochondriac first by understanding Jacks website, but after living for about 8 months epi-paleo, I feel like moving weight again. So I would love to do workouts now outside and start kickboxing again.

    Mentally I wasn’t motivated for a long time. Didn’t know where my life was going, occupied desk jobs that were horrible for me as a person who likes to expend physical energy (a lot)… I think this also consumed a lot of energy, which I tried to compensate by doing a lot of sports. It was just a way to compensate this miserable feeling of ‘what the hell am I doing here’ in the jobs.

    Now I have quit my latest job as a warehouse employee with soft fruit; always very cold (3 degrees celcius), very toxic environment; low dopamine colleagues, long days, no daylight, very few breaks etc. I was becoming exhausted.

    I have been at home for a month now and got a clear vision of where I want my life to go:

    1. I started a sportsmassage therapy course last year, so I am almost finished with this. I really like the contact I have with people this way: Anatomy and physiology are awesome and I noticed that I like the ‘real’ contact which we lack in this era. Would love to become a Rolfer in the future.

    2. I wanted to get a job where I am outside a lot, so I will start working as a gardener/landscaper this Monday. Boy am I excited. I have big interest in flora and fauna and can combine this with creativity and physical exercise (and sunlight )

    So that’s what’s going on personally, I think it is a very positive outlook and like the way this is going.

    So to give a short summary of what I implemented from Jack’s lifestyle/recommendations:

    - No blue light after 8 pm (now is summer, so I stay up until 10:30 pm). I wear blue light blocking glasses from Prisma (Alexander Wunsch’s comp./recommendation)

    - Staring at sun in the morning and being outside as much as possible

    - Installed a water filter with structuring unit: EWO vitality filter

    o https://www.water-solutions.nl/wp-content/uploads/Onderzoeks-Resultaten-Filterkwaliteit.jpg

    o https://www.water-solutions.nl/producten/ewo-vitality-filter/

    - Have an IR sauna, which I use about 2x a week. Equipped with 2 x exo terra solar glo 160 watt, which are on for about ½ hour at around 50 cm from my body. I did get burnt 2 times, body not adapted to a lot of UV yet (early spring). Will equip sauna with red incandescent exo terra lamp as well for when it’s a bit later in the day (>7pm) then I won’t use full spectrum lighting

    - I do face dunks in cold water with 2 cold packs in it. I really notice that my face is just lit up for a couple of hours and it affects rest of my body with maintaining warmth.

    - I have a BAB: usually consisting of some fish (mackerel, herring)/mussels, eggs, bacon, some sauerkraut, onions,garlic, bacon fat, butter, very few O6 meat (basically minimal fowl), raw milk cheese

    - Usually do not eat until 11:30 am after BAB. However, I start to notice I get hungrier much earlier every day. Now that I am at home a lot, I have time to cook a lot as well and so I can eat soooo much in a day (and still remain super lean). I think I eat about 3200 kcal a day, about 70% fat (60% animal, 10% plant from coconut), 20% protein and 10% carb. For lunch I can eat about the same in terms of size/kcal as for breakfast, I become that hungry… at night, I eat at least 4 hours before bedtime (usually around 5 pm) and try to make it a small meal, more a small snack (raw milk cheese, some cacao and red wine).

    - For drink I have coffee, which I grind myself. After 2:00 pm I avoid coffee so it wont affect sleep. For the rest I drink green/herbal tea at night and an accasional chicory drink. Drink approximately 3 Liters a day (water, coffee, tea).

    - I add Celtic sea salt to almost anything. Last year I fainted in the street and lost a tooth and chipped a few. All good now, but I really think it was because of low salt. Also, I avoided ALL salt for like a year, which I think messed me up in Crossfit as well. I never sweat during that time, only after like ridiculous workouts.

    - Try to sit as little as possible

    - I supplement:

    o Magnesium bisglycinate (150mg/day)

    o Potassium citrate/gluconate (1 supp) (500mg/day)

    o Iodine (Potassiumiodide) (75mcg/day) = droplet

    o Selenium (from sodiumselenate) (100 mcg/day) =1 tube of 1 ml)

    - Try to minimize EMF (shut off wifi when not using)

    - Sleep on floor with a sheep wool material

    - Make bedroom pitch black

    - Many plants in the house

    - Epsom salt foot baths every now and then

    - Use a lot of coconut oil to moisten skin, for hair etc.

    Issues I am still noticing:

    - Too much energy at night (mentally and physically)

    - Tight upper abdomen

    - Numb fingers (tips turn blue-ish), usually around 10:00 am, when I have been working on the computer or been gardening a bit when it is slightly colder than I like (around 15 degrees C). As soon as it becomes >19 celcius, I have very little trouble with the cold hands and feet.

    - When I don’t move a lot, my toes and fingers turn purple. Sometimes, during class in sportsmassage, when I am barefoot and standing/sitting still for a while, it looks like my toes have to get amputated (almost black).

    - I do not have many sweet cravings anymore, but yesterday for example, I found myself binging some granola, bee pollen and like half a package of butter at around 8:30 pm. I cannot resist this combination of fat and crispiness. I only have this occasionally and don’t feel hungry at night, however these days that I feel like eating all day long, I couldn’t resist.

    - Heart racing when (I think) electrolyte balance is off. When I take a Mg or Potassium supplement or when I have some salt (because I think I am deficient when it is not included in the diet), I find that my heart starts racing like crazy. I thought I was dying a couple of times.

    - Anxiety ‘attacks’. When in social situations I can become very nervous, unfocused and not thinking clearly (very impulsive). It seems as if I get hypoglycemic very often.

    - cold attacks: entire body shivering, fingers completely numb. usually around 10:00am

    I find it very hard to determine whether I have the right amounts (I currently follow recommendations according to packaging, since I do not want to overdose anything). I know I should get my labs, but I thought starting off by telling my story could already give some insight and recommendations from your side.

    So biggest problem adhering to the protocol for me is the cold. I sometimes have goosebumps all day long. I am quite skinny (used to be 73, now 79 kg, so that seems better, 1.90meter tall), have always been, not easy for me to gain weight. Maybe if I would eat a lot of refined carbs/sugar, but I never did that, since I never liked the complications it gives me (energy draining, tooth plaque). I keep postponing the CT because I am finally starting to get a bit comfy with the face dunks and get into a big stress response when I get into cold water.

    SO that’s the story. Let me know if there is anything else I can provide to clarify more of the symptoms/causes of issues. I love the forum and the way you guys interact.

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  2. Nickvdg

    Nickvdg New Member

    another issue I have been having for about a year now is constant nasal dripping. can't really point out a reason. when it's hotter outside it's better. also after drinking a double espresso and in relaxed state it seems to fade.
    btw, here's some extra pics if you are interested :) IMG_20190502_102637.jpg

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  3. James Lech

    James Lech Platinum Member

    Hi Nick,

    Just moved to the Netherlands for my doctorate, I'm at VU in Amsterdam. It may be a good idea to come and see me to help you along as it seems some of the hacks you are trying to implement are stunting your progress. i.e.
    Your sauna is a high EMF and not low EMF. Also a sauna is only useful when you have a mid to great REDOX, you are describing apoor REDOX which means you won't do so well. Hence, calcium efflux issues, the anxiety etc.... Embracing the CT quickly is useful but if you have the anxiety, the cold adaptation will take longer and you need an alternative hack.

    The energy and sleep rush issues have to do with your blue light in the environment and nnEMF. Attacking the right light solutions first will make it best. P.S. when you come to me I will explain to you how to heck your bike riding to enable CT, while at the same time bypassing the cold issues.

    Supplementation also will give you hassels, as your body will stop using them, rather work on the baseline items first and then you can grow to using supplementation for certain performance enhancement. I.e. you training you would benefit from D-ribose, but all supplements are meaningless until you have the nature foundation set and secured.

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