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Duesberg Hypothesis challenging FAUCI HIV/AIDS orthodoxy.

Discussion in 'The Kruse Longevity Center' started by Jack Kruse, Jan 2, 2022.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  2. "Over the last few decades, our biowarfare programs have absorbed well over $100 billion in government funding, yet ironically the only known victims have been the American citizens who died in the false flag anthrax attacks that quickly followed 9/11."
    However, the Intelligence Community did a great job of covering up one of the big holes.

    "The Intelligence Community (IC) has judged the virus was not developed as a biological weapon. Most agencies also assess with low confidence that SARS-CoV-2 probably was not genetically engineered; however, two agencies believe there was not sufficient evidence to make an assessment either way. Finally, the IC assesses China’s officials did not have foreknowledge of the virus before the initial outbreak of COVID-19 emerged."​
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  3. What is AIDS? What is HIV? How was this categorized and defined? How many times throughout history have we really been fooled? Lots of useless tests again and again. Changes to definitions, methods and use of only observations for diagnosing ... The goal was to boost the number so that the CDC received more tax money. Scam. When the medicine is poisonous. (1) Poppers kill the immune system and (2) male nutrition makes sic and both diagnose you with AIDS.

    (1) https://www.winterwatch.net/2021/04/the-story-of-the-poppers-plague-in-gay-lifestyle/
    Gross profits were estimated to be $50 million in 1978, and were double or triple that by the early ’80s. A powerful organized crime lobby roadblocked health efforts to counter this plague. Researchers who advanced drug abuse or multifactorial hypotheses for AIDs were quickly ostracized and unfunded.

    Apart from causing localized damage to nasal membranes, poppers have been linked to anemia, strokes, heart, lung and brain damage, arterial constriction, cardiovascular collapse and, most tellingly, the blood de-oxygenation, thymus atrophy and chronic depletion of T-cell ratio’s associated with severe immune dysfunction. Yes, indeed, surprise, surprise- heavy popper users experience diminished immune systems.

    (2) Malnutrition is not only about lack of food; a combination of other causes lead to malnutrition, including: leading to illnesses such as malaria and water-borne diseases, limited access to clean water and sanitation infrastructure, and knowledge about safe hygiene practices, lack of access to health services, and inadequate child feeding practices.

    = AIDS and HIV

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