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Dr. Mike Belkowski's Journal, Red Light Therapy

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Dr. Mike Belkowski, Nov 11, 2019.


How many people currently utilize red light therapy at home?

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  1. Dr. Mike Belkowski

    Dr. Mike Belkowski New Member

    Hello all, I am new to this membership! Last month, I powered through most of the podcasts that Dr. Jack Kruse has done to date (that's what happens when you drive to Las Vegas and back from Missoula, MT = 2,000 mile roundtrip!). The more I listened to him, the more it resonated with me and opened my mind further to optimal health via relatively easy and cheap, if not free, strategies and health benefits.

    With that being said and before I continue, I would personally like to thank Dr. Jack Kruse for his time, effort, dedication, boldness, audacity and wisdom to ask the all of right questions, think differently/question the status quo and connect all of the dots that there if we look for them. I am grateful that you have built this tribe of mitochondriacs...

    I am a physical therapist by trade and own my own private practice, ProActive Health. My treatment strategies, while unorthodox compared to mainstream PT, are exceptionally efficient and effective at reducing pain. I am an expert in dry needling, cupping, blood flow restriction training and Mulligan joint mobilizations. The dry needling is unparalleled at attaining quick, tangible, long-lasting results; unlike anything I learned in PT school. And then I stumbled upon red light therapy -- I was so blown away by the research and the health benefits that are derived by such a simple piece of technology. Unfortunately, the current options on the market where either (a) too expensive or (b) poor quality; thus, I wanted to create a product that was superior quality and more affordable to the public, thus I started my own red light therapy company, BioLight.

    I have always had a penchant for being healthy and I love reading. My weight now (~153lbs) is actually slightly lower than when I was a freshman in high school (160lbs). When I was in exercise science, we would regularly measure our body fat percentage with underwater weighing -- my BF% was always under 7% and eventually got down to 5%. I recently did a blood panel where my numbers were "normal" and my inflammation was through the floor.

    Over the years, I continue to adapt my healthy habits and lifestyle. First it was cutting carbs, then it was going paleo, next it was the keto fad, then intermittent fasting and extended water fasting, followed by integrating biohacking techniques, then diving deep into the anti-aging/longevity world -- and don't forget all of the supplements that go with each stage. Before embracing the mitochondriac mindset, my lifestyle was the following:
    • low-carb, high-fat most days, homemade bulletproof coffee each morning, eat seafood as main source of protein, red meat sparingly, eat with the seasons, consistent sleep/wake times, exercise outside when in the mood (walks, hikes, trail running) and basketball on occasion and HIIT tabata sets on my stationary bike once/week; supplement with the most-efficacious supplements/adjuvants as researched by Dr. Sandra Kaufmann in her book, The Kaufmann Protocol (ie, astaxanthin, NAD/NMN, curcumin, resveratrol, R-lipoic acid, carnosine); sauna most days (barrel sauna at home) and use my full-body BioLight panel most days of the week as a prophylactic anti-inflammatory; use a Kangen K8 Leveluk machine (not for the pH, but rather for the H+ ions it produces and its potential for making fourth phase water). Thanks to Dr. Joe Dispenza's newest book, Becoming Supernatural, I became a religious meditator beginning this year and it is been amazing at keeping me centered and reducing my stress. I have used Ario lamps at my house and in my office, which allow me to control the temp of the light and I typically keep it as close to the amber side as I can. I am probably forgetting some things, but will add them later as I remember...

    Now, after listening to all of Dr. Jack Kruse's podcasts, reading his Epi-Paleo book and digging into his information inside the Quilt and membership, I have integrated the following health habits into my life:
    • observing sunrises -- we don't get sunrises here every morning, due to the sei-consistent overcast weather; but when there is a sunrise I am outside, barefoot/grounding and taking it in for 5 - 10 minutes.
    • cold thermogenesis -- I began with ice cold water at the end of my showers and now I go down to the Bitterroot River (which is less than 100 yards from where I live and gets glacial runoff from the Rocky Mountains behind my house) and sit in the river for as long as possible.
    • sun bathing -- living in Montana most of my life, getting sun has been a geographical issue, let alone the dogma that UV rays are bad for you. But now, even in mid-November, I get outside with my shirt/shorts off as much and as often as possible, along with barefoot for grounding -- I typically walk around and read a book... I didn't go from nothing to everything, I have built up my sun callus methodically and have not gotten sunburned.
    • the Quantlet -- with western Montana not seeing the sun every day, working in a windowless office and my history of self-dx SAD, I figured I needed an effective hack to expose my body to UV on days I couldn't get enough sun. Upon listening to Dr. Kruses podcasts on the Quantlet from years ago, and regardless of the negative publicity it has received, I purchased two Quantlets via eBay. Depending on the day (ie, whether I get enough sun exposure, spend a full workday in the office, etc.) I will either use the Quantlets at the same time once or twice a day. I suspect that in the summer I will rarely need to utilize them.
    • blue-blocking glasses -- this has been a long time coming I think, but I finally did it. I bought my wife and me each a set of daytime and nighttime blue blocking glasses and we have been using them religiously. We spend a lot of time on our computers and its amazing how many places you go that are blasting you with fluorescent lighting!
    • EMF protection -- I literally just bought products from Aires Technology to mitigate the harmful effects of EMF and 5G on my phones, computer, router, TV and to wear on my person when I am at work or out and about.
    • Oura ring -- I have been using an app, Sleep Watch, via my Apple watch to track my sleep (with airplane mode on) and while the information is solid, it just is not deep enough or as consistent as I would like it to be (ie, it doesn't always measure my HRV and it doesn't differentiate my levels of deep sleep; only gives my light vs. deep sleep). According to the app, my sleep is in the 99th percentile for my age group and against the rest of the users of the app (100k's of users), but, again, I want a piece of technology that is more accurate and more information. That way I can get a clearer picture if any of the above changes (and future changes) are altering my sleep quality for better or worse.
    • Lighting around house -- My wife and I keep the light pretty low, especially in our living room where we have two Asian table lamps and a big salt lamp, along with the Aria lamps in my bedroom and basement. But everything else was the classic bright LED or compact fluorescent in the kitchen and bathroom. So I replaced those with amber light bulbs that produce 2100K.
    Again, I may be missing things here, but will add them as I remember...

    I would love to get people's opinions and criticisms of what I am doing, as I am continuously trying to improve my health habits. Along with that, my biggest questions right now for the group and Dr. Kruse are the following:
    • what is the overall consensus on Kangen water? And if it is a no-go, what direction should I go?
    • is using the Quantlet still considered a healthy practice? It's not easy to get current information on the Q other than complaints from those with negative experiences.
    • what are the best practices for improving my bed area -- grounding, EMF protection, etc.?
    • should I try to wean off all of my anti-aging supplements/adjuvants? I know that Dr. Kruse is a huge stickler about taking supplements so I would love for him and others to weigh in.
    • what are the biggest changes I should make? what are the glaring deficits I have in my lifestyle and routine?

    Also, if anyone would like to discuss red light therapy more in-depth, I would LOVE to talk about that as well!

    If you have read this far, thank you for taking the time. I appreciate it and I hope you trade your thoughts with me. I am very much looking forward to learning and growing with everyone in this membership, on our path to becoming mitochondriondriacs!

    Dr. Mike Belkowski
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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    caroline Moderator

    welcome Mike.....

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