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Dr John Gordon's newest cancer pt

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by Vervaina, May 8, 2018.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    And what is the healthiest way to get your D levels up? SUNSHINE ON YOUR GIRLS

    ““We found that participants with blood levels of 25(OH)D that were above 60 ng/ml had one-fifth the risk of breast cancer compared to those with less than 20 ng/ml," said principal investigator and co-author Cedric F. Garland, DrPH, adjunct professor in the UC San Diego Department of Family Medicine and Public Health. Risk of cancer appeared to decline with greater levels of serum vitamin D.” https://m.medicalxpress.com/news/2018-06-greater-vitamin-d-decreasing-breast.html
  2. Jenelle

    Jenelle Evolving

    @Vervaina ~ I have been thinking of you & wondering how you are doing. I hope you're well and that you will update when you can.
  3. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Are our breasts capable of making more vit D that the rest of our body, compared to how small skin surface they have? Is that why it matters so much to tan them?
    I do it all the time and it feels great :) :)
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  4. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    Thank you for those that have asked for a follow up, it made my day that kind people out there care.

    I have finished with my surgery with Dr Gordon. I love him!!!! He is an amazing surgeon and human being. I am fortunate that I found out about him here on Jack's site and he was well worth traveling out of state to see. He did a great job. All borders were clean.

    I got a free upgrade to stage 3 cancer after the surgery. The tumor was 9cm (not 3 like the MRI showed) and it had spread to my lymph nodes. The cancer has a very high growth rate and very high numbers for metastasis. So I had the mastectomy plus the pad of my arm pit removed and the lymph nodes. I am about 7 weeks post op and while the "no more breast" area is healing fine the arm pit has been much more painful to heal.
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  5. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    As soon as I could get out of bed and travel I started consulting with conventional and integrative oncologists.

    My frustration has been with the fact that the DRs have only half the info (ok that maybe generous) . I have found no knowledge in oncology (conventional or integrative) of all the amazing info we followers have been given on this website and forum.

    Thank God I have been reading Jack for several years now. The understandings that have been laid out for me from Jack have allowed me to be more informed. So many of the doctors out there really have only part of the truths of science and medicine and I am seeing first hand how detrimental (even deadly) 1/2 truths for cancer patients (or anyone) can be. I am trying to choose treatments wisely and I ask myself "what would Jack say" in the process.

    An example - my dr told me today that for one of my cancer treatments he would like me to get copper chelation and stop all foods that have copper in them. No one has even tested my levels - He wants copper at a level of 0-1. I asked for how long? He said for life. Pretty sure that if the cancer doesn't kill me the zero copper levels might make that happen quicker. I have poor hormone levels, degrading collagen, fatigue, joint pain, weight loss, the list goes on. Having no copper will make it all worse. Yes having low to no copper might be hard on cancer but at what cost? If I hadn't been a silver member of Jack's I would have just gone with this.

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  6. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    I had a RGCC test and I have consulted with some more well known names in oncology - like Keith Block for chrono chemo and James Forsythe for IPT chemo. Waiting for labs like cytokine profile, heavy metals, marcons, GI Effects profile, and more to come back.

    For now doing 75 g of IV C 3x week IV, many supplements, formal course of DDW, Methylene blue, survivors soup, grounding and UV/am light, early bedtime, very limited tech time, amber glasses, so on.

    I am renting a place here in Miami for a few months while I have treatment. I hate that all this EMF is around me but I spend hours everyday in the water or walking the beach.
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  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Thank you for the update Vervaina. You are an inspiration.

    Surely you are an example of ....when the going gets tough - the tough get going.

    I am in awe of you in the way you have taken charge of your doctors and treatments and the positive way you are dealing with all this.

    May I ask .....you seem to have lots of resources [money etc.] at your finger tips? How would someone else fare who couldn't manage to see the wonderful Doctors etc. that you have been able to?

    Or - is it all down to your health plan?
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  8. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    You know sometimes we say or do things for reasons we will never know @caroline !

    You know I actually woke up in a dark place this morning and I was hearing was this voice in my head telling me to throw in the towel - all this work and money being spent and I am so tired and going to die anyway... PITIFUL I know :) I got out of bed and saw your message and it was a reminder of what I need to keep doing. Thank you so much for that!

    Yeah what a great question. This is something that is on my mind a lot. I grew up poor and my husband and I were at poverty level in the early years of our marriage so my heart always goes out those that are less fortunate.

    I am so fortunate that I went off Aetna a couple years ago and opted for a Health Share not knowing I had cancer. I did it because I was tired of expensive insurance that doesn't cover what I needed and my high deductible ($4000 a year). Who can afford that?

    So now I pay $250 a month ($50 a month less than Atena) and a $500 yearly deductible and then everything is covered at 100%. This is huge for a cancer patient. Even if you have a standard 80/20 plan and you owe a copay of 20% on a 300k chemo/radiation bill... I don't know how the average person can afford that kind of copay.

    This is something for everyone to think about. I never knew how much cancer care really cost.

    My Health Share is open to alterative treatments and doesn't pay attention to the "standard of care" that insurances follow. For example - they pay for thermograms, acupuncture, nutritionists, massage, lymph drainage, and I ask for MRIs instead of Mammograms and they are cool with that. As far as cancer care they will cover things like IPT and IV infusions likes high dose C, ozone, oxygen therapies and such.

    No standard US insurance will do this. This is crazy of course. The Block Center quoted me 50k a month for 6 months for chemo. That is 300k for chemo - and I still would have the cost of radiation on top of that and if the chemo doesn't work you do it all again. Integrative Oncology with IPT and IVs and such is about 1/16th of the cost and usually more effective. Even at such a high cost standard insurance will of course only pay for conventional chemo/radiation.

    I think there are things poor people can do. If I had to I would act like I was going have chemo and get my insurance to put a port in my chest then I would DYI my own IV vitamin infusions like vit C by buying saline Iv bags from reputable online overseas pharmacies and then making my own. I might find another cancer or lymes patient to go in with me and buy an ozone machine ($400) and refurb oxygen generator ($500). Then of course grounding, sun, ketosis, and all the other freebies of nature. It might not cure you but you might be able to keep someone alive for some years this way. It is a lot of work and research but it could be done.

    I am not poor or rich but am trying to make it all work. The American Caner Society offers free or reduced cost lodging when you travel out of town for cancer consult/treatments and I have used that a lot. They have people that will drive you to apts if you need so you don't have to rent a car. They also have free airflights for those that need it as well and you can take a care taker with you. My husband can work remotely from his comuter so he always gets to come with me and that is a blessing!!

    I have spend every dime that we have and now have 2 high limit credit cards maxed and am still going. How will I pay all this off? Don't know but often I have found if you keep thinking positive and working towards a goal the universe comes through for you. Where there is a will there is a will there is a way has always seemed to work for me.

    Oh my gosh sorry for such a long answer but this is dear to my heart as I have seen and talked to people who just don't have the means and think there is no choice but full blown chemo and radiation due to insurance. It would take work/research and diligence and when you have cancer it hard not to feel overwhelmed much of the time. But I have thought about a starting a free blog or website to help people out there with this cause God knows they need it.
  9. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    Vervaina—This is awesome!

    I am a professional writer/editor (currently on hiatus) and can see myself helping with this if we can figure a way without getting shut down and/or sued...

    Never created a blog or website before but how hard can it be?

    PM me if interested. :)
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  10. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Your updates are highly valuable.
    Would you mind to give me details of "formal course of DDW"
    What are you drinking, how, how much, any daily routine?
    Do you have any goal of deuterium level in your body fluids
    or just gradually going toward DDW-25 only?
    Are you testing for Deuterium levels in your body?
    Are you working toward some goal in D level?
    Do you tests insulin and glucose levels?
    Are you becoming hypogycemic?
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  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Thank you for sharing.
    I would like to figure out if I have better choices with my health insurance.

    78yo single (my wife died of cancer Oct 5/2017)
    AARP Medicare Supplement Plan F $3,388.20/year
    AARP MedicareRX (prescription plan) $1,039.20/year

    IIRC in 2012 my company stopped paying for my insurance, and "helped" me getting one on my own.
    That was Aetna.
    Luckily I had to see my doc in early January.
    He told me that he have a list of BAD insurances, about 10 or 15 of them.
    Aetna was on the top of worst.
    I was able to change that and have above plans since.

    What insurance have you had Atena or Aetna?

    Last edited: Sep 18, 2018
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  12. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    @Phosphene That sounds fantastic. Thank you. After I am done with these months of treatments I am going to look into starting something online if I can. I have some experience with blogs starting websites so that is doable. Look forward to talking with you about this when I am at that point.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2018
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  13. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    Yes sure JanSz. Good to hear from you. I was sorry to hear about your wife, I am sure she was so lovely - I do know it is so hard to watch someone you love go through that.

    I am not doing a "formal course" as in with a doctor but I am doing the chart from Dr Somlyai's book page on page 76. I am buying cases of Qlarivia 25 and mixing it with reverse osmosis water from my local health food store (30 cents a gallon :) This treatment will brake the bank for sure. BTW - I have l had trouble keeping weight on since being on DDW and stay around 100lbs or less so I probably need less water but I drink 50-60 oz a day

    I have been at it for a few months. I drink only DDW water mixed according to the chart. I do not drink anything else. If I get an IV I will drink a bit of straight DDW before hand. I stay in deep ketosis with the DDW treatment, AM sunlight qd and grounding, and CT. I try to drink equal amounts through out the day.

    I am sorry about my lack of testing. I wish I wasn't so overwhelmed with my diagnosis in the beginning (my dad and his 3 sisters died young of cancer so I was freaked out). I just jumped in knowing that my goal would be to get D levels down from wherever they already were. So no testing for D levels yet.
    I can tell you that I am going to order a D test this week and send it in right away so that I might add to the research of those that might be interested. I will post results here.

    I also wish I had keep track of insulin and glucose formally as it might have been helpful to some on this forum. I do believe that hypoglycemia after a few months on DDW has been an issue for me. I didn't bring my glucose meter here to where I am staying for treatment but I have crazy spells where I suddenly hit the wall, I feel irritable and shaky and I sometimes have trouble walking because I am so weak (I get these spells through out the day). A little bit of food and I will be much better for a while. Even though I have been low carb for years my spectracell always shows insulin issues.
    Even my cancer tumor tested to be very high in insulin receptors compared to other cancers similar to mine.
    I feel that even though, since starting on DDW I swing into low blood sugar I don't have carb cravings or glucose highs like I use to. So I think the DDW is addressing insulin resistance in me and hopefully hitting the cancer where it counts.

    I should post a bit about my hormones here if anyone is interested. We hear about estrogen being the bad guy but at the point when this cancer would have started in me I was at very low hormone levels (progest,T, DHEA, growth hormone, oxytocin, E, so on) and my low estrogen levels may have just pushed my metabolism over the edge and into a Warburg shift. I have an awesome oncologist who will give needed hormones to her cancer patients even if they are ER PR + breast cancer patients and she does think that low /imbalanced hormones play a role here. She has works with TS Wiley (Wiley protocol).
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  14. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    JanSz - insurance can sure be a pain and I am not surprised Aetna is at the top of the bad list. We really only used them since one is forced to have insurance in the US and also kept them in case of a catastrophe like a car wreck. My mom is 70 and has blue cross blue shield with her supplemental and they have covered a lot more than Aetna ever would but I think it depends on the blue cross contract you have if it good or not.

    I know that since Obama Care went into place insurance can't deny you for preexisting conditions or age and they are told what they now have to cover - like breast reconstruction for cancer patients.

    Health Shares don't have to play by those rules. They are not considered insurance (even though they satisfy the Obama Care requirement for having insurance) so they are unregulated and they get to determine who and what they will and will not cover and they seem to do this on a person by person case. I call and tell them what I want to have done or tested or whatever and they let me know if that is ok (if the person on the phone is not very generous with their coverage I just call back and talk to someone else and sometimes then get a yes :) Sometimes my doctor has to send in some further info. So they can deny anyone who applies for coverage because of age or health status and they don't have an open enrollment period - their enrollment is 365 days a year. So if your are interested you can give the application process a try. I was approved and I have had auto immune disease since the age of 19 and hormone problems for a long time that they where aware of.

    The other big one for some is that they only cover the 60 days of a new Rx then you are on your own. But if you have a supplemental insurance they can cover Rx costs since you can you can add the health share onto other existing insurance plans that you have as well.

    The one I use is called Liberty Health Share. they are very slow for getting you reimbursements though and most Drs won't bill them since they usually don't have a contract with them or have heard of them. But if the doctor is willing (and I search until I find one that will) Liberty will call and set up a contract for direct billing with your doc so you don't have to pay out of pocket. Dr Gordon generously billed them for me. Most hospitals will bill them as do labs and radiology.
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  15. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    When using DDW I think it is good idea to track fasting glucose.
    I was keeping my fasting insulin rather low and still had a problem getting my fasting glucose under 100.
    Now with DDW my last fasting glucose was 65.
    Less than that one becomes officially hypogycemic.
    I plan on using some carbs when my glucose gets lower than 65.

    The table on page 76 and the text around it is rather complicated and with lots of guesses. They are likely directionally correct but of not much use for daily applications.
    I use table on page 138.
    But really, I think more use we can have from recent dr Boros short video.
    He says there that the goal is to have body content of (125-95)ppm.
    I assume that 125 is for healthy people
    95 would likely apply to you.

    I am not sure how it is going to be with testing for you and if you really need it. At certain point you will get to drink straight Qlarivia and at that point nothing more you can do about.
    But testing for fasting glucose may become important for daily life.
    So it would be a good idea to get portable glucose meter.

    If you are able to arrange for hormone optimization that is a great news.
    Dutch test covers whole steroid hormone panel (all at once) and can give you and your doc good input to optimize doses.

    You also mention Spectracell (I hope that is about micronutrients).
    Add to that lots of Lugols
    lots of sunlight and darkness at the right times and you are all set.

    Last edited: Sep 19, 2018
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  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I saw a patient a few months ago I treated years ago for a tumor of the brain. Back then I was practicing in another state, but she came to find me in New Orleans. I remember her because she fired me after I removed her tumor. I remember her family being furious with me because I went after her beliefs pre-op and in the post-op period. I told her she was not dealt bad genetics, she made horrendous choices in her life that brought her to my OR table. I distinctly remember telling her if she did not alter her choices she would be back for more drastic surgery. The first time she met me she did not like what I had to say, but she still let me operate on her. She came back today to give me a message. She told me she hated the way I spoke to her the first time I met her, but she realized now if I had not have done this she would have died. She was too comfortable in her life that was killing her. I cut her lip with my words in the hopes of waking her up. I asked her why she came back to see me years later.

    She said, "I just want to say thank you and to shake your hand and give you this."

    She handed me a note with some words scribbled on it. They said, "Humans are just flecks of dust from a star that eventually became organized well. When you compare your situation to reality, you will begin to understand 'human relativity'. Your current reality is a relative manifestation to other sorts of matter in the universe. Our species is not really special from this perspective, but we are all we can rely on now. You need to know that you re responsible for your path. That is your responsibility now to yourself. The choices you make from this day forward will dictate the life you get. Organize your environment well so the atoms inside of you no longer need to live in chaos."

    I asked her why she gave me this note with those words? She smiled back at me and said these were your words to me when you consulted with me before my surgery. "These were the words that initially hurt me.......but, eventually they also saved my life. They forced me to do what I never would for myself before. After my craniotomy, I left you because you were relentless in getting on me and I thought you were evil and without empathy. I went to see other physicians who coddled me as I got more ill. I thought about all the things you challenged me with postoperatively. You told me I had to be responsible for my surroundings, the people I let in my life, and I had to make better choices. Back then I 100% disagreed with you, but as I got more ill, I realized you cared more than I initially thought."

    I thought I'd share this with you.........because when you are facing the battle of your life nothing matters more than the truth.

  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Jack Kruse "no one cares how much you know until they understand how much you care."

    Jack - You have been caring for us and about us for a long time ....thank you.
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2018
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  18. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I can't even imagine what would happen here in Australia.......

    I know nothing about the ins and outs of all this here ....luckily.

    My DH was a renal/heart patient and we did seem to have access to what we needed - I was relentless tho ....and I never left his side.

    I often now wonder what I would have done if I had had access to all this that Dr. K. teaches us at the time. It is so hard to go against conventional medicine when the person you love and adore is dying. On the other hand - my DH would have been open to anything as long as it gave him a fighting chance.

    I have a wonderful GP who is very into what Jack teaches us - so I am really lucky but I did spend a lot of time searching him out.
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  19. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    You are a rockstar Vervaina ......I can't even begin to imagine how you get thru your days with all you need to accomplish.

    You are on an upward trajectory .....you have a lot to accomplish in your future!

    Your website is a fantastic idea ........ if you don't do it - who will?????

    I had a friend who was in a terrible car accident. Most of her bones were broken - she needed around the clock care. Her friends all got together and organised a 24 hour roster for all that she needed.

    It was the biggest fight of her life ......until she needed the insurance companies to step up. The accident was someone else's fault btw.

    She is a para legal so somewhat knew her way thru the system and all the lawyers she had worked for lent a hand. It was not easy ...insurance companies do not want to pay!

    She wound up creating a new roll for herself .....helping others in similar situations.

    A year later, after having multiple leg fractures, she went roller blading!

    My money is on you Vervaina....please don't let anything stop you. A lot of people are counting on you for one reason or another.

    sending you a big Koala bear hug....x
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  20. Alex97232

    Alex97232 Gold

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