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Down the Rabbit Hole I Go... Again

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by jwhb77, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. jwhb77

    jwhb77 New Member

    Hi Folks,

    I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Wil. I just finished Dr. Kruse's EpiRx book for the first time, and it really blew my mind! I will no doubt be reading through it again (SLOWLY this time), and I'm hoping my joining the forum here will help me as I wade into the deeper waters of its content.

    I have some background in the sciences, though my university degree is in Letters & Philosophy. As I was finishing up at the university, my father began showing the signs of early-onset Alzheimer's disease, and I ended up spending the next 8 years of my life helping my mother care for him in their home. After he passed away, I decided I would go on to nursing school... determined to help people who were going through what my family had endured during that time.

    Three years, all of the nursing prerequisite sciences, & one semester of nursing school later, I crashed & burned... not fully sure what happened or when it happened, but my health & my cognitive abilities plummeted. I knew intuitively something was very wrong, and it was interfering with my ability to plan, remember, & even basic day-to-day functioning. I'd been diagnosed with ADHD/ Inattentive type back in undergrad, but it was nothing on the scale of what I was experiencing. So I reluctantly withdrew from my nursing program until I could get a handle on & do something about whatever it was that was going on with me.

    Over this past year & a half, I've seen more doctors than I can count on two hands... most were content with the status quo that just wasn't working to get me where I want/need to be. So, I started digging deeper & doing my own research. I started seeing an MD that specialies in integrative medicine & nutrigenomics. She has helped me a lot... after much testing, we uncovered toxicity from heavy metals in my system & especially from mercury. I've been doing chelation therapy ever since, using DMPS & EDTA mainly, along with a slew of nutritional supplements, and we've managed to get my mercury levels down to within the lab reference range... still working on getting lead & aluminum down, but getting close to the rr's on those too.

    Still facing a lot of the cognitive issues that forced me out of school, & praying that they don't develop into what my Dad went through. In the meantime, in my search for more answers, I encountered Jack's material online, bought his EpiRx, & have started implementing the diet a bit at a time. I've been eating mostly Paleo-style for almost 3 years, but hardly any seafood before the past few weeks. Haven't started any CT yet, but looking to make that happen someday soon.

    Anyway, I better stop myself before this gets to be a novel... that's me, in a nutshell. I welcome any comments or input, & I'm certain I'll be plying the forum with lots of questions before long. My thanks to Dr. Kruse for sharing his wealth of knowledge with us all, & my thanks to anyone who's read this far...

  2. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Welcome Wil. Start reading the blogs and also here on the forum. There is a wealth of information to absorb. Wishing you all the best as you work on getting better.
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  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I advocate no diet........I advocate DHA to capture sunlight. my book is really the first step in a pathway to a journey to understanding the three legged stool of light, water, and magnetism. I would tell you to start listening to all the podcasts I have done in the last two years.

    The “clock creatures” I reset need the sunlight when they can access it, to slow time down to regenerate their degenerate lives. People have no idea the power of light. Our future is as blank as a plane sheet if you don't have an eagle's eye for nature and the power in light. That's why you should climb your knowledge to perch and obtain a vantage point to get a good perspective view at your future. Sometimes that vantage point won’t be high up, but might be atomically atuned to the right frequencies we need.
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    TWO back to back interviews by Tristan in Equador
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    One bit of early advice that is complex........and you may not understand it until you read more of the blog regarding mercury. I have been recommending black light for a long time to my members but you need to be careful with it if you are mitigating Hg toxicity.

    Hg light is complex answer because of how complex light is. The reason is Hg attunement by resonance. Man has changed the source of the sun for its species by addicting itself to indoor light over sun light. This has huge implications.

    I only tell folks to avoid mercury vapor fluorescent bulbs if they have a very well documented mercury toxicity. Hg bulbs are a light source that can act as a sender of resonant energy. Hg in your body can act as the receiver of resonant energy if it is present. This is one of the reasons I am not in favor of amalgam removal for most people. It seems counterintuitive to my core beliefs, but let me explain. In its free form, Hg easily vaporizes at room temperatures. It likes to find harbor in fatty tissues like When Hg is charged by current is has a spectral array that give two lines in the violet at 404.66 And 407.79, one in the indigo range at 435.84, one in turquoise at 490.05, one in lemon at 546.08 and two in the yellow range at 576.92 and 579.03. It binds to sulfur enzymes to remove them from use and interferes with ECT directly by lowering energy production. I am not worried about Hg resonance with indoor lights because UV light does not penetrate our surfaces deeply as the picture shows.

    But I worry about it a lot in dental reconstructions because most biologic dentists are completely unaware of the risks of resonant light transfer from fluorescent or LED bulbs in their dental lights, offices, or their oral work lamps. The source of their light in CFL bulbs is due to Hg electrification. LED bulbs have a massive high color temperature that presents other issues. And then there is the flicker effect of both bulbs no one seems to talk about.

    If you have Hg toxicity and they are going to work on you in this kind of lighted environment, you should request a red lit environment when undergoing removal of amalgams. Their offices are often built with blue/white LED and fluorescent lights with high color temperatures. This is akin to putting a match to gasoline with respect to Hg generated lighting.

    Blue light can penetrate into fat layers where Hg lies, and dentists wear lamps on their heads that have extreme blue spikes at 435 nm-465nm with high color temperatures that can photoelectrically energize Hg in your tissues. This risk is much greater with blue artificial light because it penetrates far deeper that UVA light can as the picture above shows. Hg is rarely found in surfaces of the body. There is speculation it maybe in the retina, but if true I should be dead considering how much DHA is in my RPE. For ten years I have followed this effect in many of my own patients and not one has developed a toxicity in their retina. In fact most of their eye complaints improve. This tells me a lot about blue light being the worse EMF we face............

    Food for thought as you learn more.
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  6. Joe Gavin

    Joe Gavin Face Everything And Rise

    Great nugget.
  7. twilightkid

    twilightkid New Member

    Hey Wil, I think you found the right place. Good Luck along the path
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  8. jwhb77

    jwhb77 New Member

    Yes, I meant only the dietary recommendations you argue for in the book... not that you advocate a 'diet™', per se. I'll check out the podcasts first & look forward to seeing the world anew. Thanks again.
  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Welcome Wil......
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  10. RobH

    RobH Gold

    Not sure where you are Will, but esp if it is winter there CT will be a huge help for you. And it will make you feel great.

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  11. jwhb77

    jwhb77 New Member

    Dr Kruse,

    I think I'll play it safe & wait to start with the mercury vapor bulbs, at least until I've had a chance to chelate the CNS thoroughly... my MD says that DMPS & EDTA don't cross the bbb, so once my systemic Hg levels are close to nihil, we'll start chelating with alpha lipoic acid or (most likely) phospholipids, which can pass the barrier & effectively chelate the tissues of my CNS. If things go well, this could happen as soon as a few months from now... I'm about to start logging an Optimal Journal on the forum here, & I'll try to keep it up to date with any developments. Thanks for your insights...
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  12. jwhb77

    jwhb77 New Member


    Thanks... I'm looking forward to starting soon, winter has just hit here in OK (USA), so it sounds like good timing to me! lol

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