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Dopamine Resistance

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by PaulG, Jun 2, 2014.

  1. PaulG

    PaulG New Member


    In the June webinar you said that low levels of Dopamine in the brain mean we have less qubits, less energy, less information being filtered into our quantum computing platforms in our brains = we think less well and make poor decisions and the big question to ask would be Is my current perception reality? Over many years both memory and imagination has declined but perhaps there are sparks of a resurgence??

    Dopamine is our hunt and reward neurotransmitter. It is responsible for memory, focus, and energy levels. Dysfunction in the dopamine pathways has been implicated in neurodegeneration, ADD, ADHD, and various mood disorders such as schizophrenia. Leptin resistence can cascade into dopamine resistance.

    I am homozygous (+/+) for COMT V158M and COMT H62H which *may* mean I have trouble breaking down neurotransmitters such as Dopamine.
    Since COMT +/+ mutations slow the activity of the COMT enzyme, this variant slows dopamine metabolic activity, allowing dopamine levels to build. As a result, these higher levels then feed back and inhibit additional dopamine synthesis.

    That is cause Dopamine Resistance.

    Any thoughts on how to re-sensitize my Dopamine receptors given this vicious cycle?? and how does one reliably test for neurotransmitter imbalances?

    • Resolve any gut issues
    • Become leptin sensitive
    • Oxytocin
    • CT
    • Ketosis
    • Exercise
    • Improve Redox - Red Light therapy
    • Grounding
    • EMF Reduction
    • Improve Sleep/Autophagy
    • Improve sensitivity to circadian biology
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2014
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Dopamine is directly tied to poor electron capture and usage or a low quantum yield of sunlight. It can be made from cold pathways by way of nor-epinephrine via the beta 3 receptors of the sympathetic nervous system .......as you lose electrons you have effectively neutralized the Earth magnetic field and you have also dehydrated your self.......and this is due to higher Ca2+ levels which destroys sleep and autophagy couples. This is how it works. You keep wanting to focus on SNP's and I will keep ignoring them.........you replace DHA you navigate around all SNP's. If you have SNP's you need to really optimize DHA more so then those who do not have them. OSF 4 has a key point about improving your sensitivity to circadian cycles........PrP controls sleep wake cycles.......how does it work? With a lot of electrons and photons. Surprise. Notice how I never mention SNP's. SNP's modulate sunlight's power as we move away from the equator. They are a layer of the onion that does not matter (like Magnesium) if you have electrons. Both are paramagnetic and need to be hydrated to work. Water works with sunlight. If you want to keep focusing in on things that won't move your health in the correct direction do so, but I won't be focusing in on what I do not think is primordial in your health metrics.

    Oxytocin and ADH are posterior pituitary hormones...........both tied to microtubule function and PrP and light. Read the thread on the current form about dehydrate and ADH and see what I focused on in the answer.........was it SNP's or electrons. And the details were immense in the area. You must read the stuff on this site............it is all here. My answers are designed to focus your attention on what matters and get it off things that are esoteric.

    Last edited: Jul 1, 2016
  3. rlee314

    rlee314 Silver

    ^^^ that comment!! wow. such a gem!! that is going to be tattooed on my brain. thank you for your wisdom, dr. kruse

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