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Does the physics of light explain previous extinction?

Discussion in 'Factor X' started by Jack Kruse, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Consciousness was evolved from sleep........sleep is the default state of all things biotic.

    The heart and brain are monitored using the ECG and EEG electromagnetic detection systems. Quantum field physics processes involve detailed explanations of how resonant absorption and interference with the natural EMR/EMF signals occurs. This has been causally demonstrated with external ELF signals altering the native ELF calcium ion oscillations in brain and heart tissue in numerous studies worldwide. Dr. Frey’s work on the blood-brain barrier in the 1970s is critical in understanding how calcium alterations are coupled to the magnetic field. Frey’s work was presented in 1975 to the New York Academy of sciences and when it soon after the DOD began to systematically discredit his work. Today most of the good research on EMFs is being done outside our country.

    Understanding and appreciating how quantum field theory and biology meet is critical to understanding our modern world. Soon I expect this to become the critical biophysical science that may help our species and all species from insidious de-evolution; opening your mind to the epigenotoxic evidence and considering the epidemiological evidence, leads to a major paradigm shift in cell theory and molecular biology of the cell membrane. It will make you realize genetics is not the issue and never has been, but epigenetics is and always will be the issue until life stops. Darwin was correct, conditions of existence are the most important part of his evolutionary theory than natural selection was. We need to go back to his work and carefully read what he said because this is one reason science is tripping over its own beliefs today in healthcare. Question all paradigm beliefs. New data always has the ability to change old ideas. https://www.discovermagazine.com/th...n-consciousness-one-scientist-thinks-it-might
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  3. https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?posts/304333
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    So if the megalodon got wiped out could a human?
    Today's PSA on LASIK and suicide. Do you know they are linked? Does your doc? Beware of the vanity decisions. https://www.facebook.com/drjackkrus...UZrzbj3rPzBiBjkz9HdT9t8dJ5mrjVvdCvRLpgNvQ2utl

    Does a surgeon's laser equal the light of the sun when it is used on the cornea or eye for refractive surgery correction?
    Implications: Neuropsin our UV-A light detector lives in our cornea and your eye doc cannot see its location before he cuts.
    So what might we think about Laser eye surgery? How much do you really know about it? Lasik: the imagery created by a laser edge allows corrective refraction of light by the cornea of a living thing to stop living in the shadows of blurred vision due to a misshapen cornea. Why is the cornea mal-shaped? The light the eye is fed creates the shape of the eye. Did you know this? A life lived in the shadows of light can lead people to ignorance and apathy (DK effect/dopamine) because altering the lens deftly destroys their ability to understand and communicate even on simple levels.
    Thoughts are actually created by light……….The light is slowed and forms chemicals in our brains that allow us to think. In essence, it says hello to our brain from the outside sun.
    Thought is absurd by what it seeks but is great by what it is.
    Light is life’s correlated novelty expanding the possible by touching everything in our cells deftly under the direction of the circadian clock in our eye.
    Light, alien man-made light, let in by a laser beam is a modern theme leading to man's inability to communicate with man. Does an ophthalmologist see the extent of this light communication as part of the camera or clock in your eye? Is this in their Dunning Kruger effect?
    Might this surgery be done with a superficial knowledge of light because they only look to improve the camera function of the cornea without ever considering what that camera repair does to the gears of the eye clock (SCN)?
    Lasik is planned only at its most superficial and "commercial" level. This allows us to create more alien suns to corrupt our natural thoughts by altering the recipe of light we get to our eye clock. Surgical creation is the ultimate "upsale" in my view by allowing someone else to usurp your mind.
    This is a small way you give someone else domain over your ability to think because what they do on the surface of your eye alters dopamine and melatonin within your eye created by mitochondria in the central retinal pathways. This affects your ability to think and proteins to fold in the neurons connected to these neural pathways.
    There is no serious understanding of this complex quantum dance today in centralized healthcare of the eye because there is no serious communication with nature and her light alphabet buried in the spectrum of light we live under and use in surgery.
    Namely, the photoelectric effect and how light shapes your globe - This leads to people talking without speaking - hearing without listening. No one dares take the risk of reaching out to solve for X when they realize laser light is not equal to the sun.
    Words tell most people when meaningful communication fails when their reality is caused by a lack of sunlight and a lot of blue light at the same time. This acts to slowly destroy your choices to think by robbing you of dopamine to leave you untuned to nature.
    It steals your melatonin, ruins mtDNA, and robs us of sleep which robs you of time and subtracts your regeneration power like cutting off Samson's hair.
    The only sound your heart after this dance, are a quiet echo from a paradigm printing money from this laser dance of VANITY.
    Those echoes create memes for this to believe who have low dopamine levels. Do you think they don't know exactly what they are doing to the eye clock? Tick tock.........says the mitochondriac metronome.
    When you dance a laser over your eye surface you might be taking the biggest gamble of your life. Many people have killed themselves after LASIK. Did you know that? Did you even know to ask if this was possible? It sounds hard to fathom until you learn about what you do not yet know.
    Your dopamine and melatonin gears of the clock hanging in the balance of the hand of the surgeon.........and no one knows until years alter how good they really were.
    Your internist or hormone doc get the first clues that your pituitary needs a light diet but they never see the thread of connection. If you sense you are not willing to go beyond the superficial in your life it is a sign something is amiss. Dopamine is the reason people remain in their superficial question-and-answer phase as they live.
    Your dopamine is softly whispering to you a sign. Do you sense it or are you deaf to it? Another clue. If you don't sense it, you begin to merely accept the TRENDS of the world around you. Others can fill your thoughts with memes more easily. Your DK effect widens.
    The retrospectoscope begins to whisper that maybe the laser did not dance well and had a bad day at your expense.
    The grand illusion comes into play in the beginning, as the patient begins to have revelations, a feeling, a vision, that something is amiss.
    Things behind the eye clock (SCN) that rely on the light frequencies begin to not work well. This is where the retina and pituitary are. The retina is loaded with photoreceptors that react to man-made light.
    Hormones, fatigue, bad sleep...........and that awakes them to a new deeper reality from their superficial stupor, and shadowed world. A simple laser could create such shadows for a life that not even the best mitochondriac metronome can reverse.
    It is at this time they rise, awaken, and begin to walk alone into the light, to see how sunlight really works in life. They begin to try to tempt others out of the cave of ignorance and look beyond the surface of things, but their "words like silent raindrops" fall. Why?
    The alien sun surgeons use are capable of lowering the dopamine level of the masses around them. We can see the effect of the ciliary muscles of the pupil with blue light LED exam.
    Accommodation defects become more common.
    For people with these broken gears of the eye clock, sunrise becomes the key "helper", bringing red light to meet water to alter the magnetic free radicals in mitochondria of the layers of the eye to retune the SCN clock back to nature.
    Night-time halos at night ruin darkness don't they? Hello, darkness my old friend. Does this play a role in your future diseases? Where is your partner, the sun? What happens when you bury the sun from your RPE during the morning? You get down with the sickness............
    You'll have some trouble living with these changes just because you did not want to wear glasses. Vanity can be deadly.
    You’ve got to work at living today when 99% of the globe works at dying daily; denial of the truth will lead you into blind alleys and you'll be holding the hand of the Dunning Kruger effect on these journeys.
    Let go of your current paradigm of light on your cornea with LASIK and accept what nature designed, and embrace your ultimate potential. Deep lessons today from my Time 6 blog and your eye's anatomy..........contemplate the post and then change your world by changing the light you allow in your life. HOW IS LIGHT SHAPING YOUR LIFE TODAY?


    Why can LASIK lead to suicide? A clock change in the habenular nucleus that gets direct input from the SCN. https://www.freep.com/story/money/b...ica-starr-suicide-lasik-questions/2335467002/

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  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I believe that UV-A light is critical in driving thyroid cycling in all modern mammals including humans. It also is linked to POMC creation and cleavage at every surface it is made in us. It creates the best DUV WBG semiconductors in our tissues. What is the connection? UV light of nature hits neuropsin and this target hits the RPE and then T3, T4, and POMC are made. UV light stimulates the production of cortisol and melanin during the daytime to cause regeneration programs in our cells to be operational. This optimized wound healing, immunity, and optimal feeding via the Leptin Rx. When mammals are missing UV light they become hypothyroid quickly and this alters the efficiency of POMC expression and cleavage. It lowers the dopamine and melatonin levels in their retina and the rest of their brain at deeper neurological levels leading to more disease. When you realize that POMC is the key to understanding cortisol and melanin this should make you stop and think about how it links directly to photosynthesis and why the system is built as it is. Glucose and glucocorticoids lower POMC expression and cleavage. This makes cortisol the feedback loop to POMC action. Too much blue light and nnEMF drive blood glucose higher and your skin trophies and cannot pigment properly. You falsely believe you burn too fast or you have solar hypersensitivity when in reality you are missing huge amounts of UV light to power up the electronic levels in your cells.

    A modern experiment that proves this insight? If neuropsin is damaged by a surgeon's laser it should be able to cause depression because of the connection of UV A light and the creation of dopamine from melanin in the eye to the frontal lobes. Sunglasses, contact, and glasses all have this capability. Since neuropsin is in the skin I believe even clothing and sunscreen are capable of making depression a lot worse. You have to see where the pieces fit to see where modern disease is being made by bad beliefs and bad medicine.

    Why can LASIK lead to suicide? A clock change in the habenular nucleus that gets direct input from the SCN. https://www.freep.com/story/money/b...ica-starr-suicide-lasik-questions/2335467002/
  6. POMC gene deficiency - Please see post:

    Obesity, adrenal insufficiency and red hair pigmentation caused by POMC mutations in humans

    Pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC) is the archetypal polypeptide precursor of hormones and neuropeptides.

  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    New blog out tonight: So what did I say to @RickRubin and @hubermanlab anyhow that hit them like a ton of bricks???


    The focus of this QE series has been to ask better questions than the answers the experts have given us to solve the puzzle of human evolution. I am going to share with you the evidence I have amassed in my brain over the last 20 years when I had my epiphany at the foot of Michelangelo's David. I recounted that day to Mr. Rick Rubin and Dr. Andrew Huberman this past weekend without a lot of detail I never discussed publically. After the last two years, the time is now to unleash these details. I think the public is ready to understand my perspective fully now.

    That one moment 20 years ago has allowed me to think about how human disease may be the evolutionary building blocks of our homo species. If my instincts are correct, this has huge implications for how we should be treating modern humans. How we do things will change dramatically in future decentralized healthcare. I laid this idea out last weekend in detail for all of you to hear. I hope you enjoy that discussion and this current series.

    Good medicine does not have to be expensive. Please ask people to join us in changing the world. All it takes is a thought to change the world. That thought is created when sunlight hits melanin in your eye before it ever gets to your brain. Where I am going to take you might shock some of you.
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