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Discussion in 'Educating Doctors' started by Jack Kruse, Oct 2, 2021.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The most dangerous ideology on the global stage is how governments have rejected socialism no less than capitalism. They have recommended a third system after Eisenhower, which, as they say, is as far from capitalism as it is from socialism, which as a third system of society’s economic organization, stands midway between the two other systems, and while retaining the advantages of both, avoids the disadvantages inherent in each. This third system is known as the system of interventionism. In the terminology of American politics, it is often referred to as the middle-of-the-road policy.
    This ideology succeeded where communism failed, successfully toppling governments around the world that never had true respect for property rights. This warning was made by Eisenhower on January 14, 1961, in his farewell speech.
    This “managerial revolution” could not last as a sustainable form of government. Interventionism may be politically convenient, but ultimately it is grounded in volatile inconsistencies. It must be rejected completely, or it will inevitably lead to more and more power shifting to the state.
    This is precisely what we have seen since 1961.
    The twentieth century witnessed governments hostile to communism abroad become increasingly accepting of growing statism within.
    The regulatory state grew. The welfare state grew. The warfare state grew.
    The spending at home and domestically was so great that it forced the American government to break the dollar’s tie with gold, giving the American technocracy new ways to extract the wealth of the people and reward loyal institutions.
    The only remaining checks to the state come from what the public will put up with, and from competition between governments seeking to attract financial and human capital.
    In 2021, would-be central planners in national governments and globalist institutions (WEF) have identified the opportunity to transcend these remaining limits.
    Under the guise of “public health,” proud “liberal democracies” have imprisoned their own citizens without due process. They have shut down economies and destroyed countless small businesses. They have mandated medical procedures. With the help of regulated corporations, they have silenced political dissidents.
    In response to the economic consequences of these actions, they are seeking to eliminate tax competition among states, harmonize medical mandates, control the prices of select industries, and de-bank those who resist. They supported a technocracy that filled American airwaves with RF radiation. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/industrial-military-lie-jack-kruse/?published=t
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