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Does anyone have suggestions for skin care, especially for the face or eyes?

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by curves64, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    does everyone know that you shouldn't use body oils if you are using BHRT in cream form? My last saliva test said it can screw with your results .... not be absorbed properly.......It seems if there is a way to screw up my tests results - I will always find it! LOL
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    well - I guess I don't know for sure .... but my hair was really fine and then all of a sudden.......If it can be drying for some people then I think that is what happened. I have never particularly like CO on my skin either - I didn't feel it was doing anything ..... but I love essential oils..........don't understand why they would be different.....

    I seem to be reading more ... and understanding less ... how is that possible???
  3. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Well, lemme think. I love, love, love CO in my hair because it allows my hair to have a wave, something I haven't had since I was preschool. Granted, my hair has improved greatly since eating high fat and protein, but the CO really brings out the curl. Perhaps it does give it a texture, so that the hairs don't just slide down to the default straight look? And perhaps that action is what your hair really doesn't need?
  4. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Wouldn't that be commercial body oils that have soy or other psudo hormones?
  5. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    how much CO do you put in your hair? do you put it on your scalp? I'm doing a psudeo "no-poo" routine - washing it on the weekends after being at the pool with miessence products... and I use baking soda in tea during the middle of the week. I'm also growing my hair out so I'm trying to get it to the point I can wash it once a week and have it look good, or pull it into a bun or topnot...

    any tips on the CO would be appreciated...
  6. nuttmegs17

    nuttmegs17 New Member

    Unfortunately, I do not know much about using pure CO. Everything I use seems to have it in it, but its mixed with other things.

    It just occured to me that this group WOULD LOVE my face wash. Its the ocean fash wash from primal life organics. It contains saponified coco oil, Dusle seaweed, pink himalyan salt among a few other things (rose hip oil, which is supposed to be great for anitaging)....its not really gritty at all and it cleans really well. Its epi-paleo facewash ;) I only use it once a day to take off make-up after my ride home (otherwise, I generally just use water)

    I wish I had more space at my house so I could buy all the supplies oils etc I wanted to make my own, but if you go to her sight she kinda explains the benefits of each ingrediant. It might make a great jumping off point for anyone interested in making their own stuff.

    Also, I kinda have to rave over my $12 beauty balm. Its going to last a long time and its incredible. I slather it on every night before bed and my skin is glowing. It contains Coconut Oil, fermented cod liver oil, high vitamin butter oil and then a few essential oils (lavendar and citrus maybe?). It smells more like butter (yum!) than anything else...its really not fishy. Its only suitable for bed though bc it takes a long while to sink in. Plus, you know, the smell...

    I think it would make an incredible eye cream and have been slathering it on. Another good eye cream ingrediant to look into is Pomegranite Oil -its considered one of the more moisturizing ones.

    Plus, I just wanted to clarify that Coconut Oil def works wonders for people, but I threw out the cuationary tale in case some have extremely sensitive skin. I think sometimes people try something that seems to work for everyone else, and then feel bad or like they did something wrong if they have problems with it. Sometimes its just the product!
  7. nunki

    nunki New Member

    Nuttmeg- that sounds like an amazing wash. I will be looking in to that as well as the pomegranate oil. My eyelids definitely need a little help.
  8. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Gretchen, I put in a very small amount of CO after washing my hair. I just get my fingers slightly oily on one side and touch them random spots on the last few inches of my damp hair. Once most of the CO is off my fingers I do run them through the rest of my hair a bit, getting some on my scalp. Then I let my hair dry, and brush. If I my hair isn't very wavy, I put a bit more in (at the hair ends) and brush again. That usually does it.

    The trick is not to get too much CO in one spot, because then you will have an oily spot in your clean hair. Though I have found that a small oily area will eventually even out with the rest of my hair.

    I have not had success using CO as a conditioner. It got quite static-y the one time I tried last year, in November.
  9. PrimalPam

    PrimalPam Silver

    I make these coconut lotion bars:

    1/2 cup coconut oil
    1/2 cup cocoa butter
    2/3 cup beeswax pellets

    Melt in double boiler, pour into molds (cupcake tins or silicone baking cups work great), let harden (about 20 minutes).

    I use them for everything, body, face, hands, and as lip balm.

    Still not sure if the beeswax is good or bad for you; the only information I can find is if it's not pure beeswax, it can have petrolatum in it, so just make sure it's pure.
  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    nothing is better than K2 reseveratrol caprylic acid and curcumin.........but K2 is the shit.
  11. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Now that recipe sounds great, Pam! I can probably get beeswax from the local farmers market.
  12. nuttmegs17

    nuttmegs17 New Member

    How do you use them jack and for what? Skin tightening?

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  13. nuttmegs17

    nuttmegs17 New Member

    Never mind. Found the answer :)

    Great sounding stuff! I imagine I could add coffee grounds and do more dry brushing to really attack cellulite.

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  14. PrimalPam

    PrimalPam Silver

    I actually bought mine on Amazon, as well as the cocoa butter. Not expensive at all.

    If I were to make it again in the double boiler, I'd line the pot with foil, or make that double boiler pot a "lotion pot", since it's hard to get it really clean. One batch makes about 5-6 "muffin-tins" worth, which last a very long time.
  15. curves64

    curves64 Silver

    My BF's hair is turning BLACK where it was GREY!!!! No lie!

    I've been running coconut oil in my BF's scalp at night. The woman that cuts his hair had noticed a big bald patch at the back of his head. He thought it was related to some dandruff he had just had and treated with a typical dandruff shampoo. She advised him to throw out his conditioner and put some alcohol on which he did. Anyway, that's what led me to putting treating his scalp with coconut oil.

    Then, three weeks ago, he showed me the hair on the sides of his head. It was amazing. Although there was still some grey hair, there was also black hair where there had been none! The funny thing is that my BF never had black hair; he was fair with light brown hair that turned blonde in the sun LOL
  16. lioness7

    lioness7 Gold

    Curves...how much did you apply and was it well absorbed by the morning? Just too easy to think some co could cure greys. I just got back from a colour job which I so hate doing and curse myself each time (vanity kills) but its the only thing I do for myself....I wash my hair twice a month...no need for more. Will try the co for sure :))) Anyone having less grey ?
  17. curves64

    curves64 Silver

    I know. It sounds too simple right? My grey hair is still there but his is definitely turning black. And it's not turning black at the root only -- the whole strand turns black at once! Maybe the CO in conjunction with the other changes we've made -- no wifi and artificial light at night. He's only fully epi-paleo when I do the cooking :)

    And the CO is not completely absorbed by the morning. He washes it every day.

    I wash my hair everyday too. I wish I could wash it only twice a month like you but curly hair gets crazier the next day and even crazier the day after! lol
  18. cantweight

    cantweight Gold

    Has your BF had any thyroid changes? Hair color change always happened for me when I added or upped my thyroid meds...and it always went darker. Swift and massive change, my hair would go from mousy brown and kind of frizzy to smooth dark brunette. So odd.

    I know when my mom was pregnant her hair would go from poker straight to tight perm curly.
  19. curves64

    curves64 Silver

    Wow! My hair has always been pretty consistent (except for the hair loss which is almost completely gone now). I had no idea one's hair could experience so much change.

    And no, not to my knowledge on any change to his thyroid. He's a pretty healthy dude. If something was going on it was without his conscious knowledge of it.
  20. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Elaine.. pretty crazy stuff! (amazing ;)) I always wondered about this gray hair thing.. why and if reversible.. It would be really nice to know the whole story!
    I have no grey hairs yet.. but I am only 36. My 3 years younger sister have though.. she with the 8 kids.. she already starts to turn grey. My dad turned gray in he's 30;es too... doing lots of night shifts..

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