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DNA Hair Allergy Testing ... a few questions and confusion - anyone else done this?

Discussion in 'Biohacking 101' started by Sandra, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. Sandra

    Sandra New Member

    Hello :)

    I have just had an intolerance/allergy test done with a hair sample. Some people totally disagree with this testing and others seem to see merit in it, and even have the results line up with 'standard' medical tests.

    So, I thought I'd give it a go and see it I found any more answers. I already had a couple of suspicions concerning dairy, eggs, red wine and chocolate. I was pretty sure about gluten.

    I ran a little experiment on myself over the past few weeks after meeting Yew. I kept a food diary and waited for the results to arrive. During this time I avoided eggs, diary, chocolate and gluten. I was amazed with how I felt - lots more energy and not tired, as well as having far less abdominal bloating, and even some weight loss (about 3-4 kgs out of 69kgs)

    I received the results today. I must admit I didn't really do a lot of research into what food types would be tested but just went on the naturopath's advice that perhaps it would be worth getting done.

    These are the items that came as having 'tested reactive for your immune system and must be avoided' ...

    - celery
    - olives
    - shallots
    - avocado :(
    - cucumber
    - onion
    - tomato
    - cashews

    - lavish bread (no surprise there - gluten)
    - white bread (no surprise there - gluten)
    - wholemeal bread (no surprise there - gluten)

    - Jatz biscuits (no surprise there - gluten)
    - milk arrowroot biscuits (no surprise there - gluten)
    - são biscuits (no surprise there - gluten)
    - select chocolate creams (no surprise there - gluten)
    - vita wheat original (no surprise there - gluten)

    - pasta durham wheat (no surprise there - gluten) ... but not couscous - I thought that was made out of the same stuff and contained gluten?
    - white flour (no surprise there - gluten)
    - wholemeal flour (no surprise there - gluten)

    - chocolate (darrell lea brand)
    - chocolate (lindt brand) :(
    - chocolate (nestle brand)
    - chocolate (cadbury brand)
    - chocolate (dove brand) ..... assuming these commercial chocolates contain a soy product as carob and cocoa were fine
    - Licorice (no surprise there - gluten)

    - quite a few corn, oat, bran and wheat cereals - no major problem for me as I avoid these anyway ... but rice bran, rice bubbles, oat bran and polenta were OK

    - brown sugar
    - white sugar
    - raw sugar

    - beer (no loss)
    - red wine (what!!!!!!!) :(

    - apricots
    - bananas
    - kiwifruit
    - pawpaw

    - cola
    - drinking chocolate (cadbury)
    - fanta
    - ginger ale
    - milo (contains gluten)
    - ovaltine (contains gluten)

    - garlic
    - gelatine

    - shellfish (what!!!!!!) :(

    - ayam oyster sauce
    - soy sauce
    - tomato sauce
    - tomato paste
    - worcester sauce

    - butter
    - cows cheese
    - cows yoghurt
    - cream
    - eggs
    - icecream
    - full cream milk (but A2 is OK)
    - skim milk
    - soy milk

    - tofu
    - tempey

    - pork (no!!!! - I love bacon and crackling!!) - funnily enough, by avoiding eggs recently, I also avoided bacon ... and felt great

    - dove deodorant
    - mum deodorant

    - polyester (funny - I've always hated wearing this)

    - cigarette smoke (I've always hated this too - tried smoking once when I was 17 and vomited horribly ... never did it again and now can't stand the smell)

    I'm wondering if anyone else has ever had a DNA Hair Allergy testing done? Were the results in line with other tests you had done? Did you feel better after avoiding the foods they suggested to avoid?

    I'm also interested in what the connections are between the various foods, especially the fruit and vegetables. I thought eggplant might be off the list being a nightshade, as tomato is, but eggplant seemed to be fine.

    I'm also wondering if this is a 'forever' thing, or if one day I'll be able to eat these foods again. I simply love shellfish and avocado ....

    Thanks for any advice in advance.
    Sandra :)

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